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August 2012

Blue Skies..



Every morning I wake up and I see this.. a palm tree against a backdrop of blue skies. The weather in Hawaii is quite consistent. Always sunny & warm.
Now don't get me wrong.. I love all this endless amount of sunshine...
But when it rained the other day, I enjoyed every bit of raindrop. It was quite refreshing.


Kai is not so fond of our late morning walks, it is way too hot for him to be out. Especially on this particular day, we walked over to meet Izzy at school on her half-days Wednesdays at noon. That sun left him panting.



I'm glad Izzy found a friend in her new school. I think out of all the kids, she had the hardest time adjusting because this is her first move.


Looking forward to a quiet celebration with the family for my hubby's 36th Birthday on Saturday. I hope everyone has a great weekend.



In A Nutshell..

01 20x20Collage
*Bits & Pieces of our life in the past month

Life is treating us good.
We are finally settled in, no boxes left in this house.
And we finally have some sort of normalcy and a routine.

*Dog Beach that Kai loves.


I've also started working.
I've teamed up with a media service company that offers photography (that would be me), videography, and broadcasting. The logistics of it all is still in the works but very excited to be a part of this wonderful team. 

*My drive to work, downtown area most days.

*Reflection of me from my view when hanging outside our building. Can you find me?


There's always more to write.. but for now this will kickstart my blogging.
I look forward to keeping up with our everyday ho-hum-drum on this side of the world.
I also use my blog to catch up with my Project Life.. I may be 4 months behind.. but I will continue and catch up.

Till then.. enjoy life's everyday moments.