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Copied from the wonderful Tina's blog:

My kind of blogging...

listening: Eminem, Lady Antebellum.. I know, what a great mix?  But hey it works for me at the moment with the combination of getting back to running and late night editing.

eating: Uhm, EVERYTHING. What is it about summer that makes me think of food, especially grilling something everyday?  Latest crave, Smores. Not the best, but oh so good. And I've eased up on the Toffee Nut Americanos. Well by eased up, I means it's not coming 3 times a day like it used to.

wearing: Nike sweats, Nike sports bra, Nike tank.. Hey I think if I wear my gym clothes (which I own more of than regular clothes) I figure I will get up and get moving. So far, it works.. it's a mental thing.

feeling: awake. motivated. inspired. and like rapping in a collaboration with Eminem, more of duet where he is not mad at me, cause you've heard those rhymes, but maybe more like, a situation where he was walking through the hood one day and remembered this "gal" that would be me.. that happened to be his best friend.. and wondered whatever happened to her.. something along those lines..

weather: next to perfect.. not to hot, not to cold.. but I wouldn't mind more hot.

wanting: Oh I always want something... I want the hubby to take the rest of the summer off, I've been terribly spoiled this past week. I want the kids to wake up and want to do their chores. I want the dog to walk himself and come home when he's done. I selfishly want long wavy tousled hair, like those Victoria Secret models walking down the runway. I want to go back home to visit my mom. I want the iPhone 4, even though my iPhone is not even a year old. 

needing: To get moving earlier in the day. To run more often. To change the oil in the truck. New & different grilling recipes. To focus on that laundry downstairs. To email people back. 

thinking: about how gorgeous Alaska is in the summer time.. yet wonder why I'd rather run when it's 30 degrees or less. (?) I really should go to bed. How much I miss the hubby.

enjoying: everything. All the ups and downs. I enjoyed my reading time outdoors today. Grilling that whole chicken. Hugging sissy. Having Ethan constantly hug me yesterday. Seeing Caelan do his chores (after some scolding). Staying off the computer for the past couple of days and focus on the family and hubby. Beating hubby in Words With Friends. Eminem. (yeah, I get a bit obsessive when I find something new). Singing "American Honey" out loud while driving tonight.

wondering: what tomorrow will bring. If Kai loves us as much as we love him and if he finds it irritating that he is constantly bothered by either me or the kids. Why I never get to bed before midnight. How many Americanos I will need tomorrow. 


Love that format of blogging.. may have to do that once a week.. because those seem to change quite often.

This weekend we spend it in Kenai with our good friends, The Newbys. I wanted to do this collage of all the photos.. but since I uploaded them to FB I'll just post the link :)


I hope everyone is enjoying their week.

What I've Been Up To (The Bullet Form Edition).

Days are longer.
Summer is here.
Alaska is beautiful.
So much to do.
House full of kids & dog.
Booking back to back photoshoots.
Some days are busier than I'd like to be, but all worth it.

My mind is scattered from one thing to the other and so the only way I can summarize my week(s) is in bullet form...

