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The Long Weekend.

Project Life | Week 01 & Week 02

I admit at first, this Project Life thing was a bit overwhelming.. so many ideas, so many talented scrappers doing it, and it's all over pinterest!  So, being this my first time doing this project, I wasn't sure how to approach it. Week One, I realized that I took to many photos.. it almost seemed like I was doing a Week In The Life kind of thing.. and that's now how I wanted to do it.. because it is so detailed and this project was not meant to be tedious like that.

So week Two rolled around and this time I took less photos and focuses on the story of the day. Instead of trying to capture the day in its entirety, I just wanted to capture glimpses of my day.

So this (below) is the end of Week One, which took 3 pages.



Being that my first week took 3 pages.. it left an odd "one" page for me. And since I'm quite particualr about how my pages flow.. this bothered me.. But as usual, we always do a lot on a weekend, that I didn't mind giving Sunday an entire page.
Week Two


So the rest of the week (Monday - Saturday) are a double page layout keeping the same format..
I'm not sure which page protectors these are.. but they all have 4x6 vertical on the top and 3x4 horizontal on the bottom..
And this week, it didn't take much from me to take less photos, because I simply wasn't into this week.



I did do some "writing" which (again) is hard for me.. because I do like the neatness of the type written look. But I'm learning to embrace it.. :)

So Week Two.. I'm starting to get the "feel" of this project..
But of course that's when things will be thrown off track..

I will be flying home to be with my family for about 10 days..  This is a difficult time for my family back home and I know my mom needs me right now. As hard.. (and that's loosely stating) it's so hard for me to leave the rest of my family behind (I'm taking Izzy though) especially when my hubby is so busy at work with several tests and promotional work coming up.. I know I need to be with my mom and grandfather. So I may be here or not.. I'm trying to plan ahead for my boys and hubby while I'm gone and so far it's taking everything in me to not break down and cry (well, I've already done that several times this weekend).



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