Healing... (2 Posts In One)
2012 Twilight 12K

It's Official...

We no longer have a home...
This past week felt like months.. and the worst part of moving is over.


Although the chaos is over...
My heart can't get over the fact that I'm leaving. For a while it didn't seem lilke it was happening, then I stepped into an empty house... and I just started bawling.


As I walked around the empty home..
My mind replayed moments that once happened here or there, most of which were happy moments.

I can't believe nearly 8 years of memories lay in this single home.
All good memories, good times, and moments that I will never forget.
Even though we turned in the keys and we're moving on... My heart will always be here in Mathies Court.

Sigh.. the life of the military.



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worst part of moving is over.

michelle carrillo

wow. my heart is with you, as always.

Now is one of those times when I'm glad that you're a photographer & scrapbooker... I remember seeing so many photos you've posted here of images & stories captured within this home (and surrounding area), so you'll always have those pieces to help you remember your time here.

I know that each moment has its challenges, but I'm guessing this next month is going to be a difficult one for you. let me know if you need anything... I'm here for you... even thousands of miles away. : )

Anna Aspnes

8 years is a lifetime when you live the life we live.


Keeping you guys in my prayers. So much happening in a short amount of time. ((((HUGS))))

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BEAUTIFUL….. you are so “over the top”; I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your creations…. AND such fabulous detail!!!!
If its not to much to ask could you write some more about this. Keep up with good posts.

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