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He's well known in his role (as Izzy would say with dreamy eyes) "Chad Dylan Cooper" on Sonny With A Chance on the Disney Channel.

What you guys don't watch that? Well I, I mean we do! Along with Wizards of Waverly Place (which is my fave so far, I mean Izzy's..)

Then like all the Disney stars he made his own Disney movie and sang his own hit song, Starstruck:

Well this "famous" (well in my kid's eyes) was in town this weekend at the Dimond Mall out of all places.. Hubby mentioned that he heard that on the radio and since I have to validate every info he receives.. I googled it. (After all, you can find anything in google).

And it was true! So the plan for the day was do the 5K, go home and get ready to see Sterling Knight!  I mean, the lines can't be that big.. who watches Sonny With A Chance in Alaska anyway...

We drive up and head into the mall, for some reason I'm more excited than my kids, well I had Izzy, Jazzy (the neighbor) and Mason (the other neighbor).. my boys found better things to go then catch a glimpse of this superstar.

Apparently everyone and their family was there. The line started from one end of the mall to the other end. There was no way we were gonna get our photos taken with this celebrity. The only way we could see him was by circling the area. We could not stop and take pics because his body guards, Anchorage Police Dept, and the mall cops were there to make sure "If your not in line you gotta keep moving.."


But you know I didn't drive all the way here to get no pics right? So, I bought the kids pretzels, left Mason in charge and told them to sit tight, while I try to get close to him for some pics. It was tough, those body guards see you stop, they tell you to keep moving. So leave it to my cunning skills to blend in with the teen girls that were 3rd up from taking their photo with him standing in line. After all, we had American Eagle sweatshirts on.. and they were all taller than me! I stood behind them, with my camera in hand.. they are giggling, saying "oh he's so cute!" I totally jumped in on their conversation..

"Oh yeah, he totally is.. " I said in that teenagery-lingo.
"And he totally looks different, way cuter.." I said (chewing my gum) How appropriate, I knew my annoying snapping of the gum would come in handy one day.


They quickly turned and asked if I enjoyed the movie Starstruck..
I was in (well I doubt they will let me get in the pic with him, but I'm sure I could grab some quick shots of him from this point).
"I totally enjoyed that movie, it was way good.. I love the part when he was singing solo on the guitar in his backyard.." (So glad I saw that movie four times once.) 


"Hey you guys don't mind if I take like some pics while I stand here?"
They replied, "Oh no, for sure.."
While I took advantage and snapped all these blurry photos because I brought the little camera.. ugh! I listened to them giggle and talk about his dreamy eyes and dimples...
I added my two cents before I left..giggling with them.
"...For sure, my favorite episode was when he said, "Which one of you ladies are gonna get me a.. (and they all said it with me).. SAMICH?" and we all laughed..

Good times. In another lifetime, they would so like be like my friends for sure.. (chew, snap, chew).


Well, we didn't quite get that photo with Sterling Knight.. but we did get to see him :)


A Tale of A Runner's First 5K.

(read the rest of my thoughts by clicking that link below)

The night before, she is restless. She is altogether nervous and anxious all rolled into one. She fidgets through the night, awaiting for her eyes to get heavy enough to get some much needed rest. But rest does not come easy to her tonight. She heads to bed at 10 pm, only to stay awake till the wee hours of the morning.


First (of many)..


I've only been running for about year now and I've never ventured out into the world of races. Well, never say never.. because on Saturday I am entering my first 5K.

I've always imagined what my first 5K would be like..
I imagined I would be surrounded by my family and friends with the same interest.
But I never imagined doing it solo...

My hubby does not find "joy" in running during these cold winter days. I don't blame him, I don't come across a whole lot of people who divert their exercise outdoors during our lengthy winter months. But somehow I've come to enjoy this sport so much, that the cold does not phase me at all.

I've never been to one of these events, (yet alone participated in them).. so I'm not sure what to expect.
I'm nervous yet excited.
Anxious yet afraid.
All at the same time. 

My nerves are at an all time high, wondering how I'll do especially since I've been sick these past few days. (I mean my test run the other day was the slowest I've ran in a long time). Then my mind wonders to, what if I get run over? LOL! Or what if I gotta pee (from being so nervous). Then I just have to tell myself, to do what I've always done, and just run. Plain and simple, put one foot in front of the other and go! Seems simple enough, yet my tummy is turning thinking about it.

The thing is, it would've been easier (for me) if I had someone to do it with. But I'm pretty proud of myself for venturing out of my comfort zone. And I've been waiting for a moment like this for a while, and I need to do this for me.

So just like the many fleeting moments I've come across in my 32 years of life, this is just one of them.  I'm gonna have the courage to jump, or in this case I'm gonna "RUN" with it.

Sick, but still here...

I've been fighting a cold/flu..

