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Light Chasers.


Last week, on the 8th of March.. we had a light show in our backyard! 
I kept hearing the Northern LIghts were out and everyone on my FB feed was going out at 11pm in search of them..
We've been here long enough that everytime we've heard that the aurora borealis were dancing in the night sky, we did head out in search of them.. only to not find any or just a faint green light, I often wondered if it indeed was the Northern Lights..

So on this night, I headed out in just my sweatpants and a jacket (dumb) and I almost left my big camera home, thinkiing we weren't gonna find any.. Luckily, hubby said "Where's the Camera?"

We were stunned to see them the minute we got out of our driveway!
BUT BUT BUT.. this dumbass photographer forgot her tripod!! ARRGHH!

BUt I got.. some.. blurry, but I got some..
And that above photo (with my son) was featured over and over again on our local news, it made their Facebook Fanpage and the news for several nights :) He's pretty stoked about being "famous".  LOL

If you've ever tried to shoot the Northern Lights.. or just in the dark.. It is hard as heck!! With nothing for the camera to focus on, it makes it next to impossible to shoot anythiing.. But man, look at them behind me... just dancing the night away.

This shot, I layed on my back and looked up.. as the kids were yelling.. "Look up!!"


And here's my son.. texting like crazy.. while the lights were dancing behind him :)

I marveled at the sight of these lights shining in the sky.. It was absolultely breath taking...
What an experience :)




michelle carrillo

oooooOOOOoooohhhhh. Those are SOOOOO pretty. Ha! Can't believe you forgot your tripod (oops). But hey... at least you GOT these! I can't even imagine how beautiful this is in real life. : )

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