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Dear Running Feet.

Dear Running Feet,

It's been a while since we last set foot on that paved road or that trail that used to grace our footsteps with a 10/min mile pace 3-4 times a week. I don't even know where to begin.. I could go with the usual, "It's not you, it's me.." But I think I'd rather take the excuse route.. the one I can come up with at least ten legitimate excuses as to why we haven't seen the light of day. So here it goes:

  • I'd like to blame it on the busy summers. I mean, it's our time, as photographers to shine. Everyone loves outdoor photoshoots. And with that, it leads to long nights, tiring mornings and many hours cramped in front of the computer. 
  • This other excuse only consists of three letters... BBQ.  Yup. BBQ = Good Food = Not the healthiest. So I can't seem to find the balance of a healthy meal that includes grilling some food up. I've tried. But, I love me some good meat.. fatty meat for that matter.
  • I convince myself.. a lot, that it's okay to steer off track. Well, to the point where.. I'm not even sure where the track went.
  • Summer. What? Well, our summers don't exactly spell out consistency.. or routines.. or schedules. We eat what we want to. We eat when we want to. And I'd rather do other things than exercise! That was pretty straight forward... but it's true. I'd rather sit outside and read a book than put my jogging shoes on. And lately, the only running I've done is to get an iced Americano than struggle on a 3 mile run. It really is a no brainer.
  • Then there's that major issue... called Motivation, Inspiration, Passion.. (they kinda all rhyme). And I'm ashamed to say I-ain't-got-any-shun... Nadda. 
  • For some strange reason.. I love running in the cold. I'd run in 20 degrees than in 60 degrees (?)  Why? I'm not sure.  So I'm gonna wait for cooler temps.. at least 50's ???
  • Wildlife! Need I say more? There have been many times when the neighbors will say, "Oh don't go walking today.. there's a mama bear with a cub out there.." Or how about that one where there was a wolf out there. Safety first. (I guess I could go to the gym, but that is another story).
  • And this is my favorite excuse:  "Well, I've gone a few walks today and stayed active with the dog..that's good enough, right?"

With all this nonsense excuses.. I admit.. I think about you all the time. There really isn't a day that goes by that I don't say.. "today is the day.." Then that day turns into the next day, to next week, and now it's been months.

So.. it's not that I haven't forgotten about you. Not a chance.

As I slowly eased my way back into those comfy Brooks Running Shoes (starting Monday) we may not go to that Fire Station, you know the one that marks a good 7-8 miles... we may just end up at that bridge... or closer. But I've got to take baby steps. So bear with me.. as I dig deep for motivation and inspiration. 

All I know.. is that I do need you. I crave time with you. I envy all the other soles out there that are out on pavement. Until we meet again.. (in a few days) I'm gonna eat all the "trash" I can and say good-bye to late night feedings, Americano's twice a day, and all those sweets.. (sigh)... I'm ready to come to terms with the outcome of such a fall out.

Your Upper Half The Body...


The Happenings (in photos)

To forewarn you, this post will jump from one subject to the other. My sentences will vary depending on my mood or what comes to mind.. so at the end of this post, you probably will be just as confused as the movie Inception. (ha ha, btw did you all see it yet.. ? because I'm dying to form some sort of "Inception Club" where we can discuss our ideas..)



So  Kai is doing just fine after his surgeries. His eye is healing and he'll probably always have that little droop in his eye.. But it's so good to finally be out and about with him.

I'm a stickler for taking Kai on his walks.. he usually gets out twice a day, a nice morning and evening walk, makes for a calm and sleeping dog at night.

The girls come with me all the time and I'm always looking for a bit of sun-flare :)

Hubby's turned into an Alaskan Fisherman.. heading out to the Russian River weekly and this weekend we will be up in Kenai. He can't wait.. 

We attended his friend's wedding.. we even cried. It was so sweet.

I really tried to focus on the wedding/reception.. but couldn't help to bring out my lil point and shoot to see what I would get too. 

Ethan.. absolutely adores Kai and vice versa. Kai is so attached to him and Izzy. (wish I could say the same for my oldest.. but as soon as his phone rings, he's gone quicker than Kai getting to his doggy bowl.

