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That I did see Jasmine Star.. I pretty much "stole" her photo, zoomed in on Photshop, and found my pixelated head.

Blog Jasmine WPPI 008

I found it here too..the side of my head.. but nonetheless.. That is me!
Proof that I really did go to Vegas a week ago today.. and met her a week ago today,

Blog Jasmine WPPI 088

That you can shoot in complete darkness.. by asking everyone to turn on their headlights... Of course I had my Photoflex lightdome. (not used in this shot). But there is always ways to find light in the dark.

IMG_0371HONEY copy


That I did run that 5K this weekend that I dreaded because I was sick 2 weeks before and literally stepped off the plane from Vegas. I didn't make it under 30 minutes.. real bummed about that one. But we just signed up for April's Heart Run..




And this is just general. That I will try to update my blog on a daily basis..

And this Proof.. that I'm going to bed.. Good Night!


What Happens In Vegas...

... will be pretty much blogged about.


I'm sure everyone has their own Vegas story. I realize mines is not the stereotypical story that most people encounter. After all, I'm not big on drinking, I don't even know what partying or night life is, and I've never gambled in my life! So if your expecting a story of where I'm partying all night, bar hopping, dancing on poles, and puking the next day... You clearly have not been reading my blog :) This tale is told through a small time "country" girl, I think I can officially refer to myself as country now, after I reached the 5 year mark of living in Alaska, don't-cha think?


(FYI I realize this is a LONG post. Not to bore people to death.. but all this writing that I have been feverishly working on during layovers will make it's way in a shutterfly scrapbook album.. so feel free to scroll down, way down)

Well, it's not the OPP version.
So last year... my good friend Michelle of Suitcase Studio emailed me an idea...

IMG_0632 copy
She invited me to attend the 2011 WPPI in Vegas.  Upon first hearing it.. I was like, "sure!" as in "yea, a-ha, yup.. like I, could ever get there.. Laugh out loud!" But I didn't want to shut a door that was graciously opened for me. When it all boiled down.. I knew in my heart that I would LOVE to attend.. but it was easier to shut myself down because that seemed like one of those, "unattainable dreams". First of all, me in Vegas? Unheard of? What about the kids? And airfare? Where would I stay? Registration? all I could hear was (cha-ching.. impossible). But as the months passed... the doors began to swing open, one after another. Suddenly the path to Vegas was closer than I thought. Soon I was boarding a plane to Vegas, for a quick 4 days/3 nights and this much closer to seeing J.Star. And none of this would not have happened without my good friend, Michelle. Many thanks.. to an amazing and talented woman!

WPPI  110 copy

The tradeshow itself was like sensory overload! If you've never experienced a trade show.. I suggest you do. I'm glad Anna took me to a few scrapbooking trade shows to get my feet wet and I knew to expect.. chaos!  There's so many info at these things. If you were overwhelmed with 2 print companies try 10 of them! Everyone wants YOUR business! And if you stop at everyone, you'll end up with a 20lb bag full of stuff :)










Within my first 2 1/2 minutes there, I felt completely lost in the sea of smoke, sound of slot machines "chinging", and the plethora of half naked ladies, and all the Pauly D & Vinny- look alikes (had to add a little Jersey Shore lingo in there because I can). I literally felt like digging a hole and crawling into it. Life in the "City That Never Sleeps" was such a change in pace compared to my home life in good ol' Alaska. And if I had to vote at the very moment where I could raise my family, I'd go back to the "woods" for sure! Nice and quiet, the way I like it. But I could do Vegas, in small doses at a time.


Everyone:  we are the world.. we are the children, we are the ones to make a brighter day (with our increased ISO, shallow apeture, and external flashes)... But in all seriousness, can you just imagine, thousands of photographers from around the world in one place? What do you see?



