Christmas 2012.
Moon Glow.

2012 December Daily | 18 - 24

 Backtracking for the sake of my 2012 December Daily Album that is almost done! I'm so excited to have another December Daily on my shelf. I loved bringing out it as part of our Christmas Decor. We all loved looking through the pages and reminiscing on our holidays together.

On that day, my sister in law took Izzy for the day, freeing me a whole day to myself in my feeble attempt to do some Christmas Shopping. Needless to say, the hustle and bustle of the crowd just got to me and gave me a headache (hence my stop to Target for a bottle of water and a bottle of Excedrin Migraine).  I opted to wait for hubby to get home to stop by the mall instead.


We literally baked all night/morning. I think we went to bed at 2 am! 


I work in the heart of downtown surrounded by some of the best places to eat. Although I always find myself going back to my favorite place where I've been diggin their Crispy Noodles. It was pouring that day, but I sat outside anyway and did some people watching.


Doomsday 2012. Waking up to a hazy day but all smiles, knowing that the world did not end after all.

It was a Gingerbread kind of night.




We decided to catch the City Lights on the busiest day possible!  We need to get back, even though Christmas is done.




Just hanging outside with my girl(s) and my neice, Abby.

I still find it odd to be out in shorts and flip flops...


Movie night with the family.. and Kai is watching along with us.  Not your usual Christmas movie though, we decided to watch "Resident Evil, Retribuition." This family just has a thing for zombies.

My sons, GF always hanging out with us...



Baking, eating, baking, and eating again.. all night.




What a merry and bright December!

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