Today I...

  • had every intention of making the most of my day, and I sort of did.
  • started my day at 5:30 am and prepped dinner at 6 am. (yeah, what?)
  • didn't feel as tired, but I did have a pretty uneventful weekend.
  • folded so much laundry, I think socks are coming out of my ears :)
  • enjoyed a new tutorial on some editing tips from Erin Cobb.
  • made a list of Business Strategies for 2011 for R&P.. I'm already thinking cute little bunnies.
  • am thinking BIG! Big Canvas', Huge Collages, Wall sized photos. New ideas, New Products.. in Production.
  • tried a new recipe for Chili and smelled the aroma of Chili, all day!
  • took it easy, no need to stress about things that can be done tomorrow.
  • felt inspired by other photographers who turned their cameras on their own families.
  • put up my sheer curtains, in hopes that Spring will come soon.
  • am bum, that I didn't push myself to go out for a run, even though it was -5 degrees.
  • realized that taking photos with my iPhone is a creative outlet, and not me being lazy because I don't want to lug around my big camera.
  • drank 2 cups of Americano.
  • dusted my ceiling fan while standing on a ledge over looking our stairs, because I'm daring like that.
  • am still in shock that I will SEE and HEAR Jasmine Star.
  • got a call from Paula.
  • my brother got married in a small celebration at Kaka'ako Park, sad I didn't make it, but I will see him in May.
  • am feeling so appreciative... of everything. My life, my hubby, my children, friendships, learning new things, growth with experiences, opening up to people and letting people in.

Just taking note of the little things I did today... it's always nice to look back.


So I've been playing around with taking photos via iPhone, a lot. Well, every single day to be exact. And you know what? It's so much fun! It's just another creative outlet. I started doing it out of convience in capturing the everyday. Then, realized after read this ARTICLE  that I found on someone's status... that we as artists are constantly evolving, learning new things, new techniques, and we see things in a different light, all the time. Our minds are constantly racing with ideas. And sometimes you have to step out of the norm, or that box and try new things. 

Sion Fullana: “Look around you and fall in love with tiny details.”

With that said.. I take my phone everywhere, much like my dog... and as we stood on top of a hill, I tried to find creative ways to capture all the details.

I wanted to capture my dog and I, as tiny shilouettes on top of the world :)

Take One: (no good, I look like a stick or a tree stump)

Take Two: (nope, looks like we morphed into one another).

Take Three: okay that's more like it. That made me happy :)



michelle carrillo

LOVE the (3rd) shadow pic you captured. love love LOVE it! And I'm with you... for the most part, I don't even BOTHER with the big camera anymore, unless it's for something guilty. I felt guilty about that for the LONGEST time. But when I use THAT camera, I feel like I'm WORKING (even if it's just for fun stuff). But with my iphone, I can PLAY. mess up, mess around. And SHOW it OFF. nothing like instant gratification! And that would be kinda cool, to put together an album of nothing but your daily iphone shots.

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