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I'm so hip..

"Hipstamatic.. that is!" 

So thanks to Anna's blog post the other day about iPhone Photography (I bought all of them) and have absolutely fell head over heels and insanely addicted to the HIPSTAMATIC iPHONE APP. It definitely lighted a spark for my love for photography again, sans the dslr or point and shoot. There are different lenses, flashes, and rolls of film! And the best part is the nostalgic feel much like the old photographs.. it really takes photography and the way you see things to the next level, well a different level. And I love it.

Here's some samples of the different lenses and film
(at the gym waiting for my son)

IMG_0040 IMG_0041

This is the Black and White Film & Helga Viking (?) adds a edge burn...
What a different outlook (well for me) to see the kids in action or taking their group photo in the distance.

IMG_0043 IMG_0045 

Izzy got a shot of me watching the championship game this weekend (with a very cool action).. Not sure which one this is because I've mixed the film with the different lenses that I can't remember what I used.


Some of my other faves:

IMG_0067 IMG_0050 

The boys enjoying a sleepover with some friends Caelan hasn't seen in a while because he's been so busy with games and band. It was nice to see him relaxed, playing video games, laughing, and being a "kid".. sometimes I wonder if all this extra curricular activity is to much.

And who said art is perfect or always so clear? :)  This pic that Izzy took came out so blurry.. but I just love it. 


Oh you can bet there's a LOT more where that came from :)
For now I'm gearing up for another new week ahead, with grocery shopping right after dropping the kids (I've totally given up going on the weekends especially Pay Day Weekend.. Monday mornings are so much quieter and fully stocked!)

Project On Page.

So Ali Edward's has done it again... inspiring me on her take of the  Project 365, by using these divided sheet protectors, okay well technically she's using a Becky Higgins kit.. and I pretty much stocked up on these PAGE PROTECTORS a while ago and then more the other day.. So it was a combination of several inspirations! But I'm ready to tackle my Project 365'ish.

I have to say along with this concept and ANNA ASPNES TEMPLATES.. The year 2010 looks like it will be a breeze to keep up with!

Here's a few sneak peeks:



I am all about sliding a 4x6 photo in and calling it a day!  And keeping up with the journaling is easy (Thanks to Blogging almost everyday).  Unfortunately this week has been hectic (my son's team made the tournament at West HS and has had a game every night now). But you can bet some down time is up ahead.


I'm sure I could write more, but being at work all day then heading straight to the game after, needless to say I'm exhausted. So Happy TGIF!!! and Here's to Zumba Fridays with Erica!!

Conversations + R&R

... Well Not so much rest & relaxation but Ronalyn & Rodel time that is.
(So if you tried to call, text, or FB me.. chances are, I didn't even try to respond..) Sorry that's how I roll ;) And if you know me well, you probably already figured that one out already!

We enjoyed a nice relaxing day together.. it started out with a "hardcore" workout at 11 am Spin Class. We both agreed that today's workout was quite comparable to "Last Chance Workout" from The Biggest Loser. We started out "ready, willing, & able" and ended "yelling" in sheer pain pushing our bodies to it's limits. No joke. Put me and my hubby in a room, we can be quite competitive. So when the instructor is getting ready for the Sprints (which the hubby totally loves, me not so much) and yells "GO!" we are booking it.. and I'll be damned if I stop before him.. and I'm pretty sure he's thinking the same thing. Now, me,  I'm all about the Intervals.. the getting in and out of the saddle. But by the end of the workout we were yelling (more like groaning) and sweating like fools. But it was a good workout. Our instructor really kicked our butt! Good Times!

We had a nice lunch (at our favorite spot, of course) Snow City.

We just relaxed, enjoy our Salad + Sandwich (I love their Chicken Salad Sandwich) He loves the Tuna Melt. We talked about the "good" possibility of staying in AK for another 4 years. (I haven't talked too much about this on the blog, well simply because we just don't know anything for sure yet.. until we get something in writing, maybe I'll share more) Long story short, our extension to stay in AK for 4 more years was denied a couple of months ago and hubby (tried his hardest) to overturn the outcome.. and so far, it's looking good. But, we just never know.

