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Project Life | The Process & Week 10 & 11


Before starting this project I thought I could just "wing it".  You know grab a few photos, print them, and throw some scraps and journaling in there and call it good. But, that's not the kind of person I am, I guess.

I am such a planner. I wish I could be the "wing-it" kind of person.. but I find myself meticulously, (drawing out to detail) on how my page will look. (proof below).


I even printed out all the different page protectors that I have, so I can plan my layouts even better so I'm not constantly looking at all the packs I have.

Theres a printed out calendar I keep next to my planning calendar to refer to what week I'm on and jot down little notes of the day.

Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 10.11.24 PM
On my computer, I have a 2012 folder.
Inside this folder I have all the weeks thus far.
The highlighted folders mean they are completed.


Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 10.11.56 PM
In these folder are all the photos I took that day.


Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 10.12.36 PM
There are days I take quite a bit of photos.
BTW, I've been using my iPhone for most, if not ALL the photos. *I really need to bring out the other cameras!
But even with this many photos, not all will make the cut, even after they have been printed in a collage.

Another thing I always do (since week 7) is pick out a few pieces of matching patterns for the particular week. I cut them into 4x6's (1 sheet will give me 6 of them) which is enough to complete the week). So having a color scheme or an idea of it, makes creating the page quickly.

After a few weeks of jotting down notes, sketching my layouts, I thought I would start "winging it" but I think this works for me, I like the slight organization (even though my desk looks like a bomb went off) and I find that I'm even quicker in getting my layouts done when I fully pay attention to what I'm doing.





This week I decided to do one page.. there was not a lot going on, or photos either.. so one page was perfect.



I started Week 10 with a 6x12 page protector, with 3 4x6 openings (6 total) because I knew I had a lot more photos to share that week.


Back of the 6x12 (blurry, sorry, but too tired to take another photo).
I use collages when I know I have quite a bit of good photos I want to share about that week..
In a 4x6 template, you could use your crop tool at 2x2 and get 6 photos on there.


And here is the rest of Week 10.


I've used some of Marcy Penners printables for journaling HERE:  *She has a shop, but it looks like she's on vacation right now, so the shop is closed? Not sure.
I also use a lot of Paislee Press templates: HERE
She types a lot of her journaling.. believe me I would like to that.. but I'm really trying to embrace my handwriting.. cause it does take time to type some of the journaling especially when you are well equipped with journaling cards from the kit with Project Life.


So... so far so good.
I'm glad to sort of be caught up. But it is process that is constantly changing..



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