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...with my little eye.


My latest iPhone app, the iCam.  Thanks to my girl Michelle who said she saw it on a commercial, I quickly looked it up and bought it. It's perfect in a voyeuristic way. I can keep my eye on my pup while I'm gone (granted he is in his kennel when I leave) and listen to see how long he whines or not. It worked well today when I left the kids at home to go to a Volunteer Reception at their school. I could "virtually" keep my eye on them, making sure they were doing their homework like they say they were.

So call it eaves dropping, being snoopy, or my kids think it's just over bearing.  I say Peace of Mind. Period. 

So today, hubby and I enjoyed a day together (before he headed for work that night). He did some shopping and I watched. He deserved it, he has lost almost 30 lbs!  He has gone from wearing 36-38's  to a size 32! I know there is no turning back now because he's gonna trash those old sizes!  But I could not turn away a little splurge at Sports Authority of course. (I admit, I do have issues there, that's all I wear these days, work out clothes).  But being able to "hear" and "see" Kai via iCam, reassured us that we could stay out longer.. :)  And that is what we did.

Back Track, Weekend Collage.

Friday Collage

Less photos on that day. Did some running around and had these 2 home with me. They are not the best combo, I always refer to them as 'water & oil' or 'fire & ice'..  For some reason or another, these 2 just don't mix. Always picking on one another, calling one another names, and tattle telling about anything and everything.

Friday is a blur, completely in the past.



Saturday Collage 

I started out my weekend with the Heart Run. Hubby had to work shift that night, so he was as tired as could be. To top it off he was not feeling very well, but what a trooper, he went anyway. It was a great day for a run. The sun came up and it got warmer as the day went on.

We came home (hubby slept to head to work that night) and the rest of us just stayed outside. Even the dog was begging to get in the house. He slept very well that night.

I'm looking forward to warmer days...

Interesting Concept.

I came across this article on my blog roll yesterday.. simply titled "Changing from HAVE TO to GET TO"  ... hmm?  It was an idea from an article written in the Runner's Magazine.

It was a great message to everyone, that Armstrong applied to both running/working out and her life. 

Basically Armstrong said that in a world where most of us feel the weight of our responsibilities pressing down on us, we find ourselves saying “I have to do this” or “I have to do that”.  She realized that there are people who are sick or struggling in some other way who would love the opportunity to do the things we feel we have to do.

So Armstrong decided to try to tweak her thoughts a bit.  She said that instead of thinking or saying, I have to finish this project or I have to pick up my kids, to instead think – I get to work on this assignment, I get to pick up my kids, I get to help them with their homework, I get to buy groceries and make dinner for my family.

She said that at first it felt a little forced and silly, but after a few days it became more natural to her.  She felt freer, more thoughtful and more aware of why she does what she does.

Armstrong said that “Perhaps I had become so encumbered with my to-dos that I forget to be thankful for the opportunity to do them.  I realized that it’s possible to have a reawakening about the beauty in our lives, to understand that we are so damn lucky to be healthy, to have people to love and the ability to care for them.”

She went on to say that gratitude is contagious.  It’s the smallest thing, but it has the power of something big.

I was very moved by this article and the simple fact of the shift in mindset. So many days I go on with my little moleskin notebook, checking off my To Do List for the day and get annoyed that I didn't get finish all the task at hand. And 'task' being the key word, they all felt like 'tasks' that made me sigh. So as I soaked up those words over the weekend, changing the very words of "I have to" to I GET TO.. I'm happy to say, I am feeling blessed tenfold, an my entire outlook has changed. It all started with the little things over the weekend, like:

  • I have to get to this 5K that I committed myself to a month ago. --- I get to participate in this race because I've had the opportunity to challenge my skills that I never thought I had.
  • Even though, I'm as tired as can be, I need to take this dog out for a walk or else he'll be restless tonight. --- I could go on and on about my dog. But to shift perspective, this dog loves "his master's" that would be me, company and command. He loves my undivided attention and seeks to please me ALL the time. I am really grateful for him, he's really toned me down from being a stickler for trying to keep the house spotless at all times, and turned me into "Let's just go out and play" kinda mom.
  • I have to go to a photoshoot. --- I get to do this, live out my dream that is, not many people do. And to top it off, this is a family who is coming back for the second time. That says something about our work.
  • I have to make dinner. --- I am able to provide and create different dishes for the family.
  • I have to clean up the living room. --- The living room is a mess, because I am blessed with kids who love spending time in their home where they feel safe and love to invite all their friends too. 
  • I have to do it solo this weekend because hubby is at work on mids. --- I get to be home with the kids and enjoy the comfort of our lives because he works hard for all of us. 

Just a food for thought on something I greatly needed when it seems like I'm constantly having to "Have To" do stuff.

Team R & R

This time I had the luxury of having my other half, my running partner, my best friend with me.  Too bad he still felt pretty sick, he's on antibiotics and all for his strep throat (eek) and poor guy was coughing up a storm most of the way there. But he stuck with it and made it all the way. 


