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Cold Brew, Who Knew?

Does that rhyme or is it just my time?

Okay I will stop, I swear..

So I feel like I owe it to the "blog-community" of America.. to tell you what I thought of that new recipe for Cold Brew Coffee I stumbled upon the other day. First let me just say, I first read about Cold Brewing Coffee from a friend on FB then I saw it again on Pioneer Woman HERE. I loved her recipe.. but right off the bat, I didn't have something to strain these coffee grounds with or a giant 12 qt container to mix the two in... and she had the cutest dispenser for it too..

So I went with what I got... and that was my French Press. Now, how did I figure out that I could "cold" brew in my French Press, is beyond me! I felt like when I put 2 and 2 together, a giant lightbulb went on with the captions "Genius".  I figured my French Press has a "thingy" that drains the grounds.. why not?  Brilliant, I tell you!!

So, again.. I used what I had... Not the strongest coffee, The Breakfast Blend, actually that's the weakest one!  When I bought it last month I was thinking of taking it easy on the bold coffees.. What was I thinking?  But Breakfast Blend it was.

I tried the first link HERE.

My conclusion. Bleh.. did not like it.. I don't understand why she brewed it and added another cup of cold water after the fact.. to me it just watered it down.  Not happy, poured it in the sink and went to my Keurig.

The second link HERE.

Now this.. this is what I'm talking about.. we had the same sized Bodum French press so our ratios were the same. I soaked, er I mean brewed the coffee after cleaning up the dishes from dinner.. And woke up this morning, well had my hot coffee at 5:30 am first.. then poured that magical concoction of goodness around 10am into a iced filled glass.. and *ahhhh* very good.


NOW.. I will have to try a stronger and bolder coffee to get the full effect... but so far this works for me.

Next.. Pioneer Woman's recipe, first I need a giant container that will hold my iced coffee in the fridge for days!!!


A Day Of Shooting...

And I'm not talking about photo-shoots either :)

I'm talking a 12 Gauge Remington Shotgun :)

Enjoyed a day with the Newbys.. doing some Trap-Shooting. The other range was closed so I didn't get a chance to shoot our Glock.. I wonder if Rudy noticed I said "our". 

***Please note.. this is the FIRST, very FIRST time I've held a gun (other than Nerf Guns nor shot one).. I did say first, right?


Cause that little bit of "kick" surprised me!



Well you know Erica and I had to take a photo .. makes us feel a little bad-a$$, Angelina Jolie would be so proud :)


He's a freakin' natural.. how does he do that?


Here's our teacher for the day, Mr. Logan!

So let me just say.. I went along on this "adventure" thinking I'd be on my iPhone the entire time. Never thinking I'd be remotely interested in this... and I left there wanting my own!!! We are planning a Duck-Hunting Trip. And I just hope those tragets (ducks) are slower and larger than those discs !!!

I'm liking this arrangement we got going on with Erica & Logan.. I get to watch Ryder while they work and I get to see them every day!  Before this, I think Erica and I went "months" without seeing one another!  So.. this is my secret way of holding ourselves accountable... to this thing called our "friendhsip"... :)  Not to mention, t's quite evident that Rudy & Logan like one another's company!

Really Tired..

But I'm gonna share some photos (of Ryder course) that I took throughout the day on Friday.  I thought it pretty much sums up my day/week.

LOVED how it focused on her :) 

Seriously, how can you NOT love all this cuteness :)

This is what she does while Mama-Ronalyn is cooking.

OR this.. hanging on to my feet :)

And she loves to eat.. and poor Kai begging at my feet.


Tomorrow.. tomorrow I will get my act together and blog a respectable, read-worthy, type of blog.
It's been a LONG day.. a lot of teenage drama going on and today, my heart hurts for my son who I just have to sit back and watch him live his "teenage" life. There's only so much a mom can do and I'm giving him some room to breathe and take it all in.

Another Day.

Just another day in my life...


