In A Nutshell..



Ironic how I live in paradise.. and all I want to do is sit alone in the corner of my mom's home. This move has proven to be "bittersweet" to say the least.

Life.. has this funny way of constantly moving forward...
And some days I want to yell at "life" and let it know, I'm not quite ready to keep moving forward.

Although I bask in the sun, sit under a palm tree, on a warm 80 degree day.. I feel "disconnected" to the world around me. I'm detached from the very people that are important to me and it seems like a long winding road to get back to where I want to be. There are days that I feel like a spectator to my own life, watching my life pass me by, but desperately wanting to be a part of it all.. but not sure how to.

I realize now, more than ever.. healing is an ongoing process that one cannot expect to happen overnight. And the hardest part of healing is that sometimes the very people you hold dear to you can't even help you... Sometimes I just have to go through the motions of life's uncertainty moments and trust that time will heal.

Till the next time.. I'm trying to keep this in mind:



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