Geez.. one of my "thought" resolutions was to blog/write more... So far, not so good. And to be honest, I think about it, a lot... I even have my laptop propped open at bed side, staring at a blank page.  In my defense, remember how I said when I get into something I go all "gung-ho" ? Yeah, that running thing, I've been all over it like white on rice. And quite honestly it's leaving me eating dinner at 5:30pm and ready for bed by 9pm. So long late nights, this body is responding to sleep! 

So with all the hype about Project Life 2013, I've been so excited. It's like the I'm ready to go full force.. and I have yet to complete Week One. 

I've got some pretty awesome people doing Project Life this year and we chat back and forth via Instagram.. we really need to develop a Project Life support system, so we can send one another alerts via iPhone much like our alarms and it will say "Hey you working on Week Two?"

Now 2012 was my first year doing Project Life... and the verdict?  I am so HOOKED and I put way more stress on myself than need be. Sure time flies, but there is no rule that you can't go back. So the big question is "Am I done?" A big whopping "NO".. but almost. As you know, 2012 was a bit rough for me, I flew back home to Hawaii several times, leaving the entire April - June a little on the blank side. For me, it's an emotional journey to go back and rewrite and relive those months. So there is a few weeks where it will require me to print out some funeral photos and right now, I'm not quite prepared. I think I will have to mingle the new, 2013 and go back in between, to find a balance of some sort.

(BTW, I'm listening to Keith Sweat on Pandora at the moment as I type... Oh boy, throw back Friday).

So last year, I organized it by printing calendars off my iCal on my computer. That works, but the spaces to write info was to little (square boxes). So I bought myself a Binder and I found tabs numbered from 1-50. I figure I could live without the extra 2 weeks, and print out something else.


Inside of it, I printed out weekly calendars.. with tons of writing space! (Got it from HERE)


I also printed out the various Pocket Photo Pages I have so I know (minus the constant digging) what I have available to me.


And I find it easier for me, cause it's all visual to me.. to map out the layout I picked and write down which photos goes where, where the journaling goes, right to an embellishment..


On the photo organizing part.
When I plug  my iPhone in (Most of my photos are from my iPhone) it goes straight to my iPhoto.
I download it, but then I drag them to my
--- 2013 PROJECT LIFE folder
------ (subfolder) WEEK 01 , 02, 03 etc.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.34.41 AM

Now in my notes I will write according to Photo (So Monday would have Scooter Riding with Izzy) So I know where it goes. You can always arrange your folder by date photos were added and it will know which photos were uploaded first to last :)

I really meant to take photo of these "rough drafts" and then show you the final product, but I toss the scratch paper when I'm done :)


IMG_9141 IMG_9143





Back tracking a little bit.. but I actually found it challenging to do Project Life and the December Daily together. I may have to try Cathy Z's approach on her December Daily, she and Ali Edwards did a ONE photo in 4x6 albums... and leave the rest to the Project Life. But yes, for the month of December I was kind of stumped on how to separate the two.

And last but not least who ever said an artist has a tidy workspace.. pretty much lied... 

IMG_9136 copy

2012 Project Life Update.

The pages are sporadic, I seem to jump from this week to that.. but I swear there is some order in here  :) 
I left off at Week 11, when we started our move...turned out to be twice as long. But I really wanted to document my Shamrock Race.

Week 11.


WEEK 12.
By this week, I was already packing to fly to be with my family again, as I got the news of my Grandfather's passing.. and shortly after that, my world was turned upside down by mom's passing.

I still have the weeks of the time I was in Hawaii for the funerals.
The weeks I was in AK right before we packed up..
Slowly, but surely.. I'm getting there.

I decided to go with my final week in AK, so I could start on all those Hawaii - Instagramming Photos because that's where I had the most photos.. prior to that, I barely had photos so I may have to get really creative and dig up some journaling.
WEEK 27.



WEEK 28.


WEEK 29.


WEEK 30.

WEEK 31.
(probably one of my faves is that little 6x8 layout to the left of all the photos we snapped in the car while driving to our new home).

