My Feeble Attempt...

My Morning (In Pictures).

So I decided to take my Lil' Point & Shoot with me today and just take a few snapshots here and there of my morning.

After getting the boys off on the bus and Izzy awake eating breakfast, I take a stroll with Kai.IMG_3177



It's a lot colder in the morning nowadays. But I'm still embracing that sunlight bright and early.



I'm not the cheeriest morning person, all I can say, is at least I'm up.

I'm so glad that Kai is so well behaved on our walks, he rarely uses a leash unless there are too many cars around.

The girls getting ready to get on the bus.

The view of my work space. I didn't say I am the neatest person or well organized for that matter. 

And Kai makes it upstairs for his quiet time in our room. I'm glad he understands the idea of "fending for yourself" when I am indulge in work. There's fresh water available, the door is open for him to go potty, and of course our bedroom door is open for him to nap. I usually don't see him till 2pm.

And I didn't get to put away, nor fold, or even wash more laundry. Well, tomorrow is another day.


michelle carrillo

love the pics of kai. and the muddy boots. and your messy desk makes me feel better about my own. ; )

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