IMG_5792lu copy
LOTS (LOTS & LOTS) of photoshoots in July. (You can get the latest sessions on our blog) Oh and that huge wedding (still finishing up).. Phew!

We have fun, as you can see..



Oh.. and I'm DJ'ing on the side... NOT! 

I (we) had fun with Shawn Williams of 5 Star Entertainment... and that night in general.. (phew!)


We are heading out to Kenai tomorrow morning to hang out with The Pepins and doing some dipnetting :)  Well, I'm relaxing and the kids can roam in the forest if they want.. I am on a little vacay.  No computers, No editing, well maybe some 3G iPhone time.. but other than that.. This lady is signing off from work.



It's 2 am and I'm still pinging from being mentally stimulated by this movie.

I like to think of myself of somewhat of a movie buff.. more like I have a wide array of movies that I enjoy. There is no one more than I enjoy than the other. But I have to say there are only a said few that literally make me.. "stop" and say "WOW! That was a really good movie.

This was one of them.

Mainly because.. ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by my dreams. When I was younger I had many of those "jumping off cliff" dreams and those stumbling, "dreams within dreams" sequence.  As I grew older, the fascination grew more so as an adult, when my dreams seem to become a passageway to my most inner thoughts or a window to my deepest feelings. It was during the pregnancy of my first child, I really began to "write" these dreams down. I noticed with life changing events my dreams became more vivid.. So vivid, I would wake up crying, clinging, or jolting out of bed. Then there were the dreams where I would force myself back to sleep just so I can get back to that "reality" and "feel" what that single moment felt like. A moment that took me only 3 seconds to describe, but felt like a lifetime. It was in that fragment of time, that astounded me. How can something that felt so real, be just a dream?

So, as the movie unfolded.. I went along right with it.

Not only did the plot satisfy my need to challenge my mind (latey.. too much editing and my day to day tending the kids can take a toll) but it was so brilliantly put together that it took me by surprise. The trailer does not do it justice.

Mind you, it is not the kind of movie you want to be chit chatting in or chewing on popcorn to much or you'll miss a dialogue or two. I strongly discourage bathroom breaks even.  It may seem complicating at times, but simply stated.. it is one of the best movies thus far.. this summer. It's a break from the many "mindless" movies I've seen. So if you're looking for a "mind-boggling" movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat... take the day off from your "ho-hum-drum" life and enjoy this movie.

Haven't Been...

in the mood to blog (period).

Which had me wondering if this little website is worth keeping up... but then I find myself going back to my archives and reading my past posts and I know this little hole in cyberspace is my very own writing canvas and is worth keeping.  I also realize that rarely blog in the summer months (much like everyone else). 

So as I go a week or two without entries... remember I'm still here, well not on cyberspace, but here at home with my kids, walking my dog, doing more photo sessions, singing my heart away, watching a movie, holding hands with my husband, talking on the phone, reading a book, and being lazy watching the Kardishians.

This weekend was a busy one and much like everything else that is going on.. it happens in the blink of an eye... As we geared up for a HUGE wedding in Girdwood... my nerves seem to take over the best of me. But with my good friend and partner by my side.. I know there is nothing we CANNOT do.


The day was not going as expected because of Alaska's unpredictable weather... it rained pretty much the whole day (the day before was simply gorgeous and the day after too, go figure). So little stuff like this tampered with my creative flow... for both of us. We shot most of the day together but there was a time where the only option was to separate (which we never like to do). I opted to shoot the men.  And all I can say is I'm glad I met the groom prior to working with him on this "hectic" day because I understood him, I knew what he wanted, and I was gonna deliver.

Weddings are always a "crazy" day. This type of photography is not for everyone. You really have to have the right mindset going into this. You are gonna have to give it your all in a uncontrolled environment and make the most of it. Especially when you are dealing with a HUGE party, you have to be able to take control and tell them how and when it's done. This is what Mr. Groom had taught me that day and I have to say, I will never forget his "pep-talk" to me because this is exactly how I'm gonna go in on all my weddings. Let's just say he took that "mama-beast" in me and let me know that it's totally okay to unleash it. Needless to say, I've never felt more liberated after that and for once really took charge of the "hectic" situation.

