It's Official...

2012 Twilight 12K


So I had this great idea.. that I would attempt to run a 12K (7.46 miles) after not running steadily for several months. Let's face it, with all that has happened, I jumped off that running/training regime back in February.

And as with any exercise regime, it's so hard to jump back on and to top it all off, your motivation is the first to jump ship!

So what was I thinking when I signed up for the Twilight 12K?

***Rebecca and I trying to come up with a plan.. cause we haven't ran in months, let alone 7 miles.***


I was thinking...

  • of my love for the sport.
  • of the adreneline I get from a long run.
  • that this would kickstart my motivation.
  • that this was crazy, and such a spur of the moment kind of thing, I liked it!
  • of how this would be one of my last races here in Alaska.
  • that I've done this mileage many times before.
  • that I didn't want to quit.
  • of that song by Gym Class Heroes, The Fighter.
  • of how hard my mom fought till the end.
  • go big or go home.
  • of all the pain I've been through in the last couple of months and knowing that this run will never compare to that amount of pain.
  • .."Give 'em hell, turn their heads-Gonna live life 'til we're dead-Give me scars, give me pain-Then they'll say of me, say of me, say of me-There goes the fighter.." -Gym Class Heroes, The Fighter



And for a couple of gals who haven't ran in a while.. we did pretty damn good.
Sure the numbers, the pace, the time, the splits were not what I wanted them to be.. but then again, I didn't train.. But did we stop? No. Well I did stop for bathroom break at mile 2. But we kept on going, even on those big hills. And you know what.. 7.46 miles, flew by. We really could've kept going.

That's when I knew.. we were Born To Run and were made to be Long Distance Runners.


Here we are, laughing delirously at the last leg of the race as we approached a hill.

I love this girl.. my Running BFF, Rebecca.
I have shared so many miles with this lady, shed the tears and sweat... I know we will run a marathon one day. Putting that on my offical Bucket List. I'm gonna miss her, our runs, our trails, our hills.. I'm gonna miss it all.. But I'm gonna make the most of my time with her, here.


michelle carrillo

love this. so proud of you. seriously!!! You are so amazingly strong... mind, body & SPIRIT!

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