Tuesday: November 9, 2010
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday and a lil' bit of Sunday too

Wednesday: November 10, 2010

A quick cup and it was off to start my day.
Since I've been working from home, I rarely go out. Let me rephrase that, I never go out! I really have to plan it out when I leave the house. This week it's Wednesday.  It will be my errands, go the gym, and grocery store day.

Had to take this one of my son eating and texting. Who texts at 6:30 am, apparently his friends.IMG_2576


 Kai.. begging discreetly.


Before I head out, I take puppy for a walk ... that's the look of, "It's too freakin' cold to walk the dog!" Too bad he LOVES it!




It was time to head out the door. First stop, gym. I can't even tell how long it's been, but spin has always been one of my favorite classes... and even though it's been months, I love it!  With my butt hurting and legs wobbly and all.



The day just seems to fly by... with no camera in hand, luckily Izzy took a hold of it and caught me cooking. That night we had some salmon, shrimp, and my new fave Brussel Sprouts (Thanks Paula)



Ethan took this out of focus (forgot to move my focus points after I used it) of Izzy and I peeling shrimp. She just loves to help in the kitchen.

Dinner was good.

Random thoughts that day: (throughout the day, my mind wanders)

  • Thank you Fed Ex lady for placing my package via USPS, I won't tell...
  • Spin class really kicked my ***... must blog about it on my "R" Lifestyle... that thing, is it still there?
  • Feeling good today.. craving veggies.
  • Loved that Papaya Salad and Garlic Tofu from Thai Villiage.. just what I needed.
  • Lightroom to the rescue!
  • I do not like leaving my house... I feel like driving is a waste of time :) I'm such a homebody.
  • He works so much and such LONG hours... (I need to stay strong).
  • Ugh, that song by Cee-Lo is so not good.. but so catchy.
  • He is such a good dog, who needs so much attention !
  • Off to bed early!



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