Yup, all of us with our honking cameras :)



The next day we woke up bright and early (6am) to walk 500 miles (felt like it) to register, attend class, and walk the tradeshow. I saw a massive swarm of people moving in one direction... Kinda lke the streets of New York.. Everyone's has someplace to be. No time to say hello or excuse me for that matter... just a bunch of people with their WPPI badge wrapped around their neck . Walking the walk and not a whole lot of talking.  We all had something in common, besides our honking cameras, we were all here to learn something, to grow with this business, in hopes to leave with a new sense of direction (hopefully).  There were people of all ages, some old timers to some that are still in highschool!  But what I did notice is there was quite an abundance of young women (like me) doing and wanting the same thing. Tons!



In the course of two days I took 4 classes, each about 2-3 hours long. So my day pretty much looked like this:



(love this photo.. 7am, water bottle, watered down mojito, and motrin... Life in Vegas)



6am wake up

7am leave to stand in line

8-10 am class

10-11 eat

11-2 tradeshow

2-3 wait in line for next class

3-6 class

6-8 dinner

10pm bed



I enjoyed all my classes and left with a wealth of knowledge, my creativity turned up 10 notches, inspired beyond belief, and looking forward to adapting all that I’ve learned to our business. I’ve learned that in order to succeed in anything… you have to equip yourself with knowledge.  I also learned that in this line of business, the creativity is not enough. Sad but true. It is a business, you must learn to possess business skills or else this is just an expensive hobby.  Your time is money and time spent away from your family. Now is editing that last minute family who wanted holiday photos during your child’s winter break worth your time? It can be, if it is profitable. Otherwise, you just sacrificed time will spent with your own children. The most important thing I learned on this trip.. is to take classes, learn more, knowledge is really power.







I get it. I totally understand why people can sit there for hours at time in a smoke filled room with booze passed around constantly. Well not the smoking and booze. But the whole gambling thing. I totally get it.
It's the machines.. you guys!
To You!

We're in Vegas.. and you have to try a slot machine, right? Seriously, come on!
So I put in $1 and I lost it in a matter of seconds.
I walk away.
Then I'm on my way back to the room. But detoured over to a sparkly slot machine.
I put in $1, I won $25!
I cashed that sucker and ran.

But that feeling.. of winning. Oh.. it's a good feeling... makes you want MORE!

That night I passed by the same machine.
It was almost like it was sparkling even brighter.. for me.
Almost calling my name. "Play with me... Psst.. I got money.. YOUR money."
Like a fool.. I went. I lost a buck or two.
But with only 2 coins left, I spin the numbers.. and I won $60 bucks!
You may be saying no big deal.. but it was for me! 
So what do I do?
I sat and debated.. do I cash it in? Or go for MORE?

Long story short.. Goodbye $60 bucks.. that was never mine to begin with..
I sulked back to my room, swung opened the doors:
"Hi I'm Ronalyn, and I'm addicted to gambling."



Well I'm talking about thee, Jasmine Star & Mr. Jasmine Star, I mean JD…

If you only knew the “stalking” issues I have with these powerful duo. I mean seriously, if there was a J.Star Anonymous for an obsessed, crazed, photographers like me… I’d still be in rehab.. and after this week, I’d need more than a restraining order to stop me.

T’was a Monday afternoon.. I’m sportin my new beige, over your shoulder top.. (chic, very chic) I’m trying not to run to my next class while I’m waving around my pre-boarded pass to see the great J.Star. Then as I stop to ask directions.. who should show up behind me?

J (dot) Star & her man (yummy-licious) JD

I just about died (and dropped my folder, then my bag)

She casually waved hello to the big line already forming outside the Garden arena.

She passed me by and headed down the escalator.

The same escalator the usher said I needed to go down


So who was behind her?  ME!


So here I am.. snapping photos with my dinky iPhone3G (so need to upgrade) of her, JD, and their body guard (?) Well I would assume they need him for the sole purpose of people like me. Little did I know that I just missed the main entrance to the grand arena and was now following stalking Ms. Star through the back entrance of the arena.  

