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Weekend Recap. (Memorial Weekend 2010)

It just so happened my hubby had this weekend off (but had to work on Monday) to enjoy some family time and more importantly the endless sunshine and warmth that this weekend brought over Alaska.

We spent a lot of time at the dog park for Kai.

He absolutely loves 'socializing' with all the other "bigger" dogs. He even came across some his own size. We met a 5 month old girl yellow lab, Millie and I just about "goo-goo-ga-ga'd" the whole time, staring, watching her every move, constantly comparing Kai to her. (What most new moms do to their little ones, I guess, kinda like comparing when they first crawled or walked). 

We've been trying to get Kai a little more used to the water.. well, I want him to swim after the ball when I throw it into the lake.. So we ventured to the Otter Lake on base and introduced him to Swimming 101. And... well, he sure can swim. Will he do it willingly is another story. :)


*love these North Face Capris, they dry so quickly, I didn't hesitate to jump in with him :)


All in all, Swimming Lesson 101, went okay. He was tuckered out.


Later that day (since the days are so long).. we went for an impromptu hike on Arctic Valley at 8:30 pm!  I wasn't sure what to expect or how "uphill" it was gonna be for the girls, but they were troopers on this pretty steep hike.




We were so high up, we got to hike through snow!

Kai did so good on his first hike, through mud & snow, he loved it!


The weather just held up all week, and since we didn't get to rent a paddle boat or motorboat on Friday while at the lake, we returned with all the kids, equipped with food and drinks, to enjoy a day at the lake.

We ended up lugging around 6 kids + dog..

Typical teenager texting and staying connected in the wilderness.




Of course we could not resist another late night hike, this time we opt for an easier more laid back hike at Thunderbird Falls.







It was actually nice to stay home today and just relax...

Hot in Here!

It reached 70+'s here.. and you can bet we all stayed outside! The girls sun bathed, slip and slided, and sat around the 'baby' pool all day!


And me.. I read, relaxed, and played with Kai. (You can't see him in here because he's hiding under the chair where it was shaded)


This has got to be the funniest moment/picture.. All the teenagers wanted in on the action so they shoved themselves in the little pool that I filled up with warm water...  And they would not budge.



Good times and just taking full advantage of the sun + warmth...

Late Night...


... bike rides and walking.

We've gotten a (bad) habit of taking the kids and dog out at 9pm and coming home at 11pm... Simply because we can.

I spend my days basking in the sun (getting a good tan, btw) and reading.. that its almost to hot for a walk or a bike ride.. but when night falls and the temps drop a bit, that's when I take the kids and dog for a walk and bike ride.

Tonight we headed out at 9 pm for a late night bike ride around base. We stopped at the park for the kids to play and the dog too. (He rode in the trailer, so stinkin cute) and just kept riding around while Isabel rang her little bike bell to "protect" us from the wild. LOL! 

So glad I brought my phone with me to capture these little moments in life that mean so much to me and the kids.

So far this summer has proved to be the MOST relaxing I have had in a LONG time... And I'm so grateful.. to be able to stay home with the kids while the hubby works his long 12-14 hour shifts. (Missing out on the hot days..)  Granted, I've never had to wake up so early in the summer hours, to tend to Kai, but he's so laid back, that he fits right in, even on those days, I'm begging him to stay in bed.. 

Off to rest my weary head.. and put some lotion on my "tan".. Love it :)


As I sit here on a Wednesday morning, with the TV on mute, the laptop blaring my new favorite tune, Alejandro by Lady Gaga, don't ask, I'm still wondering why I love it.  I can't say I know anyone by the name of Alejandro, but I do love the lyric, "You know that I love you boy, hot like Mexico, Rejoice..."  LOL!  What can I say, while many loathe the "uniqueness" and "individuality" of Lady Gaga, I on the other hand, embrace her diversity and her "insane" lyrics.  Sure, Glee last night, did have an impact on me, as they always do when I watch it, for didn't you know, I always wanted to be some kind of performer... (we'll save that for another day). But as my family sat there and watched Kurt's dad blast Finn for the derogatory statement of the word "fag"... I'm not sure about you, but I turned to take a look and make sure my kids' ears were wide open, cause he could not have said it any better. One word powerful! 

