Monday: November 8, 2010
Wednesday: November 10, 2010

Tuesday: November 9, 2010

I tell you.. I may feel like superwoman on a Monday.. but Tuesday is where it gets to me. I'm literally dragging myself to get up.


 Off to school she goes (and the dog thinks he's going too!)


 Ugh, laundry... pretty much summed my day. We're talking 3 kids + 2 adults. Did I mention everyone in this house bathes twice a day!


 When Caelan comes home, we sometimes head out to get a snack.. on this day we went to pick up our copies of Black Ops for their X Boxes.



 And a little starbucks for me :)


 A little self portrait on my dirty mirror before I head out for a photoshoot. What I really wanted a photo of was my new skinny jeans :)




We love seeing our clients over and over again... I'm telling you, in this business it's all about the relationship between clients and the photographer. You literally make them feel like gold, like they are the only ones you photograph... they will come back. It's really all about excellent customer service. My tip, get to know them.. their kids names, ask how mom is doing etc, they really appreciate that.


After the shoot, I rushed over to my boy's basketball game.

Hubby loading the dishwasher, we've been in this house for over 5 years and never used it.. now hubby has found a new way to clean up. Me? I still prefer, washing it by hand.


 Hubby knows when I get home from a shoot, I need to view my photos! So here I am uploading and taking my first sneak peeks at them.


 So Izzy took the camera from me and started shooting, I won't share them all here.. but she loves it and I love my ISO 6400!


 The boys are glued to their XBox's...



I pretty much stayed behind this laptop till going to bed.



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