Her story.. her motivational speech.. was just simply amazing. And I don’t use simply, mildly. If you follow J. Star, not only is she a talented photographer.. you’ll know that she’s real, an honest to goodness, real person.  I admit.. there are some other photographers out there who can blow the socks off her latest wedding shoot.. but the main reason I’ve followed her through the years is simply because.. she .. is.. real..

She relates to everyone. Sure she’s got great photos… but I love her little antics more.In a business where we all want the same thing… she keeps things into prospective.

Move… get out of my way.. (said best by Ludacris)

I sat next to two young girls, no really they were young.. I googled them after we exchanged info.

When the class was over,  we walked down the bleachers.. I kinda followed these two girls.. and we didn’t realize there was a line forming (or completely ignored it) and wrapped around to the front of the meet and greet line. So as we saw the line forming.. we realized we were behind her. I could see the evil looks in people’s faces.. but just like Dory says  “Just keep swimming..”

Those 2 girls, got the chance to take a photo and chit chat with her.
And I timidly asked one of those girls to take my camera and I’m gonna trry and get in.
And being me.. shy me.
I just couldn’t get myself to jump in and say Hi.
I kept missing my turn.
So one of those girls said.. when that girl is done, I’m gonna push you. And she did.. I could tell she was a go-getter.


Okay.. so remember that scene in The Proposal where Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were sitting in that room with that deportation guy?
And Sandra says.. “In fact where going to gammy’s 90th birthday”
And the guy says, oh yeah where?
And Ryan Reyonold says.. “Sitka..” pause  “Alaska”
And Sandra slowly says.. “Aaaah-las-ka”

Yeah? Okay…  So I said.. Hi Jasmine Star I just wanted to holla at you from Alaska! (and yes I did say Hollla, cause if you know her, she says it a lot!)
And she paused. Looked at me… and said it just like Sandra Bullock.. “Aaah-las-kuh?”
That stopped her dead in her tracks.
She had total focus on me instead of the forgetful, “Hi nice to meet you, blah blah”
No, I had a full on conversation!

She then said..
Oh you were here early?
Sitting up in the front? 
(I was even more ecstatic that she remembered me!)
And I replied, “You bet, I came all the way from Alaska to see you
(notice the repetition in Alaska,…I want her to remember me.)

And from there I stuttered like a kid being asked in a 10 seconds or less, what he wanted for Christmas.

“Oh I just wanted to say, My partner Paula and I LOVE YOU… you are our idol..  when we’re shooting weddings we often ask ourselves.. “What would J.Star do shooting a wedding in -10 degrees..”

She looked at me and said “ Oh my goodness.. I’m not sure how you do that.. First of all I’d need real cute boots, she said.. the ones with the fur.. the faux fur of course..”  and I giggled (like a little girl)

She gave me hug and took a photo with me.


It is now stored in “The I Will Always Cherish This Moment for as long as I live” section of my life. 
Then I turned around and saw JD
He said “Did I hear that right? “Aaahh-las-kuh”
And he had a conversation with me as well!
By this time, I felt like Jasmine and JD were long lost friends. I was talking with my hands swinging from left to right.

I said, “you know we don’t get to be as cute as Jasmine while shooting weddings in heels and a dress.. No, we are bundled up in our hats, gloves, and snowsuits.”
He stood there, focused and astonished.
He said, “I can’t imagine.. you know I only saw snow once!”
And I went on to say “in fact we shot a wedding in December when it was -10 degrees”
“Oh wow, you have to show me your portfolio!”

“Sure thing!” I said as I felt like racing home to update all the old photos the website (that we rarely touch, right) and then sign up for a new blog host and revamp the whole thing. 

And I got my JD photo. (sigh)


Literally. No really it was chocolate liquor.
This sweet concoction called, "Berry Nutty Professor"




WPPI  087 copy

We had the most amazing waiter, who did not mind sharing his life stories with us at all.. like the fact that he was crushing on this guy the next table over. He shared a story with us, and from what I gather, it was translated into fragments of sentences: (because really that was all I could comprehend after drink #2)
Ganache & Thickness.
In Love.
White Sheets.
Broken Hearted.
Moving On.

