The Monday.. Bleh

Only Tuesday?

For some reason it feels like it should be Thursday which means tomorrow will be the start of our long weekend. But, no.. it's only Tuesday. So I haven't been able to shake this "once" a month feeling. I went to bed last night with a headache and woke up with one too. So this morning all I could imagine doing was laying back down.. but that's always next to impossible. I was also this close to cancelling my hair appointment because I just couldn't imagine getting out and driving on this yucky day and feeling extra bleh.. but I went anyway.. and like most decisions in my life, it was a rash one.. and decided to just 'chop' the whole thing off.. not like there was a lot to chop anyway.. But here it goes:



I was inspired by these two (thanks Pinterest)


The verdict? 
For a wihle, I was dabbling with the idea of growing it back to a bob again.. but that process takes forever and you have to go through this awkward phase in order to get there.. and I was just not willing to do it..
I was just meant to have short-short hair..  I have the thickest/bushiest hair.. ever.. that I always look like I'm sporting a mushroom or a mullet.
But this new do is still a lot getting used to.. I think I need some dangling earrings :)


I enjoyed the ride home, a bit windy.. but still I enjoyed it, the sunset was gorgeous..


And got me a cup of iced Americano.



And I covered back up.. (literally covered) .. cause that wind will sting you!!  And we took Kai out on a walk and watched him trying to fetch the stick in 2 feet of snow!

I'm ending the night with scrapbooking. So I brought out my old unfinished albums and picked my 2010 album.. to work on while I wait for the end of the week to recap my week with my current 2012 album. (Apparently I did not even start a 2011 album). I found some photos that I had printed (several years ago) that were sitting in a box and went back to my blog (Thank goodness for this blog to help me recap the moments) and went from there. I've been using the concept of Project Life in this album and it made it seem less stressful and more enjoyable.


So with the idea of keeping my current album.. current. But going back to my 2010 album, I decided to upload more 2010 photos and get that album rolling. My photos were already organized and they just needed to be sent for printing. Needless to say, I actually don't feel overwhelmed and I am enjoying this bit of scrapbooking. :)


michelle carrillo

love love LOVE the HAIR!!! In fact, If I can stand to grow mine out just a bit longer on top, I might actually copy your style this next time around. hmmmmm... And YES on the dangly earrings! GET SOME!

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