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It's only Wednesday?

We woke up to frost on Monday.. sigh, Winter is around the corner :0
But it was still beautiful and I still went for my walk :)



Tuesday morning, the Fog rolled in...



But turned out to be a gorgeous day,cold, but gorgeous... we enjoyed our walk with extra layers on :)


Caelan is all done with Cross Country Running for this season.. he's gearing up for Basketball. So now he's home right after school and lovin' on Ryder :)




Today I decided on a whim to meet Rebecca at these Tuesday Night Runs right after my gym class. (Go me!) After a hard "core" workout.. I decided to go for a fun run :)
I've never really ran with anyone else besides my hubby..
I've never did much of trail running either, let alone Kincaid (Kincaid = Hills)
So I was all kinds of nervous, but more excited!!!


It was a brisk 44 degrees..


There were SO MANY PEOPLE!!! I could not believe my eyes..
I have been a solo runner for far to long, I really need to get out here and do this more often :)
It is such a humbling experience to be within a crowd of people who just love to run... HILLS nonetheless.
We are all crazy :)


We just ran less than 4 miles.. but it was the HARDEST 4 miles I have ever ran!!! Harder than the 9 miles I did the other day! I'm a road-runner.. so all these trails and HILLS killed me! And the oddest thing.. is I LOVED.EVERY.MINUTE.OF.IT
Did I mention the hills? I wish I took a photo of all the hills we encountered. It was CRAZY!

So call me crazy or insane... you fill in the blank.
But with each hill I saw, albeit I was climbing these hills by walking rather than running.. was so exhilarating!

I loved hearing our footsteps hit the trail and crunch the fall leaves, listening to the sounds of runners surrounding us, and most of all having her company. We stuck by one another most of the race.. and even carried on a conversation, in between each huff and puff :) And just running among the beauty of Fall.. it's such a surreal feeling.

It's so much different than running alongside the road.. the same route I go day in and day out. I personally would never run these trails by myself.. to much wildlife and the unknown, not to mention, it's so easy to get lost. So this was just an amazing experience.

There were many moments of Elation today! Running through the woods, taking in the beauty of fall, going up the toughest hills, and flying down the rest... Amazing! It's truly the simple things in life...that give life meaning ;)


I was in such a good mood.. that it didn't bother me that my knees were killing me when I got home. Or the fact that I had to do the dishes at 9pm, stay up late and edit 2 sessions, and do laundry till the wee hours of the morning.. It's almost like I found my natural high for the night.. and it was just what I needed to make it through such a "stressful" day. Runner's High? I think so :)


T'was a CRAZY week.

Who am I kidding, every week is an adventure in this house!  With a housefull of kids, wifely duteis, mommy duties, NON (Erica calls me her Number One Nanny) duties, photographer duties, working out duties... Oy, may as well throw me a few punches in there.

So last week, my daughter came home with LICE. Not Rice, Lice. That's right, I wrote it down.. my head itches thinking about it! And I think that sums it up.. right? I mean, you have to imagine, me.. the kind of person I am.. somewhat of a neat freak, mama-bearish, with a slight germaphobe issue... this challenged me on all those levels. First I was pissed off.. blaming everyone she came in contact with (just being honest here) but "google" and my girlfriend Keri sort of set my mind at ease and aswering my 10,000 questions! So after I came to the realization that one little bug followed by another little bug was not a good thing.. Hubby ran to the store and got that RID kit. Fast forward.. she's in the tub, I'm combing her for HOURS... but it doesn't end there people! I have 2 other kids and a little baby to think about!  So I tore off every bed sheet, every towel, every pillow case.. I basically washed everything that could be washed! For Real. I stayed up all night.. cleaning, wiping, vacuuming, and combing again.. I threw away things, her stuffed animals, pillows, you name it..)

And that was just Monday!

By Tuesday night... the lice was still in her hair.

I repeated (that first paragraph) again... and again.. I'm surprised the washer and dryer still works.. or I'm still coherent.

Wednesday, she's fine... lice free.. but I just can't send her back to school. I mean if she got it from there.. why risk it? So I kept her home all week! Repeating that first paragraph.. over and over again..

Come to find out.. on Friday when I went to pick up her homework, a notice was sent home with all the families that her school had some sort of "lice" issue.   Ga-reat!!! 

Fast forward to today.. everyone one in this house is lice-free. But it took everything in me to let her play outside today. I'm the neurotic mom who said if she wanted to play with her friend, I had to check her hair in the light with my fine toothed comb. So she got to see the daylight.. which was gorgeous today. But tomorrow she 'heads' (get it) back to school.. and I'm even dreading the bus ride.. I almost want to send her to school with that spray that came with the kit so she could spray the seat down before she sat in it. 

So there you go.. that's my CRAZY self shining through. I'm still neurotic like that where she can't go out without covering her head with her hoody or hat that I wash everyday!

