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They're Back...

Selling My Scrappy Stuff.

I've been doing some "summer-cleaning",  de-cluttering, rearranging, and rethinking...

Just to clarify to all my scrappy friends.. I am NOT giving up on paper scrapbooking... I'm just downsizing my products. Lately I've realized that I do love to scrap.. just minimally keeping the idea of less is more. I've been happy with some words and a photo to be honest, because ultimately it's the story behind all the photos that matter the most. But I don't think I could ever let go of all the pretty stuff I have. So don't count me out as a paper scrapper just yet!

It started out as an idea.. from Erica who "de-cluttered" her paper stuff last year and at first I didn't think I had a whole lot to sell. But the more I dug out what I had.. the more I realized.. I don't think I'll ever used these. 

So I've set up a Craigslist which you can find


And since it doesn't allow me to publish all the kits, and I am still working on them. I think I am half way done.

You can view the kits via Facebook. Because what better way to advertise then with FB & Craigslist! 

You can view the Facebook link



In other news with our Lil' Ohana.

Hubby is officially in a day job!  He works Monday thru Friday till 4-5pm.. He's home for dinner (well most nights.. he's been doing a lot of fishing after work...insert grunt).  And of course I just learned that his job will allow him to travel quite a bit.. Lucky him (insert sarcasm). But I'm happy. It's different because now I have to pretend I've been busy all day when it hits 4 pm.. so that's when I hit the dryer button, start vacuuming, and cooking dinner :) 

And the dog... oh the dog. Let's just say.. he's been feeling a little ill this weekend. I won't paint you a clear photo but he must've got a stomach bug or what not and ... yeah, I found myself steam cleaning at 4 am this weekend..  (Arrgh) Lucky thing he's so darn cute and obedient...

School starts on the 18th (?) I'm excited. I see many days.. just "being".

I've started going back to the gym and working out again.. which explains the hop in my step or the smile on my face lately. It's what I've been missing.. yet again, I just realized how unfit I've become. I've started running again.. slowly but surely. 4 miles max.. I still can't believe I used to run 8.. Phew.

Oh did I mention school starts soon?

This weekend was relaxing.. I actually stayed off the computer.. other than for my phone.. T'was nice.


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