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Another First Time...

Okay.. so I'm a sucky blogger..
I'm trying.. I really am.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

So often, our days are built around routine.
Our lives are circle around endless cycle of work, meals, family, household chores, oh and social media- facebooking, instagramming, or even tweeting.

But think back on some of your best experiences in life.
Moments when you were the happiest, most excited, or completely engaged in what you were doing? I would bet it wasn't when you were folding the massive amounts of laundry or stuck in your office in downtown. I would assume that you would think back on memorable experiences, spent doing something for the "first" time.  A "time" where you felt like you were literally thrown into a situation and forced to overcome the ease of your comfort zone. A time when you are stretched to your limits to learn something new. These moments will make us feel at the top of our game. And even the act of trying something different can boost our happiness and overall well being.


So onto this "Press Pass"...
I was literally "thrown" into the waves of the unknown and left to learn to swim. Well, that's a bit of exaggeration because I've done photography work before. But never for an event of this magnitude.


A red carpet event in Hawaii for a show that I've been a fan since day one and a show in which this island embraces. Hawaii is not a big time "Hollywood" so when a tv show or movie is filmed here, the community embraces them and also treats them like royalty. The exposure to the state is critical and humbling to the locals. So this Sunset At The Beach event.. where the producers and actors of the show gather in front of thousands of fans to showcase the premier of the show before anyone else in the world is a big event.


Our media group called me to take part in the event to photograph for these local dj's.
(Above) We are streaming live on their website.. so cool. My family who didn't want to deal with the crowd got to enjoy this event with me, via live streaming.


(Above) I'm hanging out with Kathy with A K from the local 93.9 radio station (which plays all the old school music from my time, the 90's)


(Above) This was the local news coverage that my hubby caught a glimpse of me on and dvr'd so I could watch it when I got home.


(Above) TC from Hawaiian Station 98.5 was so much fun to work and hang out with. A young local kid who is making a name for himself.. never been more proud to be around such positive vibe.


The radio disc jockeys!  Like these two dj's they were surrounded by a swarm of other competing stations. But they all called one another their "sister" station or "brother" station.. Like them, I was surrounded by a slew of photographers.. but the atmosphere was not what I imagine it would've been. There was almost like a code of camaraderie, the other photographers were so amazing to be around. We all supported one another and honestly felt happy for one another. I made some pretty awesome connections and look forward to new friendships along the way.


(above) Ahhh.. "Steve McGarrett" Mr. Alex O'Laughlin
Let me just say that when I saw the show for the first time when I was in the AK.. I said to myself, "Self, I'm going to see that man in person one day.."
Lo and Behold.. that day came quicker than I thought.
Ladies, I contained my excitement the whole time -- I had to on a professional level. But believe me,  inside I was like those screaming fans behind the gate.


(above) Hubby got tons of snapshots of me during this live stream. It was so awesome that my family could "virtually" be there with me.


Packed. Waikiki was packed with fans, onlookers, and beach bums alike.. I was just humbled and floating on cloud 9 to be able to be a part of it all. This was my first time being in an event of this size. First time, doing this kind of press work. First time amongst celebrities of this stature. But I know this won't be my last. I look forward to taking this new experience in, to learning more about the industry and my profession. I realize that in my career, there is always a stepping stone, something new to learn, something new to gain. It's when you strive to keep learning, you grow, and when you grow, you evolve... Much like life, it's all about change..

I'm simply embracing the change instead of being afraid.