That was home-life.


This weekend we had our Fall Mini Sessions.. I think we ended up with 12 families, half our increments, and all day at a nearby park.. I don't think I need to say anymore about that.. it was non-stop. Wait, I should capitalizze that one NON-STOP! And I'm still exhausted. But we get to see some families that have been coming to us for years now and meet new ones.. so it's always a plus :)

There's a TON of photos other than those minis that are awating for me to finish.
Clients to call back.
Orders to send out.
Photos to back up and burn.
There's always something that needs to be done that I can't seem to catch up on.

That was photography-life


But this was the icing on my week..

Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 11.02.03 PM
NINE MILES. completed.

I run and let my mind go.. just enjoying the peace the serenity of being alone, even for just over an hour. I needed this, and was thinking about this run since Monday...This.Is.How.I.Relax... I know, I don't get it sometimes :0


Oh and this big-lug.. keeps me sane :)

My Weekend.

... flew by (once again)

Saturday I was asked to walk this handsome guy as his "mom" or a very caring adult with the Homecoming Court. I was more than willing and quite honored... to be honest. In our house, we LOVE John. All of Caelan's close friends are like my kids too. So when he asked.. I did whatever it took to be there for him. That meant, running to the mall and finding a dress in 15 minutes, then off to dance practice for Izzy, only to come home and having 10 minutes to get ready. I stood there and FROZE my butt off.. for this guy. I even went in the porta-potty in this outfit (cause I was freezing cold).. for him. So you get the picture? I'd do anything for these kids.



A part of their gang, is Ms. Olivia aka Ms. Fashionsita. Love this chicka too :)


Also a part of their little gang, is Ms. Erica.Caelan decided to take this cutie, his good friend, to the dance.


As for his GF??? Long story :( and none I wish to share here because I love and respect my son too much to get up all in his business. (well I did, but I won't blog about it) It's just like anything in life/teenage life.. all these moments are life's little lessons. But I have to say, I cried with him. And he is my Sensitive Soul.. that he did not take this "situation" lightly. All I can wish for both of them is that they continue to have a great friendship.


Back to these "guidos".. They had a great time. My heart was out of my chest the entire time he was gone and didn't come home till midnight :0



Un-made bed, dog on bed, lazy morning...


Sunday turned out to be gorgeous!! We decided to go for a bike ride :)IMG_0976


She loved every minute.. Me? I'm just glad, I decided to take the day off.. and enjoy some time with her.


Granted I'm here sitting in front of my computer feverishly working on these wedding photos still at 1am.. only to wake up in 5 hours :0  My entire week/weekend has been devoted to these photos. Once I clock out of job number one, watching my Lil' Ryder (who I LOVE) I feed my kids dinner and head downstairs. I admit, I've been more than overwhelmed.. and I think it's getting to my mood. Editing weddings.. take a WHOLE lot out of you. And it is NOT easy! To top it off, I have TWO to go thru.. But I put on my big-girl panties and I'm jumping in.. putting in HOURS of editing time. Longing... (which is soon) for simplier days. Once that snow hits here in Alaska.. the photo business slows down. So for now, I'm just sucking it up. :)


The rest of the week, in photos.

My week summed up in photos, taken via iPhone with some of my favorite apps at the moment:


Picture Show

Photo Studio


This week, hubby took Thursday & Friday off because he knew next week he would be working long hours.. so he thought he'd hang out and help me.. :) How thoughtful and sweet :)
So he walked Kai, took Ryder out, and did chores.. Oh how fun! :0











And I finally got my hair trimmed on Friday... :) I just love having it short :)

The weekend is here... and I am doing my best (now 2am) to finish all these shoots and weddings. We'll see just how far I will get. My son is going to his Homecoming tomorrow and I was asked by one of his friends to walk him down the field because his parents could not make it.. I am just quite smitten that he thought of me.. and thinks of us as "parents"..

I hope to take photos.. but we are talking about teenagers here.. I'll be glad to get one photo.




I think about that quote a lot.. in retrospect to being a photographer and an athlete (of sorts) I can't even say the word athlete without thikning me running is not really a form of athleticism... maybe because I have never been involved in anything that could make me gasping for air. Nonetheless.. I feel like I've been doing it for a while to call myself a runner. Yeah, that's right.. and it has a nice ring to it.. Ronalyn, the Runner. Hmm.. maybe my mom should have spelt it with a "U".

Right before this run.. all I kept thinking is I need seven.. at least seven. That will put me towards the housing office.
I went out with my new Sweaty Band on.. something new always makes the "run" a bit more appealing. And I just went for it. What the heck, right? It started off quite sunny and I kept looking up, hoping it would rain.