After a LONG day of "working"


It was time to put the camera down and unwind. You know Paula and I always find a reason to get on that dance floor.



It took a couple days (all day Sunday) to recover from the pounding headache, aching feet, and weakened wrist I think I'm back to normal.


In other happenings... our poor baby is finally out of his "cone of shame".. His surgery went well, but it was a tough 2-3 days post surgery. He hated his cone and it was so hard to get him to settle and maneuver in our little home. To top it off, it was even harder to slow him down. Obviously all he wanted to do was to play and jump all over the kids and trying to mellow him down was more work than anticipated.


Looking forward to an even busier week (hubby's taking off for fishing at 2 am today) and we've overbooked this week.

Flyin' By...

Time flies...


when you're having fun? Or
when you're not paying attention...

I've been bad about blogging (but I'm sure my Facebook status keeps some updated)... but more so I  blog for me.  It's my online journal that helps me look back and 'remember' those fleeting moments. And I have been doing horrible about writing things down.. and it's a shame really because I do have so much that goes on in my head that I want to remember...

One night (photo above) on a whim, hubby and I (and Kai) decided to join the Newby's to a 3 hour drive to Kenai just for the day to dipnett.  Left all the kids with the neighbors and headed out at 11 pm to catch the 2am tide. 

It was a Friday night, the official day open for dip netting... and in any given city you would see this many cars on the road to head into the bright lights and big city. But all the cars (trucks and SUV's rather) were all packed with camping gear and huge dip nets, flowing with traffic, heading to the beach to do the one thing we Alaskan's have the privilege of doing.. standing out into the Kenai River to catch some salmon. That thought alone made me chuckle.  I remember growing up waiting for Fridays so we could drive down to Waikiki and "cruise" around. But here, instead of "getting all dolled up" I'm dressed in my sweats, dog in the backseat, cooler strapped onto the car and ready for some good ol' fishing. Quite the change from bright lights, city, and beach. It's amazing how we adapt to our environment.


Some of the 'happenings' in this Barut Household:

  • Caelan has passed his driver's permit test and is ready to get on the road. He passed with flying colors, 100%.  That boy took that driving manual and studied that thing from cover to cover... ahh.. who am I kidding. He's just like his father, skimmed through it and and acts as if he knows everything.. and unfortunately he did. So here he was.. at his shining moment.. standing in line getting ready to get a picture ID (it's what they do here in AK) and the lady behind the counter questions his birth certificate and his Social Security card.. it DID NOT match. 


    So what happened? Rewind (1995)  Well when I had him, I was not married so when they whisked him off, his SS# took on my last name. But we were able to change his Birth Certificate. Flash forward (2010) this teenager is standing in line texting his one million and one friends thinking he's gonna get to drive home... and NOPE. He can't!
    That was last week.. let's just say we are still in the LONG process of changing everything. It's taking a LOT longer than anticipated. It's not as easy as going to the SS office (we tried). Nope..

    We are left with a very unhappy teenager.. And as I try to turn around and try to take this moment as a lesson learned.. He says.. "I get it.. I'm learning my lesson.. I learned that I will not have children before I get married because I don't want my son to sit here in the DMV not able to drive home after he had a 100% on his permit test because me and his mom decided to have him before we were married.. that would be just plain cruel.."

    Point taken.
  • Then there's our 5 (almost 6 month) puppy.. Kai... who is an amazing addition to our family. He's huge.. Right now he's 50lbs and is already bigger than Isabel. A few weeks ago, he developed some bump on his right eye.. that looked like something was gonna pop out. It went away the next day and we all thought it was just a bad bug bite. But last week, that same bump came back. Of course the first thing I do is "google".  And it sure looked like Cherry Eye. Sure enough, a visit to the vet confirmed it was cherry and eye.. and since this his second dime getting it, they recommended surgery to repair it.


I'm sure there are a thousands of other things to add..

I hope everyone had a great 4th. Here's to a new week!!