I'm big on avoiding meds.. Not sure why. Meanwhile, my other half starts his round of meds the minute he gets a sniffle. He's got his vitamins, theraflu, tylenol, and emergen-c drinks lined up in a row..oh yeah and the nyquil. 

Me on the other hand, if I can do without any of those for the duration of my "sick-days" I'd choose that instead. But this is the first time I drank a whole lot of Emergen-C fizzies.

Picture 3
I personally hate dislike anything fizzy but I did it to help get better before my first 5K on Saturday. And the verdict.. it's not that bad. I can't drink it mixed with water, I know, I'm weak like that.. but I will mix it with juice instead.

My kids are ALL sick and unfortunately my Ethan/Asthmatic-Ethan.. has the got the worst end of it as he is on all meds and nebulizer treatment again. So I've been home with them and trying to tend to them and me at the same time.

So I'm still here.. just not on blog land.

“It's know the end of something great is coming, but you want to hold on, just for one more second...just so it can hurt a little more.”


Working with these ladies, day in and day out (some for the past 3+ years) have been an amazing journey. By chance we met with a common love for scrapbooking, and it turns out we've all created a great friendship too. I know the end of the store does not mean the end of our friendship, I think it will just bloom.  Especially when we will not be just ships passing, covering one anothers shifts. We will actually hang out (in Cirsty's huge basement) without distractions. And I actually "communicate" with them more so than I have before (via Words With Friends) but hey, that's something, LOL!  But seriously, these ladies were amazing to work with. I will miss crazy crop nights at the store the most. But I'm sure we will find a way to hang out. (Besides Amber I still have your books, Cristy I have your photos, Tonya, I've already got my first project awaiting, Jennifer, maternity photos are up next and you literally live right up the road from me and you enjoy a good run, even better.. And Ms. Heather, who is always on Facebook, I know I will get a chance to scrap with you crazy ladies at Pioneer Ridge too!! 

(I started to write this long entry about these fab ladies.. but I noticed they were beating me in Words With Friends, and I no longer felt sentimental, especially when Cristy beat me.. or how Amber is always beating me.. then there's Tonya who's won 2 out of 3, and claimed she dislikes games like these.. Oh and Jennifer just bought an iPhone on Friday, she better get this game or else...) 

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.



Getting Back..

...into the swing of things.

We've (Paula and I) have taken a little hiatus from all things Photography. In fact, I think my Project 365'ish, is more like a Week 52'ish. I've been keeping up with my week, but definitely not my days. And in all honesty, it's nice to take a break from all the clients and photography gigs in between. But last weekend we had a huge Valentine Gala that was really fun, in a sense where there was not a whole lot of editing was involved. And today.. (insert, ahh) we simply fell in love with what we do (again). And we've come to realize that this is how the relationship (between your job as your hobby and your hobby as your job) is.. you need to step back every now and then, and fall back in love with it. And it will always feel like the first time, over and over again. 

We absolutely love natural light and taking our work on location. And not to mention this baby is scrumptious!!!

IMG_5050BW copy 

IMG_5066 copy 

IMG_5075 copy 

IMG_5091 copy

IMG_5136FADED copy


IMG_5159 copy


... Words With Friends


Thanks to you, I can't seem to accomplish anything at night, I sit there and stare at the multiple challenges that I have going. (It's sad to know you can only have 20 games going at a time..) And get lost in trying to find words that give me the big points. I mean who gets excited over a 2-letter word, QI? more than I do.  Or even better, landing the word "QI" on a TW (Triple Word) tile.

Not to mention, you are quite addicting. Especially when my friends are on. I mean, not only can we exchange words, why we can chat too!  How convenient!  You sneaky, maniacal, clever, destructive..! 

On the plus side, I'm learning that such words exist. I guess I'm sort of broadening my vocabulary... 

Downside, loss of sleep. Lack of attention (especially during basketball games). And the constant desire to find more words...

Until then... I shall wait till my Words With Friends.. Friends come back (better yet, wake up, I mean come on you guys, who needs to sleep?) only to continue where we left off. 



Where did it all go?
The fixtures, furniture, tables, chairs, trash cans, paper racks, punches, cutters.. are all gone. I'm surprised we still had a toilet ;) LOL!

I'm just trying to make light of the situation. It is indeed heart breaking.. but what are you gonna do? Right? It is what it is ;) Looking forward to a different routine, somewhat of a more relaxed schedule and being more available for my kids and family. (And more time at the gym).

I admit, it took an arm and a leg to get up this morning.. Whenever hubby goes back to mids schedule, for some reason, so do I. I stay up later, but still wake up early, only to find I can only continue this way for a couple of days before I completely burnout. So when hubby was finally home on Monday, I got a chance to catch up.. on my sleep that is.

