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October 2012

Halloween 2012.

We had such a great night.. First Halloween in 8 years, away from the freezing cold.. It was so nice to be able to wear your Halloween Costume without their snow gear on.


Izzy was my bloody pirate, she wanted some blood on her because Rudy and I were Zombies (Walking Dead, Represent!)


Caelan was Akatsuke ... A whatta what? He loves Naruto.


And Ethan? (not shown here) Was left for Candy Duty... we needed someone to pass out candy and it wasn't gonna be Kai.

I hope you all had a great Halloween.


(Another random post that includes bullets and list form)

Reasons To Smile...


  • hearing the laughter of my keikis.
  • companion of a faithful dog.
  • when my hubby kisses my forehead.
  • music.
  • wearing tube top dresses.
  • running.
  • running thru sprinklers.
  • a beautiful sunset.
  • watching How I Met Your Mother.
  • getting a text from an old friend (I love you Erica!)
  • watching The Walking Dead with the family.
  • getting the "shot" after a photoshoot.
  • getting Izzy's latest drawing
  • tattoos and getting tattoos.
  • listening to Caelan play the guitar and sing.
  • an iced quad shot on a warm day.
  • watching Kai chase Rudy into the water on the beach.
  • scrapbooking.
  • seeing hubby's smile.
  • dancing around the house.

Week 43, FORTY three?

From Week 10 to Week 43.

I know, 33 weeks behind. But at least I fully attend to catch up..
In my defense I have organized my weeks in notes that I write on my calendar template along with the photos I want to use. I think, organizing is the hardest part and at least I got that out of the way. I just need to design the layouts (which, to be honest is fairly easy with these page protectors). Most of the photos are already set printed.

I was inspired when I came across these scrapbook paper kits at the local scrapbook store here:



I've been waiting for a free weekend to catch up.
I decided to use the pics from this past week to start with.  I find that working "backwards" motivates me more than starting from where I left off, it makes me feel even more overwhelmed.

So this is my Week 43 in a nutshell. 235A2114
- Photographing a Birthday Party featuring Elmo.
- Izzy enjoying the bounce house.
- Izzy & Kyla decorating her cupcakes for her Girl Scouts Bake Sale.
- Muggy Week & Traffic.
- Enjoying a crepe by my work place with Izzy (and Rudy).
- Loved Izzy's dress she wore to school.
-Boys awesome haircut from a guy I went to highschool with.

Izzy's Girl Scout Troop's Bake Sale.

It was also Pumpkin Carving Night. We all had so much fun.

Sunday. A nice relaxing day at the beach.
We loaded up our "Beach Day" Items and hopped in the car and enjoyed an entire day at the beach.
Later that night while we were at the mall, we were informed of the Tsunami Warming.
It was the first time the kids have been through this kind of "panic".  The sirens were blaring and you could sense the chaos.. the kids were frightened and frankly, Rudy and I were too. It took us over an hour to get home, which normally takes 15 minutes. Thank goodness it was just a false alarm. 


I've got a long way to go... but I'm slowly getting there.

Geared Up, Gear Talk.


Ergo the saying... "Less Is More" ... And while I do believe that to be true...  I've also found that if your job is in the technical field, the media world, and you are amongst the latest gadgets. Sometimes "More" may be the way to go. Not to mention, if you are shooting a wedding, you better be "equipped". 

Working amidst amazing talented photogrpahers, videographers, and film producers. I felt compelled to dive into the sea of the gadget world we live in today. I splurged on another camera body, in fear that I may need a "back-up" while on location one day and will regret not having that extra camera when needed.

Now that I'm shooting in an entirely different location and dealing with challenging issues, like the sun being one of them.. I've found that I depend on my flash for almost every shot. Which is unlike how I used to shoot, I avoided the flash and since I didn't know how to quite utilize the flash, I opted for all natural light. But when we are dealing with the harsh sun beating down behind my subjects, I depend on that filler flash a lot.

So I absolutely LOVE (caps lock on) my Canon 600ex-RT Flash! I admit.. there is so much to learn still... first of all the recycle time is so much faster than my 480ex. And one of the best features... (wait for it) Wireless Radio Multiple Flash System!!!  Yes, you heard me.. Wireless!  I used to use my pocket wizard mounted on top. But now I have the ability to have a flash in the front and one of the side and sync them to fire at the same time!!! *Can I get a hi-five!