So let me just add that I, Ronalyn am not a very big drinker.. so if you fancy a wild night out drinking.. I’m really the wrong person. So naturally you can imagine what 2 drinks of this did to me… Made me feel incredibly warm and giggly for a couple of hours. I mean, we walked in H&M after and I was spinning around in chairs, dancing, and I think being obnoxious but laughed the whole time. I entertained Michelle that night!






The title pretty much summed up our night. We did some last minute touring by driving out to the Belagio to see the lights while I had a Michelle's snuggly wrapped around me. (left my coat at the hotel).




IMG_0628 copy
Not good-bye.. just see you later.
I’m not good on good-byes.

In fact as she got ready for her 8am class, I wondered where she was off too. I've mistaken her class for 10am. So I didn’t have that built up queasy feeling in my stomach leading up to the good-byes.. More like where you going this early?

But I refused to say goodbye.. and opted for see you later.

Much like the “see you later” when we headed to different classes.
Even though I just met her (in person) 4 days ago.. it was like I already knew her.. that somewhere in this parallel lives of ours, our paths already crossed. It was that comfortable, kinda like my worn out uggs if you ask me.
Our conversations moved with ease.
We chatted for hours into the night… sharing our common dreams and aspirations.
We shared our most intimate moments and laughed the night away.
I know it  sounds cheesy.. well it some way it was.
The connection was there and 4 days ago, I just met my forever friend.
Cheers (with Chocolate Wasted in my hand) to the woman that made this trip possible for me, I will forever be grateful for this experience.


I've got tons of more photos that will randomly pop up in my blog throughout the week. But I am tired.. not sure why, because I've sat on this sofa all day today. Tomorrow is Monday... and I have to get back in gear, whether I like it or not.



Thursday in Photos. (Mostly Izzy)

No school on Friday and they had half days on Wednesday and Thursday.

Getting Ready For School.



Off we go.


Today we did Student Conferences.
Izzy is doing amazing... of course, she's still at the age, where she loves school.

Izzy's report/project she's been working on for a while. They picked an animal to do a reserach on, she picked 4 Horned Antelope. They learned to research in the library, wrote rough drafts, and final drafts, and they even added a bibliography at the end. I was very impressed! I don't think I did this kind of work at second grade. And for math, they are into fractions and multiplication!  At 2nd grade!  I think I was still learning to color in the lines :)

A lot of running around today but always time to play outside :) 





Cuddle Time.

And I had to get a photo of that "letter" from the hubby the other day that had me bawling at "When was the last time you wrote a letter to a loved one? Not a text, FB, iChat, or email..?"  (wahhh)


Self Portrait.


Looking forward to a day with the kids.. (especially since I'm leaving on Sunday) They say it's suppose to snow up to a foot or more! I still get giddy for snow.. well fresh snowfall. Something about it just makes me wanna put all my snow gear on and play outside with the kids.

Happy Friday!

A Lil' Shopping, Vegas, and My Shoulder...

So the only thing on my mind.. is Vegas.. and oh Spicy Thai Curry.

Today I sneaked away from the house to check out the mall and see what I would come home with. Well, let's just say, trying on clothes is fun enough. I mustve tried 12 tops and came home with just 2 Shirts. 

So the first couple of shirts I tried on.. looked all the same (below).. button up and collars.. a brown one, a violet one, a pink one.. Then I realized, I don't stray from the same ol' style.. It looks a lot like a few tops I bought before.



So I headed back to browsing and I felt adventerous and tried this off your shoulder, slouched kinda top:


And to my surpised.. a little shoulder is not too bad.

So.. Vegas.. meet my shoulder :)

In Travel Mode, WPPI, & Recovery.

I've been down (again) with what seems like the Flu Part 2. What the heck?
It seems like I was just down this road? Wait, I was.. over a week ago.

So yesterday (Monday) the sofa and I became quite acquainted. I could not move.. literally. Everything hurt (said in the whiniest voice.. ever). To top it off (more whiny voice) hubby had to work shift work! So I was solo.. well I did have 3 kids and the dog.

