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2011 THANKFUL: 28


Day Twenty-Eight: I'm Thankful for a fresh cup of French Press Coffee...

I don't do it often.. grind coffee perfectly for my French Press, get some water boiling, and then pour that fresh coffee into a cup with a splash of cream... Mmm, it's that good. Don't get me wrong, I do love my Keuring for the convenience of pushing a button and my espresso machine for that shot (or two) of espresso.. but a French Pressed Coffee just goes down smooth :)

2011 THANKFUL: 27


Day Twenty Seven: I'm Thankful for Father-Daughter moments.

Watching Rudy and Izzy spend quality time, priceless. She really is daddy's little girl.. Everything he does is golden. Daddy always does it better.. he makes scrambled eggs better, drives better (okay he does), cleans better, dances better, plays better.. you name it.

2011 THANKFUL : 26


Day Twenty Six... I'm thankful for challenges that push me to new directions, to new heights, and allow me to step out of my comfort zone.

Today I followed hubby to the hangar where they transformed it into a track and a partial gym.. I have to say I have not set foot on the track in a long time.. It's kind of like the dreaded treadmill.. I just can't phantom the thought of running in a circle when it's such a big world out there :) But what the heck, I followed him and decided to do something he likes to do.. which is short distance running and some speed training. He knows I'm a long distance runner at heart.. I literally could just leave the house and return 10 miles later... with no set pace, just a relaxed comfortable run. Well today he decided to teach me a few things about speed drills and what I like to call Fartlek'ing.  (You know what that means).

We did over 3 miles of different types of speed training.. including lunges (ugh), karaokes, running over the lines, and his favorite, sprinting.  I admit I had a deep aversion to these short bursts of exercises.. so out of my league. But after a few rounds, I was getting pumped up.. and my "wahh" mode turned into.. "Oh yeah, I can do this.. I'm a freakin 13.1 runner damn it!.. Bring it on!"  And that seems to be the right attitude.  Although I hated every minute of those damn lunges.. I loved those short sprints.. it was like "BAM!" there I go.. and then I slow down take a breath.. and BAM there I go again. I admit.. it's easier said than done. I was very impressed (and still hurting) from this lesson in Speed Interval Training. I'm excited to go back on Tuesday (tomorrow) and learn a few more things from his trainer. I hope this will get me closer to my goal of finishing my next half in just over 2 hours. Let's do this!

And just for kicks:

2011 THANKFUL : 25


Day Twenty Five:  I am thankful for beautiful sunsets and the end (well it's only 3:45pm) of an ordinary day with the family..

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make me quite content.
On this Thanksgiving... nothing is taken for granted.. from the simple touch of my husband's hand to the sound of my kids laughter, I'm Thankful for it all. This Thanksgiving, we did what we normally do.. we take this 4 day hiatus to do 'nothing' and just be. I like to cook the Turkey the night before, well in this case, throughout the wee hours of the morning so I'm not slaving in the kitchen all day long. It was perfect, cause when I got back from my 5K, I devoured that Turkey with all it's fixens :)  And that was only round one of what seems to be 10 rounds :) So Thursday was nice and relaxing.. a lot of playing with the kids and dogs.. a lot of videos.. and hanging out. This weekend was the first time Izzy has seen The Lion King! It just never occured to me that she has no idea who Simba was or what the Circle of Life means :)  She enjoyed it.. and we enjoyed watching it with her. I even saw a few tears shed on her part :) Some-days I wish everyday could be like this. All of us home at the same time in our sweat pants, all day long :)

My mother has been on my mind and thoughts of her cause my  heart to ache... but taking things one day at a time is all I can do. I hope to see her soon...

2011 THANKFUL : 24




Day Twenty Four: Thankful for the love of the race.

Yup it's Thanksgiving morning, it was like 8 degrees, the snow started to fall making our vision even more difficult, oh and I went to bed at 4am. But like a crazy running addict, I'm out there signing up for another fun race and to get my bib number of course and to see my running friend, Rebecca :) It was nice to see I wasn't the only Crazed Running Addict out there...


2011 THANKFUL : 23

(he is so gonna kill me for posting this photo, he just wanted to show me some outfits for our xmas photos..ooh I'm in trouble)

Day Twenty Three: I am thankful for hubby's determination, willingness to get back up, and most importantly believing. One month later, he is down 25+ pounds, five pounds from his goal of losing thirty pounds... no magic pill, just "effin" hard work and discipline.