WEEK 32.

WEEK 33.

From here, I stopped.. and going back and forth from recent weeks to the past.. Soon they'll merge and I will no longer have a big gap :)

WEEK 46.
I realize there are some blank pages, been meaning to journal...

WEEK 47.

I've got that nice 6x6 to fill with my blog entry.. Slowly but surely, right :)


I'm glad to say we do have one local scrapbook store here in town.. but I still order online for the things I can't get there. This project life is slowly coming to an end and I can't wait to start on 2013.

Project Life 2012 | Week 45

Photo 1

Photo 2

I'm catching up faster than I can blog them. I make sure I do the current week and then jump back to finishing up the weeks that I've missed. So far I covered Weeks 12 (from where I left off) to the 20's. I jumped around a bit because I printed a bunch of photos from Costco a few weeks ago.

So far, leaving everything scattered on my dining table seems to do the trick. I tend to scrapbook more.. I just have to ignore the mess and eat dinner around it. 

Week 43, FORTY three?

From Week 10 to Week 43.

I know, 33 weeks behind. But at least I fully attend to catch up..
In my defense I have organized my weeks in notes that I write on my calendar template along with the photos I want to use. I think, organizing is the hardest part and at least I got that out of the way. I just need to design the layouts (which, to be honest is fairly easy with these page protectors). Most of the photos are already set printed.

I was inspired when I came across these scrapbook paper kits at the local scrapbook store here:



I've been waiting for a free weekend to catch up.
I decided to use the pics from this past week to start with.  I find that working "backwards" motivates me more than starting from where I left off, it makes me feel even more overwhelmed.

So this is my Week 43 in a nutshell. 235A2114
- Photographing a Birthday Party featuring Elmo.
- Izzy enjoying the bounce house.
- Izzy & Kyla decorating her cupcakes for her Girl Scouts Bake Sale.
- Muggy Week & Traffic.
- Enjoying a crepe by my work place with Izzy (and Rudy).
- Loved Izzy's dress she wore to school.
-Boys awesome haircut from a guy I went to highschool with.

Izzy's Girl Scout Troop's Bake Sale.

It was also Pumpkin Carving Night. We all had so much fun.

Sunday. A nice relaxing day at the beach.
We loaded up our "Beach Day" Items and hopped in the car and enjoyed an entire day at the beach.
Later that night while we were at the mall, we were informed of the Tsunami Warming.
It was the first time the kids have been through this kind of "panic".  The sirens were blaring and you could sense the chaos.. the kids were frightened and frankly, Rudy and I were too. It took us over an hour to get home, which normally takes 15 minutes. Thank goodness it was just a false alarm. 


I've got a long way to go... but I'm slowly getting there.

Project Life | The Process & Week 10 & 11


Before starting this project I thought I could just "wing it".  You know grab a few photos, print them, and throw some scraps and journaling in there and call it good. But, that's not the kind of person I am, I guess.

I am such a planner. I wish I could be the "wing-it" kind of person.. but I find myself meticulously, (drawing out to detail) on how my page will look. (proof below).


I even printed out all the different page protectors that I have, so I can plan my layouts even better so I'm not constantly looking at all the packs I have.

Theres a printed out calendar I keep next to my planning calendar to refer to what week I'm on and jot down little notes of the day.

Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 10.11.24 PM
On my computer, I have a 2012 folder.
Inside this folder I have all the weeks thus far.
The highlighted folders mean they are completed.


Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 10.11.56 PM
In these folder are all the photos I took that day.


Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 10.12.36 PM
There are days I take quite a bit of photos.
BTW, I've been using my iPhone for most, if not ALL the photos. *I really need to bring out the other cameras!
But even with this many photos, not all will make the cut, even after they have been printed in a collage.

Another thing I always do (since week 7) is pick out a few pieces of matching patterns for the particular week. I cut them into 4x6's (1 sheet will give me 6 of them) which is enough to complete the week). So having a color scheme or an idea of it, makes creating the page quickly.