It's another gorgeous day, the Weather Widget got it wrong (again).  They may as well leave the weather blank (and place a little note, to say to fill it in)...  The dog is at my foot, as he always is when I'm sat on the computer, he's fine, I gave him a water bottle. Not the best toy, but it keeps him busy...The kids are like zombies... they are and never will be "morning" kids. It would help if they didn't play out till curfew, but they did stay out till 10:30 pm.. I pushed that last 30 minutes.  And of course we went for a walk at 9:30 pm last night.



Summer is officially here, the kids ended school last Thursday... and the kids have eased into   such a drastic change, overnight.. Ha, are you kidding they have been counting down till summer vacation since school started.

Ethan has graduated from 6th grade and Elementary School altogether. Which dawned on me, I will have 3 kids in 3 different schools. (Highschool, Middle, Elementary)



And Izzy.. was excited yet sad to begin summer...


And the teenager...

Yea, I think he started his summer during second semester... While I love him to bits, his summer started with, well.. a sit down, lecture, and all around smack down...


I'm not sure I can describe what having a teenager is like in the house..
(The gel tight Mohawks, American Eagle shirts, overdosed in cologne, pants sagged to show off their boxers, the cell phone glued to one hand, and the 10,000 texts, the various ringtones to distinguish each call, the lingo that only 'said' friends can comprehend, the wanna be rappers, to the wanna be guitar strumming rock stars..)

Oh wait, I can.. because I can clearly remember what I was like. One simple way to put it.. "All about me, me, me.."

And I admit.. and my mom will concur, that I was a bit of a spoiled "brat".  It literally was all about me... But my mom never showed me any different. So if I wanted to go out without doing any sort of chore, I could..

Not in this house. So when he thinks he can stroll in and out of this house not picking up after himself or taking the initiative to see what needs to be done.. that's when we step in to remind him, whose house he lives under and whose rules he needs to abide by.

Take heed.. he's got a whole set of "high-school" guys he hangs out with, in which I've stuck my nose in their business.. (their life at home and at school, their grades, their FB/MySpace stats and and names...right down to their social security number they do not go unnoticed). He's got a "girlfriend" in which he "tweets" about every 5 minutes. In fact, they all have girlfriends.. (That's a whole other story..)


This is just the first week of summer.. and as you can see I'm all over the place.

But within this chaos I'm finding time to do things I love during these long summer days.. back to my love of reading. (It only happens in the summer...) LOL

Erica introduced me (to yet again) a new little series, the Hunger Games. And NO it's not about hungry vampires.. LOL.. The story is so different from what I've been used to, it's mind boggling & addictive.  I bought the series (just 2 of the 3, third one comes out in Aug) just a few days ago and I'm already whizzing through the second one.

What is everyone else reading???

It's back to tending to the family and enjoying some sunshine..


Got My Hands Full..

Not just with camera gear.. but gonna be MIA for the rest of the week.. With the kids finishing up school in the next 2 days and shoots this week.. I can't seem to get 'blog' time in.


Summer is around the corner, literally..  which is the "best" times in AK.

Looking forward too:

  • Sleeping in till 7 am!
  • Family time.
  • Running (with Kai).
  • Relaxing, under the sun.
  • Fishing on the Kenai.
  • Day trips/weekend trips.
  • Cabin time.
  • Running outdoors.
  • BBQ'ing.
  • Outdoor Photoshoots.

And just enjoying the moments...







Oh it's just another day in the life in The Barut Household... you know the one where Kai discovers the Art of Digging (while my sprinklers were on)...


Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm probably the most predictable person they know. I run the same path, I eat pretty much the same foods, I drive the same route to places, and order the same iced coffee with room for cream at Starbucks.