But I am so thankful that my kids, especially my teenager can be such a big help (when need be). So he took care of his siblings, made them dinner, made sure they ate well, cleaned up the dishes, and sent them to bed. All the meanwhile, filling up my water bottle, passing me the tylenol and the tissue. I spent the night, sitting up in bed. There was no way I could lay down, my nose/sinus was that bad! Ugh.

Today.. (Tuesday) is another story.  I'm already feeling better.. not a 100%. But in a few days I will. I'm tanking down the water, resting, extra vitamin C's you name it.. because I will make it... to VEGAS!



So, the mommy in me is starting to kick in... and I feel like I have to get the house spic & span clean.. or dinner meals set.. I have that issue of allowing others (husband in particular) to help me. Why is it that we moms' can't just leave the house? I don't know about you.. but I feel a wave of guilt, which I always do whenever I sneak away for a few days... But I always return with so much more love and appreciation with a new outlook on life as stay at home mom.

Got rid of my ponytails and got a haircut today.. on the whim. Gotta love that? One second your talking about getting a hair cut the next you are heading over to the salon.

I tried a new spot, The Ambiance and I loved what she did. She wasn't afraid to get in there and chop it all off. My other stylist would always ask if I was sure.. and eventually talk me out of it.. And I come out with the same a-line bob. This cut, you can't really tell from Izzy's angle.. she did chop it a lot and added texture. It's a longer version of a pixie.. and I wouldn't mind going shorter too !




So back to WPPI.. I've had a lot of messages via FB of when I will be there.
I did take quite a bit of classes on Monday & Tuesday.. so during the day, I know I will be in several classes that are 2-3 hours long for each class.
So I arrive Sunday (20th) night... so I will probably just cruise the night with a longtime friend, Michelle of Suitcase Studio. Classes Monday & Tuesday during the day I think from 8am till 5pm! Well with lunch in between. But I do plan to make it to the cocktails in the evening!

I will def make this:




So if you are at these events.. we need to meet!

I'm so excited to hopefully get the chance to meet many other photographers that I've stayed connected to over the years. And you know when I meet you, I'm gonna need a photo!

I'm sure I will be in Travel Mode in the next few days.. but really resting in between to make sure I get better and not worst :)


Valentine's Day 2011

My Lil' Artist has done it again :)
This has sort of become our "thing".

She did this in 2010.
She first did this in 2009.

I really thought she was gonna steer towards buying an already made card this year, which would've been okay, but as I sat downstairs finishing up some ediitng, she drew a photo and was ready to get on photoshop and finish it up.







So she's all set for her Valentine's Day Party at school tomorrow. I'm actually starting to feel sick all over again! Which I'm quite upset about, cause I swear I was just in this position.. blowing my nose, laying around feeling all achy.. All I know is I better be 100% better before I get on that plane Sunday!

But more so, I bummed about not being able to work out the way I really want to... It's driving me crazy. I may have pushed to hard last week, when I was in recovery but pushed myself to get to Turbo Kick Class and go for a morning run. This time, I'm gonna get completely over this nasty cold and then head out!

Hope everyone enjoys their Happy LOVE day :)


He's ONE!


I'm not sure who should be celebrating at the moment.. the dog on his first birthday... or me, still sane after one year of having a puppy. :)

I wish I could complain about him.. you know the way I complain about the kids having another 4 day weekend in a few weeks.. but I can't. I love this 4-legged creature beyond the word, love itself. Sure he's peed/pooped on my floor in his first few weeks of life... Sure he decided one day that digging and playing in the dirt was fun.. But he has spent many more days & nights with tons of hugs and kisses and snuggled up on mommy & daddy's lap.  (I used to think that was weird to refer us as his mommy & daddy.. not anymore, now he's got a sissy and brothers too!)