After a few weeks of jotting down notes, sketching my layouts, I thought I would start "winging it" but I think this works for me, I like the slight organization (even though my desk looks like a bomb went off) and I find that I'm even quicker in getting my layouts done when I fully pay attention to what I'm doing.





This week I decided to do one page.. there was not a lot going on, or photos either.. so one page was perfect.



I started Week 10 with a 6x12 page protector, with 3 4x6 openings (6 total) because I knew I had a lot more photos to share that week.


Back of the 6x12 (blurry, sorry, but too tired to take another photo).
I use collages when I know I have quite a bit of good photos I want to share about that week..
In a 4x6 template, you could use your crop tool at 2x2 and get 6 photos on there.


And here is the rest of Week 10.


I've used some of Marcy Penners printables for journaling HERE:  *She has a shop, but it looks like she's on vacation right now, so the shop is closed? Not sure.
I also use a lot of Paislee Press templates: HERE
She types a lot of her journaling.. believe me I would like to that.. but I'm really trying to embrace my handwriting.. cause it does take time to type some of the journaling especially when you are well equipped with journaling cards from the kit with Project Life.


So... so far so good.
I'm glad to sort of be caught up. But it is process that is constantly changing..


Light Chasers.


Last week, on the 8th of March.. we had a light show in our backyard! 
I kept hearing the Northern LIghts were out and everyone on my FB feed was going out at 11pm in search of them..
We've been here long enough that everytime we've heard that the aurora borealis were dancing in the night sky, we did head out in search of them.. only to not find any or just a faint green light, I often wondered if it indeed was the Northern Lights..

So on this night, I headed out in just my sweatpants and a jacket (dumb) and I almost left my big camera home, thinkiing we weren't gonna find any.. Luckily, hubby said "Where's the Camera?"

We were stunned to see them the minute we got out of our driveway!
BUT BUT BUT.. this dumbass photographer forgot her tripod!! ARRGHH!

BUt I got.. some.. blurry, but I got some..
And that above photo (with my son) was featured over and over again on our local news, it made their Facebook Fanpage and the news for several nights :) He's pretty stoked about being "famous".  LOL

If you've ever tried to shoot the Northern Lights.. or just in the dark.. It is hard as heck!! With nothing for the camera to focus on, it makes it next to impossible to shoot anythiing.. But man, look at them behind me... just dancing the night away.

This shot, I layed on my back and looked up.. as the kids were yelling.. "Look up!!"


And here's my son.. texting like crazy.. while the lights were dancing behind him :)

I marveled at the sight of these lights shining in the sky.. It was absolultely breath taking...
What an experience :)



Spring Forward, Trail Running, & Running Buddies...

Even though we are knee head deep in snow, the extra hour of daylight makes a big difference. You almost see the light at the end (you know the one where all the snow melts and we are basking in the sun on our lawn chairs with the grill going and the kids playing jump rope at 9pm).. Soon, I can see it :)

Lately, I've been in this "rut" where you know big changes are coming and I'm like sitting on my ass waiitng for it to come and take over.. basically, put my life on hold till I know for sure what's gonna happen. And I realize, that is not how I want to spend my days.. If change does come and we have to leave our AK home, I want to know I made the most of my days here.. So I moped around for a week. But I think I'm coming around..

I never imagined myself as an outdoorsy person.. well, don't quote me on that one.. I'm not like a full on "Sportsman Warehouse" chick.. But I never thought I'd find joy in the great outdoors.. (It partly has to do with not having a big city life, you really just get accostomed to your surroundings--adapt).  But I love our daily outings with Kai. There are days, I'm not sure who is having more fun, me or the dog. And then I've discovered (last year) the joy of trail-running. It's not a run I'd do on my own, I'm too much of a "fraidy-cat" to try and fend off wild life on my own.. so when the oppurtunity comes when I can run outdoors with a friend, I will take it. So today, the first day of Springing Forward,  I laced up my running shoes and headed to the "unknown" with  my good running friend, Rebecca :)