But the icing on the cake is the : CBP-C1 Compact Battery Pack. So you can "shoot, shoot, shoot" with the flash!  *Sigh, I am so in love. It really is a life saver.


Mark III... ode to joy.  This baby has got it going on. What can I say that you haven't heard.. it really IS everything that people are talking about. Again, I have so much to learn. But, if you see me on a photoshoot, you may catch a glimpse of me hugging and loving on that camera. 




We had a wedding this weekend.. and I must say, I like being the "Mr." for once :) My amazing husband helped me out the entire night, 2nd and 3rd shooting the entire night. I even taught him a few things about manual mode. He came with me again to a birthday party the next day and he shot in manual. Nothing melts my heart more than seeing him "work the camera".

He is always catching me in action.




It was a exhausting day/weekend... but fun. 

Immersed in Babel.


For several weeks now.. I've been devouring Mumford & Sons.. I even think I picked up an English accent. (Which for the record sounds a bit Aussie)...

I've heard of them here and there.. and to be quite honest when I first heard it, it did nothing for me. But then a friend plastered it all over her facebook and I thought to myself (Self, let's give it a try).

I admit, it took a while for me to get used to it. (I mean I just got off a Lady Antebellum kick, which btw, I never blogged about their amazing concert.. note to self, that's next).  And much like anything that I get all "passionate" about.. I literally immerse myself in the lyrics, the beat, the chorus line, the accents... And let me tell you, I'm completely fixated!

So, obviously.. their albums (Babel and Sigh No More) has been on repeat throughout the house, car, work, bike rides etc. My kids and hubby, upon hearing for the first time gave me a "are you crazy" look.  But now, much like our military life.. we adapt.  So when I hit play, they actually sing along.  My son will always think of Shrek when he hears them.  But for the most part, we get to dancing around the house.

Okay.. you didn't think I wouuld leave this post without talking about my favorite tracks..

Honestly, it is ALL good!  And I'm usually not a "let's buy an entire album" kind of person.  But every-single-song gets my heart pumping and sets my soul on fire.

The first song that captivated me was, Not With Haste.
It's the first few lines of this song that got me...

Your eyes they tie me down so hard
I'll never learn to put up a guard
So keep my love, my candle bright
Learn me hard, oh learn me right

I lit-er-a-ly love that last line.. Learn me hard, oh learn me right.
(That's right you are getting the full break down of my reviews..  that's just the way I am.. "I am what I am..") 

Lover's Eyes, "But do not ask the price I pay, I must live with my quiet rage.."

The quick beat of I Will Wait For You.

Lover of the Light, " But love the one you hold,  And I'll be your gold To have and to hold A lover of the light."

Right now, I am completely absorbed myself in  "Awake My Soul"..



Okay, I really should stop babeling, I mean blabbing...  I've always been a lover of all kinds of music. Just another way to express myself and another way to "feel".  I just added watching them in concert on this bucket list of mine.



Canvas' Painted.

 "The essence of drawing is the line exploring space." -Andy Goldsworthy

One stop to the local craft store, picked up some canvas' and paint supplies.. And I let my children unleash their inner Picaso. One of the best ideas I've had in a while... Throughout the years, I've realized that my oldest, Caelan and youngest, Isabel share a deep passion for art.  My middle guy is like me, we can get away drawing "stick" people.. but that is the depth of our art complextity as we can get.  I like to think I'm artisitc in other ways,  just not so much with a plain blank canvas.

Here is my oldest, Caelan's first masterpiece (I say first, because he's literally working on his second right now). He says, he was thinking about "her" and missing "her" touch most of all... He is still in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, Arzu from Turkey.


And Ethan's artwork...
He says he made a mistake so he drew black lines all over it..
But I said it looks like an expressive form of abstract painting..
Sounds like something I would do.


And here's Izzy's latest creations.. she has already made quite a few..
I asked her to draw me 3 more of these squares and I'd hang a set up in our living room.


What a great joy to see my children creating..
Since then we've added a few more paintings to our collection. I can't wait to share them all.

Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind. --Louise Nevelson


The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it. -Anonymous


(Loving the panoramic mode)

So here I am blogging about my weekend, when it's practically Thursday. (Sigh) I just can't keep up. I blink, and it's the weekend all over again. But I yearn to sit and write again. I love reading my older posts and seeing how connected I was to myself... the words just flowed through me. When you read it, you can almost hear me talking to you over a cup of coffee. Nowadays I feel like a newspaper column "Today on the 5'oclock news.. I went to the beach..."  Or a status update, "Hanging at the beach..."

I'm missing the one thing that made me... "me".  The ability to express myself through my words..
I'm slowly trying to find my way back.. always trying to find that balance. Aren't we all, in some way trying to achieve "balance" ?


A day at the beach on a voggy and humid day.. perfect day to jump right in.
I had a great day with the family and my brother and his wife :)


Kai LOVES LOVES the water! So glad hubby got the lifeproof cover for the phone so he could bring it right in the water and take some pretty cool photos.


It just warms my heart to see my brother "having fun".  He's quite the serious worker bee.. always too busy for some fun in the sun. But on this day, I couldn't help but to whisper to my mother up above and say "Mom, we are doing just fine.. " And I know, she's just smiling, almost laughing looking down at us.. her children, being "children".




Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.

It never fails.. this time of  year when the leaves turn (well, any other place than here).. I get in the same mood.. the feeling of change or growth. Its a time I re-examine where I am in life and make minor adjustments.. all for the sake of simplifying... in order to achieve some kind of  balance.

Some things I am doing or plan on achieving...

  • Finding my way to scrapbooking again.  Not to just make pretty things.. but to document. I just picked up 400+ photos from Costco last week.. Project Life is on its way (even though I stopped at week 12)
  • Using my film camera. I dug up my film camera and that will be fun to play with.
  • Less Social Networking. More socializing. I've been getting out there and making some amazing connections. Stepping out of my comfort zone, which is within the walls of my home and venturing out with new people.
  • Read More. I've been getting into CS Lewis and Joel Olsteen has always been a favorite inspirational read.

Just to name a few...



Keep Shooting...

For my fellow "right-brainers" when your in a creative rut... you must keep swimming.  Or in my case, "keep shooting".

So when a fellow photographer (insert an AWESOME photographer) asked if I wanted to tag along for a "Fashion Shoot"... I literally almost fell of my chair "jumping" at the chance to tag along. What better way to "keep swimming" then just having fun in some random place with a fashion diva.


I had so much fun just watching her work and sneaking in a few pics:


I mean look at all the fun stuff we found..
A brick wall.. some old machine thingy.. and random old tires! 
You know what they say, one man's junk is another person's treasure..


Of course, self portraits of Ashley and I.


This is how I stay busy at the office... on my iPhone. I was on pinterst looking at the "couple" photos that I've been pinning for an engagment shoot.

And of course, nothing like showing them the photos I pinned :)
My personal cheat sheet..


And once again..
Just keep shooting...


I'm trying to fall in love with photography all over again.
After the chaos of moving and joining a media team... I sometimes feel like it's all work and no play. But as artist, we combine the two. Our work is our play. We love what we do and in order to get our creative gears turning again, we just need to keep "shooting".  Our gear is like an wealth of information, there is always something new to learn. And in the photography world, we can find inspiration anywhere. We just need to keep chugging along, even when we don't "feel" like it. And when you do, it's amazing how things will seem new to the "eye" again... and you find yourself, falling in love all over again.

A Sunday Afternoon...


I tell you what.. I don't know who rescued who in this situation here with my dog, Kai.

A person can a lot from simply having a dog in their life. Kai is defeintly teaching me how to live life to the fullest, with exuberance and joy, and most importantly following my heart. In this sometime chaotic life we lead, Kai continues to teach me the simple things in life, like taking a breather for a nice long walk around the neighborhood, or when we were back in Alaska, we both enjoyed a walk in the snow, and our favorite, a little afternoon nap. And during my time of grief, he taught me about optimism in the face of adversity. Most of all, he continues teach me about friendship and loyalty.  Nothing screams "Best Friend" than the love of a dog. 





Fall Break has started for my kids.. Yes, Fall Break..
It's not quite the same basking in the sun during October but I can't complain.