I think Rodel will attest to the fact.. that I do treat him like a human.. I know he doesn't agree with me 100% and he doubts that I can understand doggy language especially  when I insist that I know he wants his pillow when he lays down. But he is like my "baby" I literally bring him everywhere! I cut him up pieces of banana as a treat and of course he loves his green beans.. and jumps at the sound of packaged veggies.  What Doggie Bones? Nope, only the best!  And yes, you will find me boiling chicken breasts for him to mix with his food.. Cause he is human, stuck in a dog's body ??? :)


But I have to say, as a first time doggie owner.. this decision to adopt a dog, is probably one of the best (most unexpected) decisions I've made. He has made me.. more human. Seriously. I felt like a robot before he came along.. Do this, do that, it's time for this, time for that.. so structured.  Then he came along and it was nothing but pure chaos!  Who knew chaos could be a good thing? Its not like he made a mess of everything.. but he forced me to stop what I'm doing and enjoy life. It really is hard to wake up moody and mad when you have this puppy jumping for joy you got up from bed this morning.. and he's so obedient.. his whole meaning of existence is to make you happy.. how unselfish is that! 


So I may never have a spotless, fur-free carpet or sofas... Or there will always be slobber on the kitchen floor. Every time I sit on the sofa, he is sure to be right next to me. But I've enjoyed the great outdoors, even in 0 degrees. He's filled my kids with so much joy. He loves us unconditionally.. and we feel the same way for him..


I'm so glad he is a part of our lives.

Cheers, Kai.. here's to many more years!!!



We were celebrating the Green & Yellow at our home...
I've never been into football.. now basketball I can actually sit and watch, especially if the Lakers, Heat, or Celtics are on. But football is not my usual forte. But once a year, we all sit in front of the TV surrounded by some delicious munchies and celebrate the Superbowl games. It was an exciting game for sure and the Buffalo Chicken Dip was pretty awesome!

Izzy lost interest before second quarter.


 I just felt bad for Kai, who just wanted to play!


I've rested enough this week and recovered quite nicely after being down with some kind of funk last week. Paula had baby Madison with some amazing Birth photos and now I'm counting down the days to Vegas.

Right now I'm sitting here on my laptop, quite disturbed watching "Toddlers & Tiaras". What are these parents thinking?

Well, I'm ready for Monday... Looking for a new week to get moving!


In Recovery + Anna's 365 Template

"Man Down, Man Down.."

Well in my case, "Mom Down" which essentially is equivalent to 4-5 people. Mom's you feelin' me right? The last thing we want to happen to us, is get sick. After taking care of my sick 3 kids, hubby and I were just waiting, well I really thought I dodged it, but that would be too good to be true.

Then, like in a sneak attack... boom, we were both down. It literally happened in the blink of an eye! We were fine one minute and then down the next. Hubby recovered pretty quick, to my surprise. (He says it's cause I didn't get the flu shot). But my worst day was Sunday & Monday. I was down on both days, literally. I got up to use the bathroom, which was quite frequently cause all I could take in was water. (I felt like those pee-pee dolls). And that fever that wouldn't leave me alone, was the worst.

I had to get up and about by Tuesday. Mom's don't have sick days nor a replacement. So I struggled through the comissary, got the kids to school, started to clean up the unkept house...

And here we are, Wednesday. Feeling much better, although I could do without the runny nose. But I'm slowly feeling like myself again. Sort of. I'm slowly trying to grasp my week and the everyday ho-hum-drum. It really is hard to stay in bed when everyone and the dog needs you!


Cute?  :)

I've been taking most of my photos with my iPhone and I swore I would take out my regular camera and take some snap shots.. but I have yet to do that. But, hey, a picture is a picture right :)


So my good friend Anna created these templates (for FREE) and I saw her work progess using her templates, I thought.. Now this is do-able!  It's perfect for this simple-minded gal! It's all about the photos and a few words (now the words I have yet to add) but yes this perfect.

I did tweak the size of the collages (just made them more square to fit those Hipstamatic Square prints) but other than that.. ta-dah! Simple. I love it and it inspired me to bring out my regular camera for some different angles and shots!

 JAN2011 aAFree_365POTDTemplate SQUARE

JAN 0815