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December 2011

2011 December 18-20

18 December
A typical Sunday.. so tired from the week we just had. I let Izzy sleep in from a long weekend of dance rehearsals and the Christmas Show... the end of a long week or the beginning of a new one? Not sure.
But those bloody winds & rain was back... It's become a typical Sunday..
I could barely get off the sofa let alone take a photo..


19 December
Monday.. the first Monday of the kids Winter Break. I still don't have my groove. I know I need to head out and do some errands.. so I take the only willing child with me, Izzy.. She managed to take one snapshot of me grocery shopping.



20 December
I think I actually managed to take photos that day :)
That horrid wind stuck around still but we got some "wet" snow.. aka the perfect Snowman Snow..




Love me some Kai Photos :)




 And the making of their first Gingerbread house together :)




I have to say they did a great job :)


 That night, the snow came back.. in full force with that wind!


So, you guessed it.. this is us at 11pm :)


Building more snowmen.. :)
I'm telling you.. I'm truly a kid at heart..
Wa-lah.. midnight and we got ourselves a few (no-face) family of snowmen :)


2011 December 17

Tonights, the BIG NIGHT for Isabel!!
Her bun is extra tight with a bun net over it and tons of gel and hairspray!
And she's got the right costumes and her jazz shoes! Yes!


She and Kylie are so adorable!!! Our tlittle dancing divas :)



Her first dance was the ballet portion. I was excited for her because this dance was last minute for her. Her dance instructor asked if she could come in an extra hour to learn this routine in time for the show.. I did not hesitate to say no :)


The next one was pretty much the highlight of the show... this hip hop routine. The crowd (and me) cheered with delight!



At the end of the show, she was surprised with to win an award! She won Most Improved Hip Hop Dancer under 12. Congrats Izzy!


Here she is with her Bestie, Misty.


The family came to watch and support her.. these are our neighbors that moved in a few months ago.. they are pretty much family now :)



Of course, everyone was starving after that show so we went to iHop.


Of course I could not make my kids look at the camera ! At least the neighbor obliged :)


2011 December 16

Trying to catch up with my December Daily's journaling..
I've got the photos in place.. all I need is some journaling :)

So, December 15..
All I remember was hitting the gym and doing that TRX class (ouch)
This class is just pure.. "hardcore".. (the lady in the back, done gave up!) 


And for the next few days.. all I had on my brain, was getting Isabel ready for her dance performance at East High with her dance group, Studio 49. This whole "Dance Mama" is so new to me and I've had many "Oops I did not know that" moments with her first big performance.




So during her Dress Rehearsals, I admit, I had a hard time.. letting her go. We were supposed to just drop them off and leave them here for a few hours! All I could think about was, what if she needs to go bathroom, what if she starts whining, what if she doesnt' feel good? what if she forgets all her moves?  I just couldn't let her go! But I had to.

So since we had some time to kill, hubby went to downtown and enjoyed a nice dinner.. Seared Ahi from Glacier Brewhouse :)



When we finally got back to her.. I realized, the bun I tried to put on her head had completely fallen off (oops), she did not have the right costume (oops again) and she did not have jazz shoes (oops, times three!)




2011 December Daily Album, so far, far...

I was stuck there for a while with my December Daily...
On this day (below) Day 6.. I had NOTHING.. no photo, no words.. just bleh.. So I stopped scrapping for a while..



Then I remembered Izzy's photos she painted for me :) Great way to add a page in there :)


And I began rolling again...
On these days.. I had a few "down" days so I wasn't so inspired, but figured to write them all down.. because this is what I'm going through and I wanted it to stay real.. I realize now that not all my Christmas' will be Merry & Bright... I'm going to have my moments where I'm down. A lot of has to do with, we don't have family near.. and holidays such as these, makes me want to be home.



My kids.. they continue to put a smile on my face... I love them :)







This is probably one of my fave photos..
I thought about this layout before I went to bed last night.. and it took every thing in me not to get up and do it.. I wanted a collage style with film strips to show more of our Holiday Photos that didn't make the Christmas Card.. the in between shots are my fave :)




I added our xmas card in there..



