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Family In Town.

The in-laws are in town!

So.. we have been crazy busy on this end :)  Pardon the absence as I entertain the in-laws and try to show them some Alaska Love :) We've got a lot planned during these next 2 weeks, and a lot of driving! Because the next time they plan to come up here is when Caelan graduates high school (in 2 years) and we are heading out shortly after that.. so we really wanted to show them as much of Alaska as possible.

I have to say, I've been having fun taking the camera out for these little excursions :) A nice break from "work". Looking forward to a "work-free" weekend as we all load up and head out for some fishing this weekend!!!  I'm sure I'll have some "slayin'-salmon" photos.. well at least I hope so. I got my fishing gear ready... so I'm ready :)


Yesterday we visited Talkeetna.
It was a nice "little" town.




It was an Edit Free, Mile Marker, Dexter kind of weekend.


This was my first "edit-free" weekend since I got back from Hawaii, and I planned my week prior to this weekend to make sure this weekend would be, just that.. an edit-free weekend. I spent it finishing off the book (above), hanging with my kids and their friends, my son and his girlfriend, the hubby, the dog of course, and a good long run.

The book itself was refreshing, like an ice cold lemonade on a hot day. Filled with inspiration from her own life, which at some points I could relate and some I could not but could completely understand. Right off the bat I knew the book would not "train" me on how to get to my first half marathon or train for my fastest 5K, but I guess I was expecting a little more "umph". But it was nice to see "running" and how there is constant connection to our everyday lives as a mother and a friend.


The other night, Rudy and I had a conversation about "running". He asked how my run that afternoon went, and I perked up and said "great". Because it really was.. it was the first time in a long time, I knew, that I could have gone longer than 6miles and I enjoyed every bit of it.  So in my "blaze of glory" moment, I was trying (as I always do) to get him to run this half marathon with me... and I get it, he won't do it. The crazy thing, is I know he can.. I just know. There was a time, he was kicking my A$$ out there.  Then he went on to say how he'd rather train for speed rather then endurance. For him speed was more important than the miles. For me, it was a little bit of both.. but I guess as I place a few 5K's under my belt, I wanted to see if I could place a half marathon under this belt too.. and maybe, just maybe a 26.2 'er... And Kristen Armstrong  said it best in her book:

"I want to learn to tame the beasts of doubt and discouragement. I want to figure out how to push myself through the thin membranes of I can't do this and pop into the wide, open space of maybe so.."

And in a metaphorically way.. I want to be able to "endure" whenever  life throws some difficult miles ahead of me, I want to know that I can prevail...

And I have been wrapped up in "30 yards of polyethylene sheeting" (inside Dexter joke..) But after the shocking season 4 ending, I had to find season 5... and we did!! And It's horrible, cause I can't stop watching! I'm always on the edge of my seat with this show...



Happy Monday to you!




... and I'm not talking about cyber-netting either.


I found myself sitting outside all day.. with the neighbors (gasp).
Blame it on the beautiful day or my oh so very friendly puppy who says "Hi" to everyone! And in return, everyone on the block loves him! Whatever it was.. I took a big step out of the norm and socialized, outside my computer networking system. (gasp, again)

At one point of the many conversations, I think I stepped out of my own body.. walked around this group of ladies in the middle of the field, staring at that expression on my face, trying to decipher it.  Is it sincere? Do you really want to know? Ahh.. the military wives sitting outside their home, chit-chatting while the hubby's are at work. It's the  SAHM's in one place.

But instead of walking away... I found myself, sitting among the new faces in the middle of the field as our children pranced around us. I said "hi, I'm Ronalyn, Isabel's mom." and forgetting all their names in return, I'm so bad at that! Daring myself to try something different.

I'm not gonna lie.. I'm not that "friendly" neighbor that sits outside my home looking to chat, asking questions, and knows all the children's names. I'm sorry. I don't even know the people who live to the left of us.. and they've been there for 4 years! It wasn't till we got our puppy last year, I felt like I was initiated in the "owners with dog association" aka, all the other families with dogs. I finally talked to our neighbors, in a full on conversation.. and they've lived near us for the past 6 years!

But I found myself enjoying this gal's company. It's not the first time I've bumped into her.. I've stopped and chatted for a little while. Again, it started with the dog.. he ran to their little girl and played with her.. and since then, everytime Kai is out, they come over. So we sat there, in the field, just chatting about anything.. Conversation flowed easily, I didn't feel unconfortable at all. Most of all, she was the kind of woman.. who was sincerely happy about.. life in general. There was a certain "aura" about her that sent positive vibes. And I liked that. Before we knew it 3 hours passed, Kai was desperately trying to find shade, and I think I even got a tan.


I can't remember the last time I stepped outside my home to socialize. I still get that "stinging" feeling when I think of my "military girlfriends" that I said good-bye to nearly 5 years ago. It's hard to make friends, only to say good bye to them when you finally feel like you kow them. Exhibit A, my son had to say good-bye to a friend today, and I didn't think he would cry.. but he did.. and hard. It never fails. We military families, meet someone and will have to let them go. No wonder we walk around with our guard up. Next month will be hard for us, we will have to say good-bye to a family who has been like a second family to my children. I feel like our children grew up together... they call me "mommy" and my kids call their parents mom and dad too. My heart is already aching thinking about how my kids will handle all of this.

And here is my "social-bug"... Another lesson learned from this 4 legged creature...
Stop.. and enjoy the company of others.

Today, Tuesday July 5th

... was all about finding my groove.. you know the kind you lose over a long weekend with the hubby home. No more, "Honey can you get this? Honey can you get that?..." Nope, it's back to reality and trying to do it all.. all by myself.

Now I'm in a good place, where my kids are older (aka less needy), my boys do well on their own (in my opinion, boys always do.. girls are so much work!). And now we have a new neighbor that just moved in a few weeks ago that has been stuck to Isabel like, well, like the way she's stuck on me. And to put the icing on the cake, they are the same age, gonna be in the same grade, and she came at the same time her BFF, Jazzy is getting ready to PCS out of here.

So, my summer days are pretty relaxing, for the most part. I think the "dog" puts me to work more than the kids. Granted, I am a full time housekeeper, chef, taxi driver, chaperone to the neighborhood kids, work from home/photographer, and oh training for a half marathon.. So, my days can easily roll into one another real quick.

But today, I found that loop hole in the system... and when I do, I always feel like super-woman.
I did a crap load of laundry.
Cleaned the house.
Took the dog to the dog park for hours and did some trail running.
Fired up the grill for Kebabs.
Tried to race my son's 8min/miles.. That was a flop...but he made me go a minute faster than my norm.
Gave the dog a bath.
Sat for a minute outside to enjoy the view.
Now working on photos (as usual).

Sitting in my backyard at 9:15pm.


Kai after the dog park, asleep in the backseat.

Huffin' & Puffin after trying to chase Caelan's 8min/miles on a hot day!


The new neighbor who literally lives right "next" to us, as in hop over the fence.. that is how to get to one another's house.


Caelan thought it would be cool to put a beanie on him.. LOVE this guy!


I was laughing so hard.. and he's like "what you looking at?"


Did I mention.. I LOVE this guy :)


Izzy getting ready to "hop" over to the neighbors again.