  • No alarm clock necessary anymore, we got Kai for that.
  • The first thing I watch when I wake up is "It's Me or The Dog."  I love that show! One, it's about dog behavior and, two, her British accent makes me think of Anna all the time..
  • Americano with Toffee Nut... No joke. Okay with the occasional vanilla syrup.
  • Hubby has been home.. a LOT. (I guess it's a good thing). He's got so many "hit" days to burn now that he's finally trained another person to do his job.
  • A LOT of LATE nights. Who am I kidding? Every night has been a late night the clock says 12:47 am at the moment.
  • Late night game of Words With Friends with the hubby. We tend to play 3 games a night, in hopes I can win 2 games out of the 3... no luck yet, I'll be happy with winning one. He will still boast about his 125 point word 'CREATING' .. I was upset. Not kidding, I was really upset because I was winning.
  • Eminem helped me get back my running mojo. He's not the best performer, nor is this the best song (not many people can stomach all the vulgar lyrics) .. but angry enough to get me out of my 'long time funk'... I literally was 'Not Afraid'... of anything as this song hit repeat for the entire 45 minutes. I booked that 4 mile run with a steady pace of 10'30" or so.. (Too bad that darn Nike thing does not work!)
  • Hubby is getting ready to start a day job in a few weeks... (crossing my fingers, last time I wrote this down, it didn't happen..) So, I'm not getting excited till it actually happens. But if it does, that would mean the world to me and the kids to have somewhat of a normalcy. Somewhat.
  • I prefer to exercise outdoors when it's cold.. On the other hand, hubby doesn't agree.
  • One day I asked if his (girlfriend) Brittney's parents were cool.. He said "Oh yeah, they are really cool mom.."  Hmph, feeling a tinge of jealousy as I looked away.. He said, "Don't worry mom, you and dad are really cool too, and all my friends think you're hot!"  (Score!)
  • Missing my girlfriend Keri who is still in recovery in NC, we're supposed to be sun-bathing together.
  • I haven't picked up that series I started on, the Hunger Games Series.. looking forward to some reading time this weekend in Kenai!
  • We really enjoyed the weekend market with the family + Kai.
  • Bike riding is supposed to be pleasant, but hubby always finds it a time to race (?).
  • I hate it when I eat after midnight.
  • I live in my Keens. (Thanks Erica)
  • Today I whined, but came home after a great photoshoot feeling grateful. Life is short.
  • Father's Day is around the corner, I miss my daddy...
  • In a conversation about knowing my relatives, Isabel asked if I met my dad's dad.. I replied no, (being he was so much older).. Ethan replied, "They were from the 1800's.." I laughed and said "No!"  then did the math.. and said "Your right! My dad was born in 1915, his parents are definitely from the 1800's!
  • Kai loves me.!  Before he goes to Rudy, he always looks at me to see if it's okay.  
  • My 12 year old has been the most helpful so far.. go figure, he always finds a way to make me and Rudy say "What? Ethan, really?"
  • I still wonder what it would've been like if we decided to leave (PCS) ... we would be packing right now... probably en route to the East Coast.
  • I can hear the birds chirping.. it's way to late...

This weekend we are off to Kenai to hang out with the Newby's.. it feels like years.. oh wait, it has been a year since we last spent time at Kenai with them... They got a new puppy (chocolate lab) that is so stinkin adorable.. Makes me want to add to my family again (yes I've really considered it, in fact, I know we will get another lab when we move and Kai is older). I'm sort of packed.. somewhat organized. But one more photoshoot tomorrow before we head out.

Until then.. hope everyone enjoys their Father's Day. Maybe I'll actually have a photo of the kids with the hubby.. Until then.. I took this photo yesterday of Kai and Izzy.. LOVE it


I Wanna Be...

... a kid again.


There are days, I just want to remember what it was like to be care-free, worry-free, and just enjoying... Those were my thoughts on my walk with Kai today.  I decided to go without the kids just to enjoy some peace and quiet.  We stopped along the path, we sat on the grass, and he just looked out into the distance.  "What is this dog thinking?"  Who knows, but is he wanting to be a kid again like me? ... Wait a minute he is.

Sitting on the grass, feeling it against my toes, staring at the sun spots on the ground... I can almost hear the flip flops running across the cement as I play 'chase master' with my friends. Or jumping over a gate to get to my friend's house. Telling my mom, I'll be back later as I explored around the little backyard we had.. wondering where I would be 'when I grew up'.  I drift off into the childhood games we created.. "Chinese Jump Rope, Jacks, Marbles, Bike Riding while I stood on the back, dancing over broken down card board boxes, or a day at the beach.." Ahhh.. how "uncomplicated" it was back then.

Now it seems like the only way I can get by is to make lists.. One for the week, and then another to break it down for the day.  When I'm list-less, I almost feel lost and overwhelmed.  But then again there are some days, spontaneity has it perks.

There was nothing exciting about today.. cleaning was as exciting as it gets. The kind where I'm taking off all the books out of the bookshelf in order to thoroughly wipe them.. instead of wiping around them. That kind of deep cleaning.  The kind where I carry the sofas off the ground to vacuum underneath.