I’m certainly a creature of habit. And Kai is certainly not. He takes ‘predictable’ and throws it out the window.

Picture 1
**look how much he's grown** 

So it was out of the blue and out of the ordinary for me to go out and get me a dog.. especially when all my kids are of school age and I have the sheer luxury of enjoying 8 hours of quiet time while they are at school. I admit, seeing my girlfriends with their pups had something to do with it, but it was the "gushy" face my hubby has every time he encounters one that became the selling point. I knew from day one, that I would be his sole provider. I would be the one taking him out for walks at 5 am, picking up his poop at 3 am, and overall making sure this lil' 4 legged creature knew he had a home and felt safe.

But never in my 15 years of motherhood would I have imagined that I could push the limits of nurturing another, let alone for a puppy. I have to say, my hard work in the beginning as new puppy-mama has paid off. The constant 24 hour radar I had on him with my eagle eyes, the one I sacrificed everything that I wanted to do in order to make sure I trained him right, has paid off. I am happy to say, he is (almost) house-trained quite nicely, with the occasional "oops" I didn't make it to the backyard in time. (But he's never gone poo in the house!) And as far as the kennel thing, he did take to that pretty well.

Right now, it's all about me learning to 'let go' a little. Naturally he's become like one of my kids. I don't leave him with alone a lot or for too long. I even hesitate to leave him with the hubby, let alone the kids. And when I do leave to run an errand, I turn my timer on for 2 hours at the most and hurry back. Which reminds me, when my kids were little, where hubby and I never saw a date night, because we seldom left them alone with anyone. Mainly because it was for my peace of mind. And when I did leave the kids with someone, it wasn't without an hourly call to make sure the kids were okay. 

The thing is, I know it's okay to leave him in the kennel if I want to go for a good run or even do the laundry without him jumping up to grab the clean socks. And most importantly it is okay to let the kids care for him while I'm out or even the hubby.

So these past couple weeks, I've been getting more help. It was much needed, at a week that I needed it most. I was feeling overwhelmed and my kids stepped in. My 12 year old did an amazing job watching him one night so we could go to a graduation ceremony. Even my 7 year old does such an amazing job watching him.. (Don't ask about the teenager, the minute he gets a text, it's see ya later...) I'm even starting to scrapbook again...

So it's a process for both of us, taking it one day at a time...


to get back on the bandwagon and doing what I love.. scrappin'.

These past 2 days I've been organizing my photos and realizing that I've actually taken quite a bit of photos these past few months. So I've been going through photos deleting the ones I don't need printed and separating them by months or events.

Then I'm uploading them to : SCRAPBOOKPICTURES.COM

On this website I'm able to print in different formats like 3x3 (which is perfect for those Hipsomatic Prints I've been taking with my iPhone. And even more perfect for these new page protectors that I just got in yesterday from WE R MEMORY KEEPERS and bought at the best online store:  SCRAPBOOK.COM


And that is where I've been getting my 12x12 prints as well which turn out beautiful!

I'm finding that "doing da digi" is the best for me and the most convenient. I've always mixed it up and at times doing more paper than digi. I admit, working at a scrapbook store made me want to come home and do more paper scrapping. Being surrounded by all those "tempting" new products only made my addiction worst :)  But now, life seems to be a bit busier, home life has been kicked up a notch and I'd rather spend the time creating something on my laptop (mess free) than attempting to find all those papers, rub-ons, inks, pens, trimmers... 

I've been using nothing but ANNA ASPNES' TEMPLATES.. And quite honestly I will never create my "own" page again, I'm all for plugging photos and paper in her templates!  You just gotta check out her stuff over at Designer Digital and click 'add to cart' on all those layered templates!

March 10 2010web

I've finally, finally finished scrappin our Big Lake Adventure back in January.




Supplies Used:
Anna Aspnes MultiFoto Layered Template #2 found HERE.
Oscraps In Good Company Kit found HERE.

