2012 December Daily | 07
The Weekend (In A Collage) & Right Now...

2012 December Daily | 08


After nearly a decade of a "white" Christmas and freezing our "bums" off during Christmas.. I think I am ready for a "Blue Christmas".  It's not so much the weather.. but more so to be surrounded by family.

I feel like we've spent too many years away from being surrounded by family, 17 years to be exact.  I think it's about time we celebrated the holiday with family. Living like nomads (aka military lifestyle) for over a decade has left us all disconnected on what it's like to be around family this time of year. Sure there were a few years we flew down to the islands for a Blue Christmas, but it's not the same as calling our families neighbors, literally 5 minutes away kind of neighbors.

So as we the tree lights go up, decorations hung, and the Christmas station on Pandora blasting.  I am greatful for being surrounded by people we've been a part for far to long.


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