Sumethin' Bout' The Sun..
Light Chasers.

Spring Forward, Trail Running, & Running Buddies...

Even though we are knee head deep in snow, the extra hour of daylight makes a big difference. You almost see the light at the end (you know the one where all the snow melts and we are basking in the sun on our lawn chairs with the grill going and the kids playing jump rope at 9pm).. Soon, I can see it :)

Lately, I've been in this "rut" where you know big changes are coming and I'm like sitting on my ass waiitng for it to come and take over.. basically, put my life on hold till I know for sure what's gonna happen. And I realize, that is not how I want to spend my days.. If change does come and we have to leave our AK home, I want to know I made the most of my days here.. So I moped around for a week. But I think I'm coming around..

I never imagined myself as an outdoorsy person.. well, don't quote me on that one.. I'm not like a full on "Sportsman Warehouse" chick.. But I never thought I'd find joy in the great outdoors.. (It partly has to do with not having a big city life, you really just get accostomed to your surroundings--adapt).  But I love our daily outings with Kai. There are days, I'm not sure who is having more fun, me or the dog. And then I've discovered (last year) the joy of trail-running. It's not a run I'd do on my own, I'm too much of a "fraidy-cat" to try and fend off wild life on my own.. so when the oppurtunity comes when I can run outdoors with a friend, I will take it. So today, the first day of Springing Forward,  I laced up my running shoes and headed to the "unknown" with  my good running friend, Rebecca :)



We had this narrow path to run on with deep snow on either side, we were surrounded by the sound of vast trees echoing with the wind and "little remains" of wilid life aka moose poop all along the trail.. and of course on our start of our run, we come across a family of moose just hanging out.. we quickly passed them but on our way back, they were right on the trail..  After flying down hill, we realized, we needed to go back "up hill" and find another route back to our car... Ah the joys of running in the wild life.. But the view.. It's all worth it at the end, when your legs are burning and your quads are killing you :)







People come into your life for a reason, don't they?
Rebecca introduced me to a whole new world when she took me on my first trail run last year at the Kincaid Park for my first ever, Tuesday Night Runs.. To this day, whenever I find myself down in the dumps.. I always smile at my first experience of a trail run, in one of the hardest courses (hilly) Kincaid Park.. I just remember climbing up and down my first hills with her, splashing through mud, feeling that brisk 45 degree evening, and looking ahead at the colors of fall.. It was beauty and pain at it's finest.  I could barely walk the next day, but every time I went up and down those stairs, I smiled.. thinking of those golden/orange leaves that burned bright against the sunset. 

Fast forward, we are taking runs through snow, chilly temps, and did I say through snow :)  Granted, the beginning of winter was hard on us, it got to those single digits quick and dipped well below 0 for the longest time (look at me talking like it's over).. so our winter trail runs were seldom and few..

But today.. was one of those days, that I will close my eyes and smile...
What a great day to kick off our Springing Forward..
Here's to more Outdoor Runs :)


Jumping rope

This is a great set of photos of your journey through the snow! I really enjoy that you are encouraging your readers that you can find fitness in all seasons. Your dedication to trail running is very inspiring. In the winter I find shoveling snow is proactive and a great fitness activity. I switch arms while shoveling to balance out the work out. Keep up the great work and amazing photos.

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