A sad puppy... who is not getting ALL the attention he used to have. Since sharing my days with Ryder, he seems to sit right at my feet, does this pout thing, and rolls on his back a lot begging me to rub his belly. But he is so good with her. He follows her around and he does not mind when she climbs all around him. But he's no longer the "baby" of the house anymore :)

We always start our day with a walk and some fresh air.


Probably Kai's favorite time of day :)

And I get to see this little face everyday :)

Here's my little "dancer". She has her first performance at the State Fair next weekend.. She is so excited :) I'm very upset though, that we have a wedding that day.. so Paula and I will miss our little girls performance :(


Just another day in my life.. We ended our long day with a evening walk.. then I felt adventerous and cleaned out the garage (which my husband was so proud of) then gave puppy a bath.


I'm starting to get a routine going and my days seem to flow much easier especially when I kinda know what to expect. But I ain't gonna lie.. it's hard when your hands are constantly full :)

The Nanny In Me...

It's ironic how I dreaded sending my youngest to Kindergarten.. wanting to hang on to her as long as possible. Then she left... and I enjoyed that "quiet" time to myself. It was almost too quiet.. I had to find something to do, so I worked at our local scrapbook store while she was away.

Then I found myself home again... and I longed to have another "body" in our home.
So we got our dog.. for a while (and he still is) he became my baby.. the one that didn't have to go to school.. He followed me around, we went on daily outings, we cuddled in bed, and played.

Now he's getting big... don't get me wrong, he's still my "baby".

And here I am with Lil' Ryder...


I've completely swaped my "quiet" days for snuggles, smiles, and snots... and I find myself talking in that "kiddy voice" all day.. saying things like "ma-ma"  "ba-ba" ruff-ruff".  Daily feedings as I open my mouth and pretend I'm an airplane coming in for a landing..


Pushing the stroller, carrying the car seat, and changing diapers all over again.




I have to say.. in my other life, I was a mother of 10 or more... as my hip has found some comfort again.. in the form of a very cute baby :)

So my days are a bit busier, but in a good way... I still found some time to edit for a good 2 hours while she napped... and when you know you have a time limit, you tend to do more without getting on Facebook or Pinterest. So I did more in that 2 hour window than I can in 5 hours!

And at the end of the day... Ryder goes home and that "baby-itch" I had is satisfied till morning :)


I'm literally doing a fly-by post.
It is 12:30 am on a Sunday night.. well more like early Monday morning and I need to get to bed, but it's so hard when my list of To-Do keeps getting longer and longer.

I know I won't always be this busy... and I should "embrace" these moments, but I can't help but to feel a tad (to say the least) overwhelmed. Literally.

I ended laying on the ground, with a weekend with a wedding :)




Although weddings can be stressful and a lot of work... I have to say, it is probably one of my favorite sessions. I feel like I work better under pressure. The hustle and bustle of the day keeps me on the edge and puts my knowledge of basic photography to the test along with trying to be creative. It never gets old. Literally. Each wedding is unique in each way...

I loved being a part of their special day.. from the time we met them in our E-Session together, I knew we would have nothing but FUN in this wedding :) I think the only stressful part is that the sun decided to come out and play... and it's always a challenge to dodge the sun!

On Saturday we went to another race for the kid. We woke up to a rainy, cloudy, and cold Saturday!!
I told his coach I would join their community run thinking nothing much of the trails and hills.. until I saw them!!! We went to check out the course and I saw their first hill, they call "Monster".. Yeah they nickname their hills, quite accordingly.  And Monster scared the heck out of me!  Not to mention the mud.. all that mud!  As I stood in line to sign up for the run, my son looks at me shoes and says "You gonna run in those? Those hills have mud, and with no spikes, you are gonna slip and fall..." Hmm.. that me rethink the situation.

So I backed out.. :(  


I left the mud & Monster to those guys (photo above) to run... all these "trail runners" joined the community race... and I stayed nice and dry and warm with my coffee on the sidelines.  I would like to face Monster though... probably on a more dry day.