You know getting fit and staying fit are two entirely different things. There's almost this invisible pendulum of one extreme to the other with us.  I feel like hubby and I are always one way or the other, where we are gung-ho on fitness and then when we fall, we fall hard and getting back up seems next to impossible. Throughout the years, fitness for both of us seemed to take on two different meanings.  For me, I've grown to love running, it became more than just a workout, it was "my" thing and shedding a few pounds is always the plus side, but hubby will always tell me (even on my fattest days) that I'm not fat. And I know, I'm not. Sure it wouldn't hurt to lose a few inches and get toned.. but unlike him, my job never required me to be up to standards so fitness for him was not just about losing weight but for him, records were kept to insure his fitness was up to par in his job.

So when we gain our weight back or lose our ways.. it's so hard to get back up. But that's where we have to understand that "fitness" is a lifestyle change. It's in what we do everyday and the choices we make  As I ran miles without him this summer, I wanted him to do the same... so bad. But I've learned that you can't make someone want something and sometimes the best thing to do is just wait. And my husband is a fighter and fought his way back to where he wants to be.


I'm so proud of him and I want him to celebrate the pounds shed.. because you need to recognize your achievements and see how far you've come.  I'm a firm believer that when you feel good on the outside, it can do wonders on your inside.. your confidence builds tenfold.

And you'll see on Thankful 26 that hubby has been "schooling" me on some speed drills.. forcing me to step out of my comfort zone of long distance running and trying to turn me into a sprinter.. well, maybe just training me to shave off some time for my next half marathons.




2011 THANKFUL : 22


Day Twenty-Two: I'm thankful for this lady....

On this day, I finally had a long awaited lunch with one of my best friends.. Keri. And although days, weeks, or even months go by without seeing this lady... When I do see her, it's like no time has passed at all. I wish I could sum it all in one post what this woman has done for me and for my life.. but history has a way of proving otherwise. She has been in my life since 2006 and we have been through so much sh** I could write a book :) I love this woman with all my heart.. and she knows it. 




2011 THANKFUL : 21


Day Twenty One: I am thankful for Rockstar (and all things that contains caffeine)

What can I say? I'm an energy drink junkie! There's something about staying up to late and waking up to early that just doesn't add up. Don't get me wrong, I don't drink a whole pack by the end of the day.. I'd say I'd like one every now and then.  On a rough morning I could use a little boost to get me going.. But if I drank it everyday, then it really would have no effect on me. So, I like them in small doses but large cans :) Oh yes, I do love Salt & Vinegar chips too :)

2011 THANKFUL : 20


Day Twenty: I'm thankful for doggy booties :)

Winter has been hitting us hard and it's only November. But the weather does not stop my four legged friend from wanting to play outside. But lately, the single digit temperatures are getting to him. Even though I'm dressed in 5+ layers equipped with hand warmers and feet warmers.. my little guy has nothing on. So when I saw him limping and not wanting to put his foot down in the snow even though he really wanted to fetch his ball, I knew that little guy needed some booties :) Now we've been out and about with no problem. Although I don't think he needs those fancy dog coats yet cause he's got some thick fur with a decent amount of skin around him to keep him warm.

2011 THANKFUL: 19



Day Nineteen: I'm thankful for birthdays & celebrations.

Today my oldest turned sixteen.
(copy & pasted from my Facebook Status)

16 Years Ago...
I was reading, "What to Expect While Your Expecting" while drinking slurpees from 7-11
Listening to "You Are Not Alone" by Michael Jackson, on repeat..
I just finished my first birthing class.
Toy Story was a hit, being the first computer animated movie.
Watched all my friends go to college.
I was 18.
I pushed when the doctor told me not to and gave birth with NO meds.
I became a mother..

Happy 16 Birthday to one of the youngest Juniors in Highschool. My son, Caelan Isaiah Barut who has helped mold me into the person I am today. Not only is he my firstborn, he is my backbone & my strength. You are an amazing young man with a big heart. Sure your pants sag a little to low for me, you own a ka-jillion shoes and insist you need more, you love skinny jeans with your signature faux hawk, you hate all your honor classes but you know you like the challenge, an amazing athlete, who is willing to venture and try new things, a fearless individual who always gives 110%.... I look at you and I know your daddy and did good despite the statistics. I just wanted you to know.. how much mommy & daddy love you and how proud we are each and everyday.