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September 2010

Still Here. Yup. Here.

Don't worry, nothing is wrong with your RSS feeds.. it's really this blog has not been touched, or even signed in for a little bit. Don't be calling in a 10-57 (missing person police code, btw) cause I'm still here. Just not on here.

So in a brief bullet format (because writing an entire sentence may be overwhelming at the moment) I will randomly put my what's been going on down. (need I remind you random).

  • Yesterday, September 26, 2010... Termination Dust is already evident. We awoke to little flurries (in my area, some people have claimed to see snow, not enough to accumulate though).
  • I have a stupid cold. I sound horrible, feel just as worst, and to top it off, my monthly friend came at the same time.  (Whining inserted).
  • It's football time! ....yeah I don't care for it.
  • I'm actually looking forward to new winter/fall gear.. there is something about finding cute outfits, maybe a pair of boots over my skinny jeans.. ironic how I like dressing up for the cold rather than warm.. maybe because it's never really warm here and let's face it, if I bought a cute sundress, I'd never really wear it.. But a cute sweater.. now that I will wear!
  • Excited to meet Erica's new little girl, Ryder !!!
  • Finally turned our heater on!
  • Sipping on an Americano.
  • Really ENJOYED our Saturday shoot with a very talented artist herself, Tina. We love photographing familes and such, but to be able to photograph another photographer.. that is exciting to be able to share your creative visions with someone who I know will totally appreciate all the little details.
  • I have finished all 3 seasons of Arrested Development while editing photos these past few weeks! That show is hilarious!  My fave is a toss up between Job and Tobias Fumke.. :)
  • On the lookout for a funny, dysfunctional show like that to catch watch, any ideas?
  • Love singing in the shower with Izzy to Camp Rock 2 Songs.
  • Brrr.. It's cold.
  • Started another new series (as if I needed it) but let me just say it's the perfect companion to editing. I don't do well sitting in front of the TV and actually watching a show, I have to be doing other things. So, therefore, editing and watching (listening) to the TV works for me.. But my new series.. "Dexter".  Um, it's a little different from what I'm used to but all this darkness.. I like!!!
  • I finally found a workflow that works for me. So far. It's almost automatic, to download, backup, burn.. and I only work on the computer while the kids are in school or when they go to bed.
  • Miss Scrapbooking.  I'm gonna try and get my photos organized to get back into it.  I'm totally abiding "Less is More"  after all I did sell most of my stuff!
  • Basketball for the boys have officially begun.
  • I've started running again. No routine set yet (due to this cold) but I did manage to do a short run yesterday (3 miles) with the dog.
  • By the way, been training Kai to stay in tune with me on my runs.. so far so good. I didn't buy that waist-tie-thing for the dog.. but rather made our very own concotion of it!  Reflector belt looped with his leash. Ta-dah!

Off to enjoy my mid-day work week!  I've got some running around to do. I hope to post something a little more meaningful and note worthy than bullet formats!


Love this girl!


She may look a like me, act like me, sound like me.. but she was not me at her age...

I look at her and suddenly my childhood flashes before my eyes...

I don't remember much, well days like she has. It seems as if most of my childhood either hit the forward button or my memories were deeply suppressed by the overwhelming emotional roller coaster of my teenager years. Whatever it was, I grew up to fast.

To fast, to fully enjoy sunny days, my mother holding my hand and taking me to a park (in fact I don't think she ever did, but I never asked, because she was always at work trying to make ends meet.) My parents were great, as great they could be... my father was so much older (40 years older than my mom) and he already raised his kids (my stepbrothers and sisters) that when my brother and I came into his life, it was assumed we would take care of ourselves or my mother who worked 40-50 hours a week cleaning hotels, would find the time to be a kid with us. She didn't. I don't blame him for not teaching my how to ride my bike or play baseball with me. Or upset at my mom for never having much time, or any time for that matter. I never knew any different.

I understood at a very early age, that my mother's role was to take care of us (clean up after us, feed us, and bring home a paycheck). And my father who retired when I was 7 or 8 (?) was enjoying his days at home watching Hawaii 5-0, WWF Wrestling, with a Segram 7 in his hand. He often came home...intoxicated. I often found myself, cleaning up after him and my brother.


*She has been taking him out for walks every night and Kai is so good at listening to her. That the 30lbs difference between those 2 don't bother me anymore. She has taken a role of a pack-leader that he does not dare cross her.

My brother and I were home alone a lot. We were left to take care of ourselves and entertain ourselves. Chinese jump rope, break dancing on broken down boxes, walking along Ashford Street in Kalihi (was safe back then).  It never really bothered us, we never knew any different.

Then our grandparents and uncle came from the Philippines to live with us. It was nice having people around. It wasn't the greatest living situation being cramped in a 2 bedroom apartment living with 7 people, oh and the 1 bathroom. But then again, I didn't know any different.


Flash forward... in my thirties, with 3 kids of my own...

The life that we have given our children, the life that my husband has sacrificed in order for me to have everything I could only dream of. (And it's a lot coming from where I've been).  And most importantly, the life I never imagined I could give my own kids one day... is almost overwhelming. To be able to be home with them, to see their faces when their bus drops them home from school. To walk to the park with her (the boys wouldn't think that's cool). To hug them every night...  The kind of childhood I would've longed for.

It hurts at times, to know that they will never know how to live with less than what they have. Or if they only knew what my childhood was really like, would they be even more Thankful? But I would never want them to go through it. Because they don't know any different...

So we've had...

a few days of sunshine (in a row). Unheard of this time of year, but we will take it!

And I've been doing a lot of this:


Just sitting outside enjoying the weather.  After working all day/night on Monday, I decided Tuesday will be my (don't get on the computer and edit photos day).  


