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It's been a bit cloudy lately, but only for part of the day, then that sun always manages to find it's way through those clouds. But for a brief moment when those clouds hovered over me, I enjoyed the not-so-shiny day... and it almost felt like a "winter day,"  almost.

Funny how I miss the "cold" the "overcast" and an actual "winter" during this time of year. But it's all I knew for a while so even though I grew up here, it's been a while since I've had a "blue" Christmas.

I love this photo, cleverly titled on my Instagram "He's More of A Stick Dog."

He doesn't get much excitiment from chasing tennis balls as much as other dogs. But wave a stick at him and he could fetch forever.

On the way home from meeting a childhood friend, I looked out the window and saw the sky was on fire!  This photo definelty needs the hashtag #dontblink   It stayed this beautiful hue of pink, red, and purple for a few minutes. But like most people who were to caught up in their day to day, missed it.


December Daily Album is coming together. I'm just waiting for some things I ordered online (Oh Mr. UPS guy, please hurry!)



Af first I wasn't to fond of a this 6x8 Album.. I've never worked with this size before. But so far, I have to say I'm having fun. Especially since I got these page protectors with various sizes.

Looking forward to somewhat of a relaxing weekend, catching up on Project Life and hopefully my papers will come in!!!


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