We had this narrow path to run on with deep snow on either side, we were surrounded by the sound of vast trees echoing with the wind and "little remains" of wilid life aka moose poop all along the trail.. and of course on our start of our run, we come across a family of moose just hanging out.. we quickly passed them but on our way back, they were right on the trail..  After flying down hill, we realized, we needed to go back "up hill" and find another route back to our car... Ah the joys of running in the wild life.. But the view.. It's all worth it at the end, when your legs are burning and your quads are killing you :)







People come into your life for a reason, don't they?
Rebecca introduced me to a whole new world when she took me on my first trail run last year at the Kincaid Park for my first ever, Tuesday Night Runs.. To this day, whenever I find myself down in the dumps.. I always smile at my first experience of a trail run, in one of the hardest courses (hilly) Kincaid Park.. I just remember climbing up and down my first hills with her, splashing through mud, feeling that brisk 45 degree evening, and looking ahead at the colors of fall.. It was beauty and pain at it's finest.  I could barely walk the next day, but every time I went up and down those stairs, I smiled.. thinking of those golden/orange leaves that burned bright against the sunset. 

Fast forward, we are taking runs through snow, chilly temps, and did I say through snow :)  Granted, the beginning of winter was hard on us, it got to those single digits quick and dipped well below 0 for the longest time (look at me talking like it's over).. so our winter trail runs were seldom and few..

But today.. was one of those days, that I will close my eyes and smile...
What a great day to kick off our Springing Forward..
Here's to more Outdoor Runs :)

Project Life | Week 06 - 08

Just some catching up, which I totally needed.
Forget sleep this weekend, that's what my Rockstar is for :)


WEEK 06.




WEEK 07.


WEEK 08.
I used an 8.5 x 11 insert to throw in a large photo of her dance group and on the back, photo strips of her dances.


I finally got my Page Protectors from Becky Higgins, Style A & D.. they have been out for the longest time and I when I heard they were in a few weeks ago, I jumped on that and bought a pack!  I'm so glad I waited for it to complete the week.. I love the little pockets!!!


I'm still REALLY enjoying this project and so GLAD I decided to jump on that bandwagon. I'm realizing that most if not, all my photos are from my iPhone. But the print quality is not bad at all, as long as I'm not blowing it up to an 8x10 I should be fine. The iPhone is convenient and printing at home has never been easier. There really is no excuse for not having a single photo for the week :)




Finding My Way + Project Life Week 4 & 5

Sometimes the only way to find my way back, is to go through the motions.
When I got back from Hawaii, I literally dug my own hole and stayed in it..
It was so hard for me to get out and enjoy the things I once loved, I could not find the motivation to excercise again, or even cook dinners!  But instead of trying to do it all in one day.. I took baby steps.

I got out and met up with friends, enjoyed lunches and long dog walks.. to just.. exhale.


Saturday we all just bummed around and watched movies..
I enjoyed watching Ryan Gosling, I mean the movie Drive.. quite honestly, the movie was not my fave, but Ryan kept me entertained.  I actually really enjoyed, Real Steel with the family. I thought I was just gonna head downstairs and scrap but found myself really enjoying the movie.


Sunday was my long run. 6 miles was on my training log. I really had to psych myself up for this one, considering I just started running a few days ago and could barely make 2 miles! A few days ago it was hard to believe I actually could run more than 3. But, I lietrally sat down and envisioned how far I wanted to go, telling myself that I've done this many times and that I can do this. Who knew a little pep talk could carry you a long way.


I did it.. and I had to stop and take a photo of my favorite path to remember this moment.

It really is mind over matter. Sure every muscle in my body hurt like hell, my lungs hurt, and my legs were on fire.. but it didn't compare to that feeling of finishing what you set out to do. And as I turned into our street, 6 miles didn't feel so out of reach.. I envision myself rockin' the next 2 half marathons.


 I used some down time (in between the kids, housework, cooking..etc) to catch up on Project Life. A lot of it is mostly photos, but I will insert more journaling.. once I sit and type out my notes from my visit back home.

Project Life Week 4 & 5