I'm always out and about, walking.  I swear this dog has more walks than all the dogs on the block combined! Our morning walks are about 3 miles, then there's the afternoon walk, and the evening walk. I have recently added a run in there for him... and so far he can run a straight, 1.7 miles with a freakin pace of 10'07" !

And it sure is Fall outside. The leaves are turning.. It is almost heater-worthy in the mornings.. and Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks (although I really dont' care for it, I"m an Americano Girl).


Paula and I have been so busy. This week looks a bit more relaxed, only to rest for next week where we will be double booking quite a bit of people. No complaints here, it's that time of year.. everyone wants their last minute outdoor photos for their Christmas Cards.

Tonight we will be on the hunt for The Barut Ohana Wardrobe for our Christmas Photos. We'll see what we can all agree on. I am determined to send out cards this year. (Yes, I said that last year, but this year, I sure am planning early.. well this early for me).


Alaska State Fair (The Soggy Edition)

The boys were determined to go to the fair on Saturday (the rainiest day of the weekend). The said quote: ALL our friends are going on Saturday. Don't you just love it when they exaggerate the word ALL, as in everyone in this entire galaxy is going on Saturday. So off we went, on one of the soggiest days... EVER! (Did you like my exaggeration of EVER?)


Although the rain poured on us... I have to say, nothing beats family time :)  Love this photo!


So much for family time, the boys grabbed some cash and were on their own. So it was just Izzy, hubby, and I.


Love this photo of Izzy hanging on for dear life..



Catch lights :) Always looking for that sparkle.

Do we have enough kettle corn?

I thought it was hilarious how Caelan and his friend bought little pink/red umbrellas :) To protect their hair!!!

Knocked out!!

Even though it was one of the soggiest days, EVER... the kids were tuckered out by the end of the day. The other 2 back there had to update their FB status ASAP!

One Fine Friday.

How I've missed those days when we used to spend the weekdays together minus the kids. Now that he's on his day job, we don't get days like this any more.

Friday, the kids were in school but hubby had the day off. It was the perfect day for just the two of us.. oh and the dog.

We spent most of the day at the dog park. It was the perfect day to be outside and just hang.







We enjoyed lunch at Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop. I enjoyed a delicious Chicken Salad Sandwich and a peanut butter creme cookie with a cup of coffee. It was perfect.


We got our one day, together, no kids, on a beautiful sunny day! Now I wish we decided to go to the Fair on that day instead of our "soggy" day at the fair over the weekend.

Birthday, Bears Tooth, and Waiter Identified.

What a wonderful day. Full being the key word here.

Full of rest. (Is that possible?) I took several naps in one day.

Full in my tummy. We ate at Bears Tooth and tried tons of appetizers! And we headed up the block to Sugar Spoon. That name sums it up and I had a slice of Strawberry Cake (yum) but loved Rodel's slice better, Caramel Cake.

Full of love. Everyone I know and didn't know wished me a Happy Birthday today. I am more of a "It's Not A Big Deal, kind of person" so this overwhelming amount of Birthday wishes was ... just that overwhelming. I even had the neighbors and kids in the neighborhood wishing me a Happy Birthday. 


Tonight the family went out to dinner at Bears Tooth. Believe it or not, it was the kids first time there. It's been a while since we've been out to dinner. It's so much harder to "bribe" the teens/tweens to go come out with us unless it was an epic event, like Mom's Birthday. And it did help that the boys were starving!


As I sat there, listening to the boys talk about who's texted who, Isabel coloring, and Rodel glancing at the menu. I'm feeling extremely blessed. I've got my family. Here. With me. The waiter approaches and we are already ready to order. He begins to take our order, I pause, waiting for him to write this all down. He's leaning down the to kids level, assuring me he's got this, no writing necessary. As he walked away, I realize I didn't quite raise the most discreet kids. Because my oldest said, "Wouldn't it be funny if he was like that guy in 50 First Dates, Two-Second-Tom and he swings back over here and says, Hi can I take your order.." We all laughed and I'm sure Mr.Waiter heard it too.


Then I sat there thinking, boy our waiter looks like someone famous. And the boys are all agreeing with me. Then came the quest to figure out, Who Does Mr. Waiter look like? Right off the bat, we don't quickly shout out names. More like, The guy in this movie or the guy that played this guy. The waiter would swing back with our drinks and food and we would all stop and stare. It was probably really awkward for him while we were in our state of concentration.

My first reaction was.. he looks like a funny actor? A comedian. The boys shout out, Adam Sadler. Nope. Not him. Then I say, someone that does stupid stunts on MTV. Caelan shouts out Steve-O the crack head!

Then Mr.Watier aka Steve-O the crackhead is serving our food. 


Yes, I say.. something like that, with his beady eyes. But he had a more 'softer' look to him. Then my hubby got it: Adam Brody.


I crack up thinking, how did we get from Steve-O to Adam Brody, I'm still not sure. Only with my family :)

We ended our night with some yummy deserts from Sugar Spoon. I had a delicious slice of Strawberry Cake but I really LOVED hubby's slice of Caramel Cheesecake.  


So, another year... and I'm Thirty-Three.


Just overall content.
In Love & Loved.
Passionate about my work.
Trying to find my way back to Him.
A Runner, who loves to run in the cold.
loves her Kai.
Enjoys a good book.

This year I want to...
give more than I take.
be a friend, a friend would like to have.
never take a day for granted.
remember family first, work second.
try something new.
give it my all, in all I do.
live life to the fullest.
treat myself more often.
clean less, get messy more.
go on more date nights with hubby.

Fall season, September, or my birthday... always marks a new leaf for me. I always look forward to change, wheter in my wardrobe, my attitude, or life in general. I love this time of year, there's always time for new beginnings.