We talked about..  if we do stay in AK for those extra 4 years, it will have been a good 10 years (?) since we've been here.. and by then.. (this is unreal to think about) but by then our oldest will be heading off to college. WOW! It even sounds more real when I type it!  My Caelan.. in college in 3 years.  Three? Seriously?  I have friends whose kids are barely in Kindergarten.  Wow! Yeah, that moment, made me stop and stare out the window for a while.. But for him, he already had a plan. Men always do.

Then our conversation drifted to an upcoming trip he wants to take to visit his BFF :) Tighe in VA.  I'm all for it.. I say go.  (Well, you know, I getaway for the weekend to some isolated cabin in Big Lake Alaska, and this boy want's to fly to the East Coast to for his getaway.. go figure!  He always wants to 'one-up' me!) LOL! I'm all for it! Go have your "man" fun! But then we talked about him bringing ONE of our kids. (That ended up being a LONG conversation).. Who deserved to go? I thought it would be a great time to bond with my oldest (before he leaves to college.. sniff) then Tighe texted him and said his daughter voted for Isabel.

I looked at him and I notice his weight loss, but my man is a modest one.. he doesn't let it get to him. I'm all about "praising him" and waiting for some kind of reaction. NONE. He won't acknowledge it until he reaches a few more goals.. I'll be waiting (cheering quietly in the sidelines).

I talked about "running".  I've got big plans this year.. I want to do a 5K, 10K, and a half marathon. My girlfriend, Lori has got me thinking of the marathon they are doing in San Diego.. Oh, I am so tempted.. but I'm second guessing myself.. I haven't even done a half marathon yet.. Could I really do a marathon?  But I have to say when I think about.. my heart flutters, my stomach feels like there are filled with butterflies, and I get anxious  (like I'm all giddy inside, and I just want to 'jump' right in).

Then I pitched in the idea of purchasing the iPad to him. I had to throw that in. I think I sounded pretty convincing!

Before we knew it.. the waiter kept asking "how is everything and if we needed anything else.." I think that's the universal language for saying "are you guys done yet, and can't you all talk at home?"


It's been a crazy, busy week in The Barut Household. Caelan's B-Ball Team made the tournament and there has been a game every day so far! 

Doin' Da Digi + A Good Run

That's a great combo, right there.. Digital Scrapbooking and A Good Workout. That pretty much sums up my day, nothing more, nothing less..

I've been LOVING Anna's Templates:

Picture 5

You can find it HERE.

She's got a great Shutterfly Sample HERE.

I swear.. this is the way to go.. I've done several pages but here are some that are still in the works:

Picture 3

Picture 4

I've been enjoying "the process" of this album using Anna's Templates.

Another thing that has been on my mind was How to Scrap my PROJECT 365'ISH.
I had every intention of starting that while on my weekend getaway but I just could not decide how I want to do it. Then of course I saw Ali Edward's Post YESTERDAY.  And I think I may just stick with the paper route, with a little digital in between.  (Kind of like my 2009 Album)  Well for now, that's what I'm leaning towards.. it may change tomorrow. :)


And last but not least.. I enjoyed a BRISK RUN today despite that nail biting 10 degrees out there!

Hungover, the non alcoholic kind.

Is it possible to feel so hungover, well technically I'm not really sure how that feels, because I don't like to drink any alcoholic beverages, but I do know that I'm exhausted because I had way too much fun? Is that  comparable to being hungover? I'll never know.


I'm sure "non-scrappers" will never understand what it's like to get an entire weekend (sans kids and husband) to sit and create for hours at a time. But it was just what we all needed. It wasn't so much about sitting there creating for 8 hours straight.. but being able to relax, enjoy "our" quiet time, to delight in the company of other ladies who you call your best friends, and some whom you just hung out with for the first time. It was about talking and sharing stories, about watching some of your favorite "girly" movies surrounded by other "girls". (Who else better to swoon over Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal or Josh Lucas from Sweet Home Alabama with than other ladies..) It's all about "shaking our booties" to Lady Gaga remixes ;) And there were some "creating" involved too. (I'm starting to think we use "scrapbooking" as an excuse for a weekend getaway!)