I love that big photo of Izzy.. it completely captures the day, their Snow Day :)
I also added my son's Facebook Status' that added a bit of who they are at this moment.. I may do that throughout the album as well.. We update our status' so often, it's worth scrapbooking!




I love this page setup, the page protectors are divided evenly to create a great flow of photos, words, and design.




I ended my scrapping spree with Day 13.



Now I don't feel so far behind.
I organize my photos so it makes it easy to place in the album..

Now I just need to capture these past few days :)

2011 December 14

So I realize.. My December Daily is lacking some "Chirstamsy" things..

But I do have some cutesy stuff Izzy's been making.. she's got the cutest and longest detailed Christmas list.. I need to scan it!  And she drew some awesome pics.. The kids will be off on Friday and here on out.. and we all get in the Holiday Spirit.. that's when we do our Gingerbread house, crafty stuff, wrapping, shopping, etc... Right now the other kids are so into their Finals and school.. that these past two weeks.. has been more normal than holiday'ish.


Our China-man Snowman.. is starting to lean, lean, lean.. and this evening, official time, 5:33pm (just made that up) he fell over and he is no longer connected. RIP, China-man who rocked out to his jump rope earphones, stick hands and North Face gloves... we already miss you :)


My day was cut short from a phone call from my son who tried to go to school today for finals but he was just to sick!
So on a day I had planned to be with Izzy.. was spent at home with my sick "boo-boo".

And yes.. another dog-walk..


This time, I got jiggy with it.. and played with the self timer while Kai explored the woods :)


Now I've just gone ove the deep end.. trying to run in front of the camera that is sitting on my glove on a mound of snow..


Knee deep in snow.. not the easy to walk thru :0


And because I love my dog.. OH SO MUCH.. I wrote this across that entire sidewalk on the main road.. LOL! What you don't see is the long arrow I kept dragging with my stick as we walked along the sidewalk.. saying "AND HERE.. AND HERE.."




Can't wait to put this in my album.. across the page..

And you can't tell here.. but I'm sitting on a ladybug playground equipment.. I was just bouncing away.. Oh, sometimes I just amuse myself.. yelling "yee-haw.. go lady bug.. capture the evil dog! " I swear some days I'm not in my mid 30's :)


And that's right..
I went for another run.. just 5 miles.. started off slow because for the first mile, I was wondering why am I doing this? Then I found my groove.. I even started yelling at myself, to go faster. LOL! Who does that? I had Dolvett (from The Biggest Loser) in my head.. saying "Hard Work, Dedication.."

And I'm clocking out.. (yawn)..

2011 December 13

It's 10:24 pm and I'm waiting for my duvet cover in the dryer..
Washed our bedsheets because I found Caelan snoozing in my bed while he's got the flu! Eeep.


Tuesday December 13.
I got to see my Ryder :)  oh and her mom, Erica :)
Look how adorable she is, not me, the baby you guys! :)


Met Erica and Ryder for breakfast at Snow City.. and let me tell you what..
I parked in 4 different parking meter spots and tossed at least 50 cents in all of them.. and they all came out saying "error" What the heck?  So after going around in a circle twice, I finally found one that worked!  Goodness gracious, I just wanted to have breakfast with my girl !

E&r paislee-photogenic-mailinglabel-white

Here's our photo of the day.. the first two were from my short arms.. Erica finally ripped the camera out my short arms and took them :)


My son stayed home from school that day (go figure after his one snow day. .he's sick!) and he was not well enough to go to school. So as much as I didn't want to do anything for the rest of the day... I had to.

So I'm not sure if this is the plus side of having a dog.
I'm a stickler about his daily walks... we don't miss one! Not even if it's raining, snowing, or both with ice on the road.. We are well equipped with snow boots or studded shoes and we've got coats.. right? Well today out of all days.. I looked at him and I literally said, "Really, I don't want to do anything.."

