Polaroid Kinda' Weekend.
Saturday De'light.

2012 December Daily | 13- 17

So it's been a busy week with the kids home. Busy in a sense that there is absolutely no routine, what so ever! We finally get out of bed when we finally wake up.  We go for bike rides instead of grocery shopping. There is something to be said about Christmas Breaks, lots of family time!

I have been keeping up with my December Daily and Project Life, cause along with not having to wake up early... we all stay up very late! (For instance, it's 1:23 am on a Saturday Morning, we are all wide awake!)


(Photo above) My FM station in my car hasn't been working in a while. So a while back I made a disc of 11 songs, mostly random but more of Pink's latest songs. And it is the only decent thing to listen to. So Izzy and I love, "Give Me A Reason" by Pink... and we totally sing to our hearts desire during our car rides.


Izzy LOVES to paint! In fact, she loves to do anything creative. So while we all do our own "thing" on a relaxed Saturday afternoon. She brings out her paint supplies and gets busy. I have her canvas painting all over the house. One of my faves is one she made for her teacher! But I didn't get a photo of it !


Every year, we've been creating our Ginger Bread Houses with a girlfriend of hers. This year, she got to do one with her cousin, Abby. I usually help assemble the houses, but this time the only thing I did was open the box. With tons of candy to spare, the girls quickly abandoned their half-decorated houses to play outside instead.


And.. what a difference some rain does for the soul. I simply LOVE it.  It has been a lot cooler, although my kids seem to regress. It's winter time here on the islands and although Christmas is just around the corner, it still really doesn't feel like the Holidays for us still.

There is a lot more to my December Daily.. but like many, I thought the world was gonna end today, and I figured I'd spend it hugging my family then organizing my blog thoughts.  :) LOL!


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