It was my first time hanging out with Angela. The first time I met her was when Paula and I photographed her wedding. Since then our encounters have been few. She's a good friend of Dulce (and any friend of Dulce, is a friend of mine :)  I enjoyed her company a lot! I think she was the only one paying attention to my silly antics (I think Dulce and Paula are so used to it, they ignore me on purpose!) It was really nice getting to know a little more about her. (And I am totally jealous at how much this girl can get done, she came out of there with a gazillion layouts!)

A funny moment was when we were in the car on our iPhones and on Facebook, and I asked Angela:
"Hey Angela, whats your FB name?, I wanna be your friend.."
And I quickly said, "Unless you don't want to be.." as I found her page and sent a 'Friend Request'
I turn over to look at Paula, awaiting Angela's "acceptance" and say,  "You know most of the time, when you get a friend request, you are usually not with that person asking you to be their friend, so Angela can't exactly ponder about it before clicking 'accept', we are sitting right behind her. So it is added pressure."
After a few minutes of "no response" I say to Angela, "It's okay if you click 'deny', I mean there is an added pressure here for you to be our friends..."
We all cracked up!


Ready, Set, Jump...
After my girlfriends left Alaska, I used to think, if I shelter myself enough and not put myself out there to make friends, it will won't hurt so much next time. I was wrong. God literally places "girlfriends" in your path to bless us and remind us how to lead "fruitful"  lives.


These little chances we have in our lives are like doors opening. When I first met Dulce, I took a chance.. to go to Seattle with a complete stranger for the weekend. Little did I know at the time, a friendship was born.


It's been several years now, this is our second trip to the cabin for the weekend. And when asking Paula to join us, I thought about how I felt when Dulce asked me to go Seattle with her and I said to myself, Ready, Set, Jump... I really wanted Paula to "Jump".  I know it's not easy to leave for the weekend, we "mamas" tend to feel bad for leaving the little ones and find it difficult to sacrifice hubby-time too. But she ended up coming and I was so excited. Cause I just knew she would enjoy every bit of it. (And she did).


We all lead busy lives (I'm including my other fab girls, Erica & Keri) I swear we can go "months" literally not seeing one another. We'd make plans only to not go, time and time again. But we all understand that we are all so busy. But when we do find that time, even though it's months later, it's worth it. Leaving us with that same feeling.. There is NOT enough time.. is there!



So the next time you are faced with a chance to hang out with the girls for the weekend or just the evening.. Jump Right In.. and before you know it, you will be dancing to Lady Gaga and Dropping it Low in your Flannel Jammies and laughing till your stomach hurts!

This is my "Repeat Song" for the week:

Download 01 Chances


"Mommy Guilt"

Phone rings..
"Hello?" I answer
"Hey girl.." Paula says "Ah, I can't wait for this weekend, a time to getaway, I'd be content just staring at the wall!"
I'm nodding my head, " I hear ya, seriously, I'm ready to get away, even if it's only for the weekend.."
"What are you doing?" Paula asked..
Then like a series of slide show clips, I flashed back to my entire day (even though it was only 4 pm) that flew by in what seems to be a blink of the eye.

Uhm.. where do I begin? I cleaned my entire house, up and down:

  • the kind where dust bunnies are hopping away for their lives,
  • the kind where you lift up the sofa so you can vacuum underneath
  • the kind where I organized all 3 kid's closets to the way I think they should be organized (which is by color, then short sleeves, to long sleeves, etc. I mean, come on, I don't ask for much),
  • the kind where I carry a huge black trash bag around with me to every room, cause who keeps McDonald toys or gum wrappers laying around?
  • Oh, the kind where I'm stripping away everyone's (all 4 bedrooms) bedsheets, blankets, pillow cases you name it.
  • And making last minute trips to the commissary to make sure I got dinners and lunches to last throughout the weekend.
  • Oh, don't forget those bathrooms.. eek, not getting into that one, but I got in it all right.
  • And.. I'm not sure why I felt the need to break all that ice outside (?) I'm still trying to figure that one out. But that alone was a workout all in one. Pounding the ice to break it and carrying those massive ice blocks up and over. Let's just say I needed a couple Motrin tonight for the pain. 