Thursday Collage.

Thursday Collage

Got to sleep in today (thanks to hubby), I didn't get up till 7:30 ! Wow, that is late for me! But he dropped the kids to school instead of me, and I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee while I surfed the net. I started off my day with a headache, bleh. But the day doesn't stop just because I just want to fast forward.

I got ready to meet Paula at the bank then to a wedding consultation. We are so excited to book another wedding and share our visions with another couple. The weather was typical Alaska weather. It started off by raining, then sleet, then snow.. Lovely. Just what you like to see mid April.

I took a little nap with Kai today. He prefers our bed (or I prefer our bed)..  Soon enough the sun came out, the temperatures soared, and I jumped out of my nap to enjoy some sunshine outdoors.

This evening it was all about editing photos. I got to finish last weeks session and look forward to another this weekend. Hubby went out to get the movie Avatar. Great movie and a great way to end our night.


TGIF... So excited tomorrow's Friday. Not that I get some sort of day off or get to sleep in.. but I feel a little more relaxed without having to get dinner done at a certain time or kids in bed early. We can chill when they get home from school. On Saturday we have a The Heart Run, but hubby does have to work and could not get the day off.. not to mention he's still recovering from Strep. But we made a commitment to do it.. and we are!

Until then.. enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday Collage.

Wednesday collage

Wednesday... came and went. It all seems like a blur already. 

My day starts early, crack of dawn early.  The first outing with Kai is around 5 am!  Luckily the sun is starting to rise so it's not pitch black. Just in time to get a little exercise in him (and me) so that he can rest while I start making breakfast for the kids. He'll romp around and then take a little nap. We head out for our second walk before I drop the kids off to school. Today hubby was home and just got off his mid shift at 7 am, but he wanted to tag along with me while I ran errands. 

I watched a Training Dog DVD with Kai (well he was around me).  And glad to say, Project Shovel My Backyard is a success. I managed to dig out most of the snow out and I can almost see grass!  

The kids played outside the minute they got home, except for the oldest one who was stuck with so much homework he practically locked himself downstairs in front of the computer (next to all the laundry I refused to fold).

Taco night. Kids love it and I just make mines into a Taco Salad. Hubby got up by dinner and Kai was as happy as could be to finally see "Daddy!"


It's 11pm and I'm soaking in the fact that hubby is home tomorrow. That just means I get to sleep in just a bit. So I'm watching that Madonna Episode of Glee, again. It was hilarious! It totally inspired me to be her Celebration Album and I rocked out to Madonna all day long today. I still stunned myself that I knew all the lyrics. Until then, I will be channeling my inner Madonna while I rock out to her music again!

Tuesday Collage.

Tuesday Collage

Woke up feeling the pangs of the cold that I thought I was over. My body just craved a little more sleep. After taking Kai out at 3 am, I actually let him lay in bed with me (and Izzy). Still not sure how Izzy ended up in our bed, she just knows when hubby is at work. But I was surprised to find her in our bed at 3 am.  When Kai is in bed with us, he will just lay there till I get up, and that's what I needed. I was not looking forward to a 6 am walk around the block. So we got to sleep in till 7am.

I headed out to Ethan's class for a field trip at the Performing Arts Center for the Symphony. I love that this guy does not mind having me over in his class at all. He totally loves it... he really is a mama's boy. The concert was really good. I guess I associated the word Symphony with Sleep. But it was upbeat and interactive with different music from around the world. It was the bus ride and the noise I could have done without.

While we sat and waited for the performance to start, a nostalgic feeling came across as I sat there in a theater, looking at the stage, the lights, the crowd.. It took me back to Drama Club back in Highschool... It's still hard to believe that I was so into that. If you stuck me on that stage right now at age 32, I'd have a panic attack and probably faint. But back then.. I (we) my girlfriends and I enjoyed it. Rehearsing lines, dances, and plays...  Staying afterschool to practice. Then our late night performances or going to different schools.  I was Juliet, in our rendition of Romeo and Juliet. We did little humorous skits (kinda like SNL) and several dance plays.. those were my favorite.  Being on stage and 'acting' was fun during my fearless teenage years... Oh what I would give to be that fearless again.

By the time I got home.. I had a pounding headache. I took an hour nap (with Kai). And it was just what I needed to tackle the rest of the evening.

The day was a little warmer but still gloomy, the snow has melted in the front of the house, just working on the backyard...

Enjoyed a nice salad for dinner. (Mainly cause the kids ate all the Salmon for dinner, note to self, the boys eat like adults now).

Tuesdays we all gather in front of the TV to watch The Biggest Loser. My kids are just as into it as I am. At the end of the show, they are always eagerly awaiting to see how much the contestants have lost. They also got teary eyed as we watched "Sunshine's Dad" in tears about his brother's death.  And cheered for Kole' when he lost 10 lbs! 