There are days I can't even fanthom the idea of running over an hour. But not today.. I felt that I could do more than seven.. and went for eight. When I reached the other shopette on the other side of the base.. it  hit me.. now I need to head back! The clouds started to roll in.. the temperatures dropped, I splashed some cold water on my face from my hydro pack.. and kept going.

I guess hubby was worried about me, being gone so long.. and not to mention all the bear sightings on base.. so I saw him over the hill by Vosler.. and never felt more happy to see him and Kai.


Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 11.02.24 AM

 I didn't think I had it in me.
I doubt myself every time I head out the door.
And I always end up eating my own words.


Now, 13.1 doesn't seem that quite impossible.


Trick Or Treat!

On Sunday we went to Trick Or Treat In The Heat
I've heard of this event for several years but never went. But so glad I did! What a great cause and this is the way Halloween should be! Let's face it, Halloween in Alaska is usually "bitter-cold" where the kids are left to wear their Winter Coats over their costumes so no one sess it anyway! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to buy a costume year after year.

But quite the contrary today.. what a gorgeous Sunday we were blessed with! Nothing but blue skies!!!

I got to spend the day with these beauties.. (To my military BFF's that moved, that's Brynn and Edyn!)



Still can't believe how BIG these girls have gotten!! Time Flies!!!



And just like that photo above, Keri will always tower over me, the way Brynn towers over Izzy. :)


She was so excited to be Pirate Izzy!!!



And look who I found, my lesser evil.. Erica :)



It was a great day. So many reasons to smile and be proud today, being such a significant day for everyone. I think we can all recall exactly what we were doing 10 years ago.. we will never forget. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Enjoy your Monday !


Morning Sky.

For a brief moment.. it felt like the world stood still and instead of doing 100 things at once, I stopped whatever it was that I was doing at 7:22 am to look out my window to marvel at the morning sky.



It was like this "glow" that hovered over us trying to peek through the grey clouds. It was quite surreal, for me that is. I know some just walked on by and went about their daily routine... but not me, I took a few minutes to grab my iPhone and walk outside to take a few snapshots.. just didn't want to forget it or let it pass me by. It's the little things that fascinate me, I guess.

I felt quite productive today, always pushing myself. One day I will just sit and watch tv, I swear. But I was able to cross out a few things on my never ending To-Do List and make a decent dinner for the family. I did skip my short run today, that I'm still bummed about. I felt so bad about it, I took the dog out at 9pm, in the dark, to go for a short run around the neighborhood.. yeah, I'm that moron, who ignores the fact that wildlife is among us... and go running in the dark. But it felt good.. it wasn't the 4 miles I needed.. but oh well.

I'm still feeling overwhelmed with everything, basically. But instead of letting that get the best of me, I just did what I could do.. and that's all you can do.. really. I'm not super-woman, I can't live off no sleep and to top it off, I'm in training for a half-marathon, so it almost forces me to get up and work out and rest at the same time. So it's a good thing.. although I'm still sitting here doubting myself of course..

Speaking of rest.. it is almost midnight. I'm sure I'll be sitting here tomorrow.. till then, good-night.

Oh It's Fall Alright...


The leaves are turning in the AK, the temperatures are dropping, and here comes one of my favorite time of the year!!! I love the cooler temperatures.. I know, call me crazy... but I just do. Fall in Alaska doesn't last long enough, so I'm trying hard not to blink, cause I'll miss it.


 But today when Ryder came, we went out for a good 4 mile walk..
And I just enjoyed it.. the smell, the breeze, the drizzle, the overall look of fall... "It's here.." I thought as we walked out of the neighborhood, down the street, pass the BX, towards the main road, and heading towards the bridge where I often run to.



I am totally addicted to this new app FX Studio!!
I love the limitless amount of play/editing you can do.. you can even mask the photo! Seriously!!!  Check it out!! I rarely leave home without my phone.. so I'm always taking photos with it.. So this is just another way to "document" life.



The weekend.
We had a nice LONG weekend, but it seems like we were always on the go. Saturday Izzy performed for the first time at the State Fair with her dance group.. and I missed it (insert very sad, sad, mama) because we had a wedding that day. I still can't believe I missed it. Hubby said she did such a good job, I have yet to see the video, I can't wait!


The wedding was a blast.. Each wedding we do is always fun.. there's so many unique stories, I swear we could write a book. One day.. among the many things on my list, I will.. Cause I know, these moments won't last forever..

I ended my weekend, with probably the best run I've had.. ever! It was the normal route, the usual 6 miles.. but the combination of the cooler weather, the increased amount of strees/work at home.. I knew I needed this more than anything.  I ran the entire 6 miles while keeping a good 10min/mile and at some points 9min/miles pace... (Except for those darn stop lights) Something I was never able to do before. Just when I thought.. this is all I could do.. I can do more.  Who knew?  My first Half Marathon is in 5 weeks.. I think I can do this.. NO, I KNOW I CAN.. :)