And I did all of this.. simply because I knew I'll be leaving for the weekend for a Girls Getaway to scrap in a beautiful isolated cabin in Big Lake. So as I stood there telling Paula all I did in one day, she agreed with me and said she has been the same thing too. (And I bet you a thousand bucks, Dulce is doing the same thing). I call this sudden urgency to get everything prepped and ready for a weekend without the mom of the house, "MOMMY GUILT".  Let's face it.. we feel some what guilty for leaving our kids behind. Even though we spend every waking hour with them and spend the rest of the time doing something that is related to them! We feel the need to make sure things run smoothly while we are away, even if defeats the purpose of our getaway!

So as I reclined in my chair, exhausted as can be.. I'm thinking, "Seriously, Ronalyn? Even the driveway? That's why we pay the kids to break the ice. 

I tell ya, Guilt.. it eats you up inside, leaving you to sacrifice the things you really wanted to do instead (like go for a run) in order to appease everyone else. When we mom's really should just let it be. That's what the hubby's (aka Dads) are for, right?  Uhm, yeah not in this house. I think that's how I'll always be :) I'll find a way to relax this weekend, guilt free and all.

20: Tranquility @ 10 am.

On The Same Track...

Day 19: Finding The Value of X.

In this Lil Ohana of ours.. we always joke around, "Oh so and so got that from you.." Like Caelan's "sponge like-ability".. you know how some people are just good at most things, while others have to work hard to get good at it. Well, my oldest, Caelan has always been so good at math/science/playing various instruments/basketball/soccer etc. It just comes so easy to him. He can do it on his own with not much help. He knows the answer while I'm still trying to find the solution. Well, he's exactly like my husband. (Oh, I hate that things come so simple to him.)

Then there's me and Ethan. We prefer things, well, in pictures. You cannot just sit there and tell us to use the inverse operation.. No. You have to show us what that was. Again, very visual.  So as I sat there (during a basketball game) watching him struggle with finding the "x" to an equation... I saw my husband just telling him what the rules where. And being his mom and, "mom's know best.." I knew by the look in his eyes, he was struggling to find what it all meant.  (Now hubby is a great teacher, don't get me wrong, just not the way Ethan would understand.) Whenever I've done math problems, I've always had to write it out, step by step.  So I sat there showing him how I isolated the x by moving things on one side. And explained to him, if I do it the left side, I had to do it to the right side. Again, showing him step by step. Then he finally got the hang of it. Again, visual.

Oh then there's my little Izzy.. who (hubby likes to say) is the exact replica of me both in personality and appeal. Hubby says I "whine" like Izzy when he doesn't pay attention to me. (I beg to differ). I call it "being mindful" to your wife.  He says I "pout" when I don't have my way. Hmm... I call it, "expressing my emotions."


Another great game with C Team and JV against South. We stayed for the JV game that is always entertaining we couldn't leave!  It made for an exhausting night though, coming home at 9:30 pm! I'm sure this will bite me in the rear in the morning!

Short Work Week + Back To The Grind.

You just can't help but to love Holidays on a Monday, well especially if you had Monday off.. Hubby just happen to have that day off too, and so did I. And while I opt to spend every waking moment with him, he had other intentions.. like being at the gym for 3 hours! Seriously? When he got back, I headed out for my quick run. And to simply put it, I wasn't feeling this run at all. My mind was all over the place and more so, I was literally burning up. Who knew, 26 degrees would cause my body's temperature to soar. I over dressed and it wasn't the easiest to peel off (note to self, invest in zipper type outwear). But I did it... and well, that's it, I did it.

I've got a short work week this week to go on a short hiatus to a weekend getaway at Big Lake to for a scrap retreat of sorts. We did this in 2008 and had tons of fun and we are getting ready to do it again this weekend! So I'm gonna take these next few days really preparing so I come out of there a scrap-success. I've got plans and big ideas.. but I'm sure I'll get sidetracked :)

It's back to the grind tomorrow and a Basketball game that evening, Bartlett Vs.South.

I've added a little hyperlink image to the left of my blog for the Project 365'ish.
After creating this, I realized my love for the graphic-arts.. (ahh)

Another neat thing I got to make Project 365 a little easier and a lot more fun is this app for my iPhone:
Picture 2
Anna told me she got an app for her iPhone that uses different filters. And since I always have the phone on hand, I've been using it to take photos for this project. I love it and it's worth the $1.99 :)

Happy MLK Day! + Weekend Recap.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off and most of all taking a moment to remember the significance of today. My kids who have always been introduced to diversity can't seem to fathom the idea that at one point colored folks were so isolated and ousted in society. And I'm just glad they are growing up with the knowledge that we are all equal.