I'm so proud.. PROUD of my son.. who did an awesome job at this run. He ran the 3.2 mile course of hills and mud in 25 minutes.




He will kill me if he found out I posted this photo :) I know he absoutely hates his uniform.. but I love it :) 


Enjoy your Monday.. I should be asleep by now!

My Hands Are Full.

... with this cutie (and her sister and Paula's little girl).



Photo on 2011-08-16 at 14.27 #2


This week is a little "off-beat" as I help some friends watch their little ones since Kindergarten doesn't start till Monday. So I've been "busy" to say the least.  Let's just say I've forgotten what it was like to care for little ones (well 5 and under). Well, the mommy in me kicks in.. but I meant, I've forgotten how much it takes from you.. I mean, there's no picking up and going to the store.. NOPE, it's get the baby, the diaper bag, put her in her seat.. buckle the seat.. don't forget the other two who still need help buckling..  I mean, I'm at the point where my kid is driving ME around!

So.. yes, I was a little rusty on day one.. But by day two (today) I got it down! My days were not spent sitting in front of the computer looking at Pinterest or Facebook. Nope.. I've got a baby on my hip, a bottle to make, kids to feed, then go out and play with (even in the rain), pretending to "buy books and order food" from a couple of "cashiers".. and saying "you want your ba-ba" or "uh-oh someone's got a stinky.."

I have to say.. even though my days are busier.. I kinda like having a baby around.. Lil' Ms. Ryder is adorable! Even when she's fussy and clinging on to my feet while I was dishes :)

So.. give me a few days to get used to it all..

Other than that.. my kids are loving school.. well let me rephrase that.. Only Isabel is.. the boys could have everyday be summer :)



I swear my next post will be of my own kids :) For now meet my "other" kids :)

Isn't SHE just so cute???

First Time...


That is the question of the day!
I can honestly say, as I get older.. trying new things is foreign, and my comfort zone is my norm.

I have to give my son "props" and a big hug for stepping out of his comfort zone to try something new. He joined the Cross Country Running group for his high school for the first time as a Junior. He's been practicing for 2 weeks now and this weekend was his first.. race.


And although he did not say much about his day or described it in 20 words or less.. I just knew, cause I'm his mom and all.. that this was not his "thing". It's a different crowd than his usual basketball "peeps".

He ran with the rest of the Juniors.. and he was one of the few that were first time runners as a Junior. So as they set that flag down and yelled "GO!" I knew, all he wanted to do was "make it".. Not come in 1st or even 10th.. he just wanted to finish it.


And finish it he did.
All he knew.. was.. he wasn't last.. but he was pretty close!

All I can say is one minute those kids were on the starting line. I went to check my watch.. and BAM they were back! Those kids from Service High... have got speed! They may have only ran 3 miles.. but those were the quickest 3 miles I've ever seen!


I knew he felt out of his element, like the whole time he was wondering "what the heck did I just get myself into?" And as he watched these kids who have been doing this for years.. warm up and huddle in groups, chanting, and getting all "into it".. he probably wanted to go and hide in the school bus.  Although every part of him probably wants to quit.. I know he won't... cause that's just how he is. I like to think he got that from me.. but I'll leave that up in the air :)

This weekend.. my son continues to make me proud. Not just because he can clock 7 min/miles.. But I look at him and I can't believe how quickly time flies. It saddens me but also makes me smile to know that my husband and I did well.. in trying our best from what little we knew about raising any child.. to this.. almost a man.

*Sigh.. time flies people.. Time flies. Hold them tight!


Attempting to Organize & Parfaits.

My state of mind is everywhere at the moment..much like this post :)

Last week, I finally got to organize my thoughts and execute a plan.. well, in theory. Well see how long I can keep up this "organization" from all this chaos.

So I created a checklist via excel (much like one I found on a website where they asked for some serious cash for it). In this list, I broke it down to a list of steps from the minute we get an inquiry to backing it up via external hardrive and discs. And if you think running a photography business is just taking pictures.. well your in for a rude awakening.