I am gathering all of Kai's photos... so you know what's next... :)


... just not been myself these past few days. Nothing 'major' happened to justify my 'ill-tempered' behavior. If anything I'd say, it's the 'same ol', same ol'. But I think I'm letting things get to me and frankly get the best of me.

Like what? Well here goes my very own pity party of one...

  • Hubby had to work this weekend (Mother's Day Weekend) no different from any other Mother's Day Weekend and not a big deal as him working on Christmas Eve or even Day.. I guess in my own selfish demise, I just wanted a much needed "alone time"... And then to see all the families sitting out in the front yard on what seems to be the mot beautiful weekend thus far,  BBQing and enjoying Family Time.. I sat out there with my kids BBQing all by myself. Then I felt bad as I sulked in my own melancholy state, when I realized my neighbor, a mom of 3 little ones, whose husband has been deployed for several months already and he's got 10 more months to go.. A one year deployment! 
  • I'm in desperate need of creating... The store closed in February... and along with that closure, my creativity went out the window. That was the last time I scrapped... anything. I know I need to get back on the creative band wagon, my mind/soul needs it. I just always find another "reason" why I can't.
  • Although I've been running outside and hitting the gym... it's not the same. Motivation level has gone from 10+ to probably a 3. I know I need to change the times I exercise, because my schedule has changed. I'm up at 5 am, so naturally a 5 mile run at 5 pm can become more of a nuisance then an energy booster.  I need to head out when I'm fully charged, that would be by 9-11 am.  I've said this to myself all week and still have yet to actually do it. It's the time when the pup takes a LONG nap, just enough time to get on the computer and do some photography work or even get dinner started or do laundry and clean the house. Sometimes I have to remind myself that these "things/chores" can wait. There really is no deadline...
  • And.. basically trying to keep it all together.. day in and day out. (Because really, hubby works 12-15 hours) is getting a bit overwhelming. Chances are, I'm creating this compelling atmosphere for myself. But at times, I also think, I'm really only one person, with 2 hands. There's gotta be days it's okay to say, my "energizer bunny" needs to recuperate. 

So.. there you go. My week/weekend was ... alright. I can't complain, I've got amazing kids and the dog.. he's even better than the kids at times. He obeys quite nicely. But I would like to wake up a little later some days. Or not make breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks in between and stay in my PJ's all day. I don't want to pick up poop, rather go potty without interruptions. But sometimes, that's a bit to much to ask for.. :)

It was a beautiful weekend.. and sitting out in the sun, eating a juicy burger, steak, brats.. sure can chase the 'glum' away.

*Kai is getting so big... He's a whopping 25lbs. The kids can barely carry him anymore! He sat out here with Izzy till I had to carry him in the house because I knew it was his nap time.


has finally visited Alaska.. and all I can say is when the sun shows up, I am outdoors!

This weekend, the hubby was home and he gets to switch to day shift (thank goodness).. So I'm feeling a little better (aside from the fact that they just asked him to work on his day off tomorrow, grr..) But we did some running around with an iced coffee in my hand and iced tea in his hand.


Sunshine, means taking my exercise outdoors. I admit, the heat gets to me..  I don't hydrate enough before my runs, because all I can think of is water! But I love running without worrying about the ice. 


The backyard is finally "snow-free" and cleaned up.. it's so nice to toss Kai back there to play and go potty.  I can leave the door open and feel confident that when he needs to go, he will do it where he's supposed to. He loves to play out back (and eat the grass)!


I love this pic that Izzy took.. with her shadow included.  She asked if she could take a pic of Kai, and I said, "Good luck, cause he will not keep still." Then she proved me wrong (she just had to) by coaxing him with a treat. She told him to SIT and STAY... and he did.


And the sunset on Sunday was just gorgeous!!!


The next few days is said to be just as beautiful ... So you can bet on me being MIA for a while. With hubby working for the rest of the week and throughout the weekend, I will have my hands full ;)