Looking forward to:

  • a new week.
  • playing with my cricut machine (Thanks Rina).
  • a Photoshoot, with a "scrumptious" little boy who turned one, Kylar.
  • some warmth.. AK is enjoying a heat wave at the moment, it's been in the mid 30's!
  • more running & time at the gym.
  • a weekend off with the hubby.
  • Saturday Turbokick.
  • reading.
  • Words With Friends.
  • lounging around, watching TV.
  • some scrappin'.
  • more lounging.
  • an iced vanilla latte.
  • playing with my 50mm (It's been a while since I actually picked up my camera).
  • oh and more lounging.

Our Weekend.

This weekend (and it's officially still going with Monday a Holiday and all..) was a busy one for me. I have never been so anxious for Sunday to roll around, the one day I know I really didn't have anything planned. Friday started off with a follow up meeting on a HUGE wedding we are doing in the summer. This is the biggest one we've done so far... and I am even more excited. Let's just say peacock feathers, dark red lipstick, a beautiful shade of teal and a "wild" gang, all equals a fun and exciting wedding in the works. After the meeting, I needed to get dinner for the kids ready who were gonna be alone tonight. So I debated, I could.. "A" go to the grocery store and make something, that would mean no exercising for me, I already missed my Friday Zumba, so I went with "B", pick up on order from Moose Tooth (with a Sesame Salad to go for me) and head out for a quick run. And that's what I did. Squeezed a quick run in for me, just in time to take a quick shower and get to work. The crop ended till the wee hours of the morning. I was more busy than anything, with the store open, and a hug 50% off everything sale. I barely had time to hang out with the ladies.

Saturday came all to quickly. We rushed over to Dimond High in the morning for a Basketball game that was nailbitingly close and got to see my girlfriend Staci for a quick hello (sorry I couldn't stay to watch Seg play..)  Picked up more "fast food" for the kids, of KFC and I headed out with Paula for an event for the Petroleum Wives Club at the Marriot Hotel. 


It was a great turnout and everything went so smoothly, thanks to the ladies that were so organized! We enjoyed the "Photo-booth" setup. It's amazing what you can get from a little set up in the corner of the ballroom. 

We even found time to get in front of that camera and have some fun too!

IMG_4906 copy 

Sunday finally came... and I've never been more happy. I looked forward to doing absolutely nothing. The weather was a balmy 30 degrees though and it was literally screaming for me to get out there for a good run. This time, I only had on ONE layer and I breezed through my almost 9 mile run. My cadence was steady the entire hour, and it was just one of those "ahh" runs for me. They don't come quite often. (Believe me, I had to drag my scrabble butt out the door.) But it left me in good spirits the rest of the evening.

Valentine's Day was a quiet one, hubby and I will celebrate Post V-Day, as he is still on mids (insert grrrr...) Just like Christmas or our Birthdays, we never really exchange anything. I'm not big on flowers (eh, they just die) and chocolates.. But I am big on Sports Authority. So I already treated myself (on Friday) well, I've been to Sport's Authority every week now buying stuff (I just can't stop) and stocking up on athletic wear. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good sale and sports wear!  That's pretty much all I wear. I've been eyeballing this red/black Nike pant's/jacket that was on sale just a little bit, till Friday. I got a $60 pants for $30, $50 sweater for $25, and a bunch of sports bra. Now that's what I call, Valentine's Gifts ;)  Of course, hubby had to get himself something too, cause that's how we roll :) I think he got himself some CP3 Jordans? I didn't bother to check. Well so much for "budgeting" this month!

I'm not looking forward to the week starting already.. I love lazy Sundays ;)

Happy Valentine's Day (weekend)...

I've been having a relaxing week thus far. The last days at the store are slowly creeping up and it's been a bittersweet week. This week has been more real to me than the previous, mainly because it's getting emptier by the minute!  But seeing the many women that have walked in and out of the store for the past several years.. has been somewhat melancholy. 

Nonetheless, I'm not one to be somber for too long. When one door closes, another one opens.. and that's how I look at it. I've been devoting countless hours revising my photography business into OUR business. We are now   That alone consumes most of my "alone" times. I now have the opportunity to grab this business by the "kahunas" and fly.  I've finally made goals concerning that part of my life, getting ready to do our first Bridal Expo in a few months.. We'll be starting with a huge Valentine Gala for the Petroleum Wives Club of Alaska this weekend... And in this line of business it's all about knowing people and getting your foot in that door. So we've been getting out there. R & P also has their own personal PR, an amazing lady, who we have come to know and this lady's got skills... Gotta love knowing someone who knows someone of someone.

Friday is also my last crop at the store... I'm sure it will be filled with fun, laughter, stories, and possibly some scrapbooking!

Looking forward to a busy weekend!

Here's a project I did with Isabel (again, we did one LAST YEAR) for Valentines Day.

She draws a picture:


Then I scan it and she colors it in Photoshop:


Then we print them and adhered them to cardstock with a piece of candy ;)


Hope everyone has a great weekend!