I'm trying to be a "big-girl" today... mainly because I've been spoiled with the hubby being off for almost a week... and now he heads back to work, just for a couple more days.. but I still feel like I'm a teenager being dragged off the floor in the early mornings after talking on the phone all night and forced to get to school... I just don't want to go.. and be a big girl today... But I have to.


I'm hoping to get enjoy outside tomorrow.. and continue reading the second book of my trilogy.  I'm looking forward to doing absolutely NOTHING.  We'll see, there is a list on my board...

Tour De Coastal Trail?

Hardly... although I do have to say, I did feel like I was speeding through pathways, hunched down, with my shades and helmet on, racing through bikers, joggers, and walkers. 

Hubby and I enjoyed some quality time (doing a little more than I would like) but it was still just he and I, and believe me it was hard to leave Kai at home... But he's not quite old enough to tag along a 10 mile bike ride.. yet.



I've been having the hardest time focusing on work at home during these summer days. It seems like all my energy and focus are on the kids and Kai of course... I'm hoping this week will be a bit more productive and less Americanos and late nights..

A Week...

has passed since my last post. Where does time go? If you ask me I think we could all use a little more time, eh?  But you take what you got and make the best of it for sure.

This past week was all about relaxing, still trying to get over the Memorial Day slump of over eating, over indulging, not running but hiking instead, and tons of Americanos (my new obsession)... and I literally surprised myself when I realized it was already Friday. My days are all rolling into one for sure (and nights too).. with that sun up high even at midnight.. sometimes I look at the clock at 2 am and think, what the heck?

Hubby surprised me with taking the weekend off (this weekend) till Tuesday... which is always nice. But he's on a night schedule so he's not 'fully' awake till 6pm!  And he's pretty much ready to start his day by 10 pm, when I really should be heading to bed. 

The kids and I have been enjoying this unbelievably good weather we've been having. You can find me out at 10 pm playing fetch with Kai (while roweling up the other dogs) and my kids are always the last to leave the playground at 11pm.  (I know.. that's late, but when you lose so much daylight in the long winter days, it's almost an obligation to have them soak up the sun!)

This weekend we shot a smaller, more intimate wedding... (aka stress-free).  I had tons of fun with Ms. Paula and our lovely bride & groom. I have tons of photos to go over, but one of our highlights was trying to catch a 'ride' via golf cart with the bride and groom.. LOL!

I'm still recovering from stuffing myself at this wedding celebration (went for Round 2 at the buffet line.. and oh the cupcakes...) So I'm sitting here at 11:30 pm, thinking it would suit me better if this lovely "lump" was a baby bump instead of "bloated" bump..  Meanwhile, hubby decided to bike to work just now, while I'm shoving (yet another cupcake) in my tummy!



Too Relaxed...

...almost comatose.

I.. for the love of me... could NOT get myself to move today.
Ever have one of those days?
I seriously woke up with my pillow and blanket in hand and headed straight to the sofa, to do exactly what I just did... lay there.
And the worst part is.. my kids are laid back and old enough they can tend to themselves. And even the dog, is so laid back, he'll lay next to me too.
It was apparent that after hours of sitting there and watching, 4 episodes of The Fabulous Life of Kimora Lee, 2 Episodes of The Kardashians, an episode of What Not To Wear, oh and that Wedding Dress one?..  Not sure why I watched that wedding dress one, but I enjoyed Kimora Lee.

But it looked like the only motivation I had all depended on one person.. me.By 3 pm (yes, 3 pm) I put on my shoes and headed outside to walk Kai and play with him. IT was just enough to get my butt up and going.

I know we had a pretty eventful weekend... so I don't feel so bad about being "lazy" and I always have a hard time falling asleep on hubby's first day of mids.

Well, at least Wednesday is around the corner... that for me would be hubby's day off. (Although his day off begins at 10pm, nonetheless a day off.)

We'll try again.. and hopefully I'll get it right this time.
This house desperately needs groceries, a dinner plan, laundry done, and a good hike :)