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A Week Since + Revelations.

They're Back...

In school that is.  And just like my FB status said:

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I truly felt like Supermom.. or just a sucker for routine and the idea of "the sooner I get them out the door, the sooner I will enjoy the peace and quiet!"

These past few days weeks were... unbearable. I'm not sure if you heard.. but it rained for nearly 30 days straight. Don't get me wrong.. I love an occasional down pour and listening to the rain outside my window and feeling that cool breeze.. but seriously? Not for 30 days straight. And you know what happens? Complete chaos in the house! What else can these kids do but annoy one another in the house? My sanity level went through the roof!

Then the one day we get a break from the downpour, the dreary feeling, the gray clouds to actually catch the sun and see blue skies.. was today, the kids first day of school! It was next to perfect, that weather stuck with us till sunset.

So my morning started very early with an eager Sophomore! 4:45 am to eager! I wake up to the sound of "Teach Me How To Dougie" and "Pretty Boy Swag"

Breakfast burritos in the works and a very happy dog that gets to eat at 5 am and play.



He's officially Sophomore Status...

And I've spent this summer trying to remember what it was like at his age.. cause there are times where I just don't get it. This boy has got "teenage angst" written all over him, right down from his lingo to his somewhat "not so skinny" jeans.. cause he gets them a size big so he can "sag". Who wants to see your boxers? I don't get it. 

Not to mention that this guy is driving now... (insert long sigh) I'm a nervous wreck when he gets behind the wheel. I actually wonder what happens if we don't return in one piece. I sit in the back with Izzy and we hold hands.. (I'm secretly praying while clinging on to the doors).

And then there's the girlfriend, the on and off again, the I'm not sure what the heck is going on drama. But we (Erica and I) keep tabs on him via his FB status updates. (Insert another big sigh).

I'm hanging on to the edge of my seat to see what his Sophomore year brings forth.





Ahh.. Ethan, Ethan, Ethan.. This is my "baby"... He's officially not in Elementary School anymore. He's in the cool, Middle School.. He says they're referred to as "Sevies"

I admit, I underestimate him.. and probably don't give him enough credit. I worry to much about him when in fact, he's got this under control. During his orientation, I went through this lengthy explanation of how to unlock his locker... going through the steps.. reassuring him that it's okay if he doesn't get it the first time and I hated my locker, blah blah.. and in 2 seconds he opens his locker. Then Caelan and I were shocked.. thinking, beginners luck. So we clear it and tell him to try it again. And to take his time, think about what direction you are going.. blah blah and again, he opens it.  Touring his middle school (cause Caelan knew this place like the back of his boxers) he's explaining to him where the classes are worried that he is so gonna get lost. But he proved us all wrong.

He came home, ecstatic as can be. Elated even. He said he had so much fun and this school was so cool. And his favorite teacher so far is his Integrated Science class. He talked so much to me when he got home, I had to slap myself to see if I was dreaming. Nope, he really was telling me how his day was.

He even mentioned that a girl was staring at him and "checking him out". And here I thought he was daydreaming.. but his friends came by the house and I heard them say.. "Oh Ethan, remember that girl that was staring at you..

I know he's gonna do fine. (I just don't want any girls looking at him.. he's mama's boy). 



My Izzy.

She's a 2nd grader. Still spunky, sweet, thoughtful, and oh so sassy. She's quite the splitting image of the only female in the house.. me! Somedays it's a sweet compliment and others.. well, I like to be alone. I think that the third child.. or the last child for that matter, grows up way to fast and becomes particularly independent all to quick. It's her way of telling us she's not the baby of the bunch. And being the youngest, that's a hard thing to pull off. I never worry about her as much as I do with Ethan. She's self sufficient.. almost to adequate if you ask me. She's totally my girl though. 

This year she finds her BFF Jazzy in her class. She squealed with delight! And the first thing she said is "Mommy I promise I won't talk too much, I will save it for when we get home."

This year I found school shopping with her to be quite different. Well in a sense that I picked out all the wrong outfits. She simply has her very own sense of style.. which she likes to say is a replica of the lovely Selena Gomez. Which by the way, according to her, I am not. She says I wear to many Nike stuff, Selena does not wear those things. But I do get praises when I throw something cute on.


That's the latest on the kids. Me? Same ol, same ol.

But it's time for me to head to bed..


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