But 2 seconds later, I laced up my snow boots and headed outdoors.
And this is our backyard.. it is gorgeous, I admit.


So I've got my dog to Thank.. for never having a lazy day. Well, Sundays are usually my lazy days.. but hubby has dog-duty that day. So off we went.. exploring, playing, and just being out there.  It does help.. to get out of the house, to see that bit of light we have left..


My day didn't end there..

I convinced myself to lace up shoes and head out for a run.
The sidewalks were cleared, the ice was hidden beneath some snow, and the sun was still out. No excuses right.. so what if it was only 19 degrees..

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 10.54.49 PM

And out the door I went.. and I almost did not come back.. Hello six.. it's been a while.
And it really did make me feel so much better. I've been in some deep funk the past two days.. that I knew what I needed to do, but I just could not get there. I always get asked.. what do you think about when your running for an hour?  My answer.. everything and anything. It's one of my "rare" quite moments.. and I really enjoy it. It's crazy to think that running outdoors in the snow/ice doing hurdles over mounds of snow to cross the street and not to mention 19 degrees.. but I do "strangely" enjoy the quiet time.


2011 December 12

Monday.. Snow Day!!!


Oh my goodness.. the kids were beyond ecstatic! And selfishly.. so was I. 
I literally jumped out of my bed excited to shovel snow!  I know, who am I? I was disappointed that my neighbors started the shovel party before me.. and they cheated.. using their 4 wheeler!  I used my good ol' muscles!  Okay.. so I tried to start the snow blower and it wouldn't go!  It was the kind of heavy/wet snow.. that you really had to "push" with all your might!  So I was getting the best morning workout ever! 


We built this "concotion" of a giant snowman at 6 am.. the minute my son heard there was no school.. I said, "oh yeah, well you better get your ass out here and help me push all this snow out!"  And for the first time, he happily obliged. This was all the kids choice of decor.. well I did add the sled as his Chinaman Hat. Caelan added the jump rope as his "earphones" :)


I just had to add these pics of Caelan and I having a blast at 6 am!

I love this guy.. and I didn't sob right then and there.. but as I sat to recap my day (like now) I'm holding back the tears..
Just simple moments like this.. me and my 16 year old out there laughing up a storm trying to build this giant snowman while rolling around snow all over peoples yards to "steal" their snow! I mean, really, who does that? Moms who have an awesome relationship with their highschooler..

He's just such a good kid. These days.. are flying by and I can't slow them down.. Whenever he talks about going to college in 2 years.. I want to put my hands over my ears and say "blah blah I can't hear you.." But he's ready to see what's out there.. and he's the type of kid, where he will aim high without me holding his hand... He was always such an independent kid.. I guess that's the oldest for you.

Then Izzy came running outside at 7 am.. wanting to make a snow man too..


Ironically, on this snow day.. all I could think about was.. "I love my kids.. I love this time I have with them.. I never want them to grow up.." I couldn't shake that feeling all day.. every time they came to talk to me.. I just smiled.. I'm sure this will all change tomorrow :) But for now, I just appreciate all that they bring to my life.. I can't even say it enough, kids grow to fast! 

Something about the snowfall that makes me feel like a kid all over again.. not that I grew up with snow.. (that's probably why) But I get outside, roll around in it, crawl in it, and throw it!  No matter how many times it snows.. we always get excited for fresh fallen snow!! It's something that will never get old for me..


I mean.. look at me!  so happy with this "odd" looking giant snowman!


My other kids :)  Ethan, oh Ethan..
He got me laughing so hard at his Facebook Status:
Screen shot 2011-12-12 at 11.15.04 PM

And of course there's never a dull moment in Caelan's feeds too:
Screen shot 2011-12-12 at 11.15.35 PM

And poor hubby.. had to work a full day and head to the gym too.. He didn't get to enjoy a day home with the kids.. He didn't get home till 7pm!  But he caught this for me!