Ethan (and Izzy) has been enjoying Kemps Frozen Yogurts

Kai is getting so big.. Noticed that today as he sat with Izzy and she tried to carry him.

The clock strikes 9pm, it is still light out, the kids are tired, and the dog is putting himself in the kennel.


That pretty much sums up my Tuesday. Let's see what Wednesday brings.

Till then, this last pic was Kai and Yukon's (Paula's Dog, if you don't remember, he's the lab we were interested in a while back..) First Meeting... Kai looks tiny here, but it simply is because Yukon is HUGE! 


Monday Collage...

I really wanted to do the week in the life once again with Ali Edwards (and Paula)... but I doubt I'd follow through, not to mention I just completed one a couple of months ago and I did love the idea, always have... but not this week for me.  Someday soon, just not this week.

Although the thought of doing it did prompted me to take photos throughout my day.  As you can quickly see, my day revolves around Kai. I really can't complain, I love this four legged pup so much I could just squeeze his lil' porky butt to pieces!  (Yes I did say that..)

Monday Collage

The day started out running errands, no photos taken of the grocery store or the bank (aww?) But I did spend a lot of time in our backyard trying to dig it out.  The snow in one of those photos shows it coming up to my waist.. So I've been digging it out so Kai didn't sink in every time he wanted to play out back.

Dishes. Gotta love the massive amount of dishes left after the kids have all gone to school. I usually wait till Kai is fast asleep to tend to the chores.

Endless amount of Milk Bones.

I simply (seriously) cannot get enough of him.. (okay, I can especially when hubby is home) but he loves 'floor time'.  And soon enough he's zonked out right next to me. He loves to lay right on me..

It rained a bit this afternoon. And it felt like a 'stay at home' kinda day for Izzy. She took it upon herself to bake a banana bread (Paula I'm still waiting for your recipe).. but she took that box and read it and measured it herself and cracked the eggs in and stirred it all by herself. (No photos there!) The only thing I did was put in the oven.. While we waited for the bread to cook, we made bracelets. 

Tired. The sun shines brightly at 8 pm and I'm ready to call it a night.

* We made a pit stop to the Pepin Household today... and I can't wait to see the photos from Kai and Yukon's first encounter.. (hint, hint)

Under The Weather.. kinda weekend.

This weekend (of course the one that the hubby is home) we were both battling a cold and just laying low in hopes we would get better by Monday. And with tons of water, rest, and extra vitamin C, I am ten times better.. wish I could say the same for the hubby though. He's still fighting that nasty cold. We skipped the gym and running this weekend to rest and recuperate, well as much as I could, I still had 3 kids to take care of and a puppy... so not the most rest in between, but I do what I can. 

On Sunday I attempted 'Operation Shovel The Snow In The Backyard.."  yeah, no luck, the minute I walked over it and practically fell in, waist deep in snow, there was no way that snow was gonna melt anytime soon. That sun just does not shine over it like the front yard. Luckily the front yard is snow free covered in dead grass instead.

We had a great photoshoot that afternoon.. the kind where it makes you literally 'gush' with the most sincere heartfelt "Thanks.." to an amazing family that was willing to give 'us' a try after jumping from one photographer to another. They were amazed at how smoothly things went with their 3 year old and 1 year old.. For them it was the best experience they have had. And for us, it's just what we do.



My son got a haircut this weekend.. and he wanted to do a longer mow-hawk, extended to the back.. I thought he was crazy.. but then he came home.. and I thought how  'cool!'

IMG_9814bw copy

Been Working...

On the photography side of me..


Lately my view of my work room has been upstairs in the corner, while Kai is asleep.

Now that I have more time to devote to our business I've been diving in. All the things I said, I've been wanting to do if I had more time.. are finally being checked off. With a few inquires on weddings for the summer and winter, it's been the push I needed to get our portfolios in order, finally get samples printed, and all around marketing.  I've enjoyed this business side to it. I've always wanted to be a part of the marketing and graphic arts field. So right now, I'm sitting here waiting for these products to come in the mail!!!

We've got a few shoots scheduled this week and a wedding consult too!  We are finally adding to our studio and our business. It's definitely  exciting times for Paula and I!

Unfortunately, getting on the computer other than Photography work has taken the back burner. I find that if I even get on Facebook, it becomes a big distraction for me.  I don't seem to know my limitations. :)  So better safe than sorry.

I'm also thankful that I'm a little more comfortable with leaving Kai to let him play without having an eagle eye on him 24/7.  He's able to communicate with me a lot better, especially potty breaks. I've trained him to ring the bell at the door downstairs when he's got to go. And I'm proud to say he's doing really well. He still has some 'pee' accidents, which usually occurs right by the bell at the front door, that's usually when the kids are watching him, but for #2, he runs right downstairs. I'm thinking that the hard work and devotion spent watching him like a hawk has paid off. And he takes to the kennel very well. Although he spends most of his day out and about with me.

Just this weekend, the hubby and I have come down with a cold, bleh.. so we are sat in front of our tv in our sweats.. good times.