Our weekend has seem to fly by (yet again). There is always something to do and some place to be and hubby worked all weekend. So it always makes it seem like a normal weekday for me, who ended up going to bed early on my weekends and early to rise as if it was a weekday. 

I enjoyed Zumba with Erica and channeled my inner Shakira.. I have to say, I can't wait to go back and shake my booty around again, it was different and most of all fun :) We enjoyed lunch (split an oatmeal, who does that?) and the only pic I could get for that day was this dark photo, but quite fitting, simply titled:
15: "Hey There, Long Time No See.."
(which is a play on words, cause I literally have not seen this chick in over a month or so...)

I started off my morning with a double dose of Erica at Spin Class. And if I knew this instructor was gonna be some "crazed-spin-maniac" I would've chosen another class :) LOL! His idea of warming up was at a Level 7.. uhm.. yeah, way to feel that burn.  And before that Erica gave me a few pointers on how to work my abs, and 'teacher's arms', Jillian style. Thanks to her, I've been doing it at home and lovin' that burn.. thanks girl :)

Caelan had a game at Bartlett against Dimond.. and I was excited to see Staci there. She came and sat on the "other side" with me. We hung out and watched our boys play basketball. It got a little nerve racking in OT with 2 minutes left to the game, Dimond up by 2 and they put Caelan in, both teams over their foul limit so free throws were going on left and right.. But my guy was left to play and we were all on the edge our seats. He did amazing job, he made some great passes, and learned to use his skill of being little but a fast point guard to his advantage. I wish I got a pic of Staci and I but forgot. That woud've been a great photo, I could've titled it:  The Bear and The Lynx (get it Bartlett Bears and Dimond Lynx)..  I guess I'll have to catch her at the next game.

So I don't exactly have a photo for Saturday.. but I thought since I took so many photos today (Sunday) I could spare one for Saturday.. right? C'mon, am I the only one who thinks this way?  :) Hey that's why I call this Project 365'ish (with ish' being sorta, kinda, but not really)

16: I'm A Flake (for not taking a photo yesterday).

A nice and relaxing Sunday with the kids (+1, Mason). We headed out to Brynn's 6th Birthday Party at the local gymnasium. This was a great way for the kids to run/jump/tumble around freely and safely! Izzy enjoyed seeing Brynn and all her friends. And I have to say I had quite a bit of entertainment myself with this lovely blended family of Mom, Stepmom, Dad, and Stepdad :)
(this pic is for Rudy and all our military AK friends that moved away a few years ago..)
I like to use this photo as my Day 17 and title it any of the preceding idioms (you pick):
"When Pigs Fly"
"When Hell Freezes Over"
"Not In This Lifetime"
"When Donkey's Fly"

Just having fun with that one.

Here's a little more photos from today:

Just the 3 of us2
(Happy 6th Birthday Brynn!!!) ~ Love, Mommy-Bel!

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday :)

That kind of day...


I totally needed ALL of the above.. mainly because of THIS news being announced that morning... And yes you read it right... our Local Scrapbook Store, More Than A Memory is closing it's door. With it comes a wave of emotions to both the ladies of MTAM and our faithful customers. Let's just say the phone were ringing like crazy, anxious/worried/heart-broken customers came in and out of the store throughout the day. Most hung out with me for several hours... commiserating with the fact and just coming to grips with the end of the one thing that brought us all together in the first place. For the most part, I tried to hold back the tears while talking to these ladies that I have known for a good 3 years. It was hard and quite exhausting at the same time. But it was good to see most of these ladies face to face and to just let them know how much their loyalty have meant to all of us. Most of us have not given up on figuring out ways to continue Crop Nights, we exchanged numbers, emails, and Facebook info, determined to find a way to continue Scrapbooking together.

That is the gist of my day and the photo for my Day 14 of my Project 365'ish...

I'm looking forward to some down time tomorrow at the gym with Erica and probably a run ;)