2011 December 11

Today was our Holiday Family Shoot :)
We tried to do it last week, but the wind & rain proved otherwise.
Our family shoots are quick.. we are all about in and out :)  I was really happy with the shots Paula got.. I can't stop looking at how big my kids are getting.. my boys are taller than me!





And my favorite shot that will be blown up among some other ones! Hubby couldn't wait for photos this year.. he was quite anxious to get our xmas cards done.. So I finished them that day and sent them out that day too!  He made sure of it, as he sat behind me the entire time :)



After that photoshoot.. can you guess what two teenage boys would be? Hungry of course! After I "made" them get ready for photos, they felt they needed to be treated to a decent lunch.. LOL





And that crazy weather revisited us once again.. It seemed like the "perfect" time to go walking with the hubby and Kai (insert sarcasm).  Our walk started off with some snow so we put our snow gear on.. then a few seconds later, we noticed it's raining.. so we put some rain gear on.. we weren't sure what to put on!  Even though we were the select few that was crazy enough to walk through these gusts of wind, we did it anyway.. laughing as hard as we could as the frozen rain hit our face as we ran against it!  Then that wind held me up as I leaned forward!! I swear we felt like kids again.. running through this crazy weather ending up soaking wet as our shoes squeaked water out!! 

I love this man.. thinking nothings to crazy.. and willng to go for a walk out there in that snow, sleet, rain, & wind!



And this is what you get when you give your camera to  your 8 year old.. she figured out self timer :)


Love how she loves wrapping gifts!! Me? not so much!


The wind howled the rest of then night scaring our dog into the corner of the house somewhere.. It gets dark so quick, I ended up eating dinner at 4pm, so go figure I was starving by 10!!  The kids prayed for a snow day.. I said, I highly doubt it..

And sure enough.. at last minute.. Monday was a Snow Day!!

2011 December 10

Hubby starts his day before all of us and gets to the gym while I'm barely getting out of bed.
Then we head to Izzy's dance practice.




We usually go for a jog with Kai while she's in class.. but today I just wanted to chill. I admit, I've not been completely myself these past few days.. and I just wanted to relax with hubby and chit chat. So we ate lunch around the corner.



Saturday was another relaxed day..
We hung out at home with the kids and their friends as well.


This is me.. being the annoying "photographer mom" trying to sneak up on Caelan and "friend" Abby.


He's told me they're not back together.. but I know he finds comfort in their friendship.
I can see him slowly detaching himself from his other friends (the party goers).  My "mom radar" thinks that he's just not that "type" of guy that finds that night life fun. He tried it for a few weeks.. and believe me it took everything in me to let him go out at nights with his friends.. I just remember hubby and I ended up in heated discussions about learning to let him go.. even if it's just for a bit. I don't know if I just made it difficult for him to fully enjoy that lifestyle, but calling and texting him by the hour to see who he was with. I even asked him to take photos of where he was at that exact moment. And since I knew his phone was capable of doing these things.. I expected it in return. And like the good boy he is.. he did everything I asked of him.


But as quickly as this phase came.. it was gone with that wind. He got back into sports and tons of homework and being in tons of AP classes.. he just didn't want to slack. For once.. he was actually concerned about getting good grades and deciding what collages to go to. So being that Abby and him were in the major classes together, they always depended on each other, even after the break up.


And there's my other one....



Izzy has found comfort in our neighbor as well. My heart just about broke in a million pieces on Friday when her dad was deployed to Afghanistan for almost a year. She took it pretty hard and Izzy has just been an amazing friend.. trying to keep her mind off things.. I've explained to her that her job as a friend now is to be there for her. Because this may be us this time next year.. :0


The rest of my Saturday.. was spent scrapbooking.. of course!!
I am feeling so rejuvenated to be able scrap these days.. This December Daily has become more than a "thing" I do every Christmas.. but it's become a tradition.. I love looking back at  my other albums... and as I go through my days, I open up the corresponding pages of last years December Daily too and see where I was this time last year. What a great way to document life.. just imagine how the kids would LOVE looking back on these journals of their life.