 I try to back up and burn as I go.. Some days I burn a session, stick a post it and call it a day. Today I decided to print on all those CD's so I can finally file them away. Tedious.. but it was getting to me.


While cleaning up my desk area.. I worked on my "scrap" area. That's right, I said it.. scrap area. I have not given up hope.. I'm getting there..


Parfaits. I'm into them at the moment..


Sweet puppy.. hanging out.


Salmon rolls.. we've been eating smoked salmon like crazy here..


And this past week, I've been ditching the home to do back to back shoots.



That's all I got! It's almost 1am.. and I already pulled an all niter last night, determined to finish editing 2 shoots and I did! And I just can't do it again! :)


Sun shines in AK!


The sun came out today, not to say, I didn't enjoy the rain.. I actually did. It was quite refreshing and it just felt "cozy". It got me wishing for Fall.. well more like the Fall outfits I would love to get.. but nonetheless, Fall.


There's always so much I want to say or just want to write down, so I won't forget.. but fail to take the time to write. I want to get better at writing, even if it's just fragments of sentences. I want to get my blogging down, again. I want to remember these days that seem to be fleeting before my eyes. I mean, the kids are getting ready for school next week! Where did summer go?

I've thought of different approaches to my blog.. much like what I've seen on others.. like assigning a day to a subject. (Monday's Weekend Wrap Ups, Tuesday's Thoughts, Creative Wednesdays...) but I'm not sure if it will stick, being I'm such a random person and tend to go with the flow...

But as I began to think about blogging tonight (early morning) I was remembering all these random moments, some that made me chuckle & giggle to feeling nostalgic. So here are my random thoughts.. that are in NO particular order.

Fully Noted.

  • Caelan is going to be a Junior.. a Junior! I'm still in shock! Think about it.. he's graduating from Highschool in 2 years and will be in college.. COLLEGE! (faint)
  • I AM ADDICTED TO PINTEREST. If there is a rehab for this, I need to be first in line. The worst part.. is that there is an app for this! So now I'm left with all these "ideas" for pretty much everything.. from clothing, to baking, to redecorating, to photoshoots! Help Me!
  • Saturday, we did 3 shoots! THREE! We are insane! But we are our own bosses and we are taking the next 2 Saturdays off :)
  • Let me reiterate, working from home is HARD, especially in the summer months! AND Photography is NOT just taking pictures.. OH, I'll slap the person that tells me otherwise.. There is so much involved, it will consume you while you are asleep!
  • Rodel and I ran in the rain the other day.. I laugh about it now. But he found a worm, well a very LONG, ewwey, gooey, slimy, worm... and he picked it up (and I didn't see him drop it) but he started to walk towards me.. and I ran as if I stole something.. seriously.. in my rain boots that are a size too big! I ran through puddles as he chased me, until it literally hurt. We just ate dinner for goodness sake. As I slowed down, I yelled to the top of my lungs, "Don't you dare!!" People actually peeked out their windows to see what the raucous was, only to show me he had NO worm in his hands!
  • Adele, Adele, Adele.. I have been streaming her live performance via iTunes! It's the one album, I have not gotten tired of yet.
  • If you could just see Kai snuggled next to my foot under my desk.. he's so cuddly.
  • I stopped myself from creating, yet another blog on Tumblr. It's just so cool.. you know, like cool notebooks you find at the bookstore, you gotta have one.. not sure why.. you just do!
  • Isabel is LOVING her Hip Hop dance class.. she has found her inner "dancer"
  • So very proud of Caelan for trying something new... he joined Cross Country Running. I wish I could do what he does.. but in my old age.. I give up trying to run 7-8 min/miles.. or running hills and trails like he does. He is amazing!
  • And Ethan.. he's the "homebody".. who for some reason, hates a messy house (hmm, where did he get that from). But he is my personal helper :) Always willng to do anything I ask of him.


Here's to a good Thursday!