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December 2012

Moon Glow.

The moon took my breath away tonight, at first glimpse the moon was backlit with the twilight of the night. (Photo does not do it justice, but I wanted to capture something...)


I have always been mesmerized by the moon. As a child, while on car rides in my dad's forest green Chevy Nova, I'd look up at the moon and used to wonder why the moon was following me. So when I do catch it on a clear night like tonight, I can't help but to stop and think of all the fond memories that put a smile on my face. And in this life of mine, I have been so blessed by so many warm memories filled with amazing people who continue to touch my life...



Izzy was so excited to take her new scooter out for a spin. I told her it was getting dark, but she didn't care. She was out there going up and down the street..


Today I've been thinking a lot about my word for the year... Ali Edwards does it every where, and there were a few years I found a word and allowed that word to resonate around my life. Then there are years I didn't even bother. But now with this Project Life that was simple to keep up with, I've found a new way to document my year and I want to hold on to a word that will carry  me through the year. 

I've been fiddling with a few.. But I may have to find a time where I can really think about what I want to focus on this year..

2012 December Daily | 18 - 24

 Backtracking for the sake of my 2012 December Daily Album that is almost done! I'm so excited to have another December Daily on my shelf. I loved bringing out it as part of our Christmas Decor. We all loved looking through the pages and reminiscing on our holidays together.

On that day, my sister in law took Izzy for the day, freeing me a whole day to myself in my feeble attempt to do some Christmas Shopping. Needless to say, the hustle and bustle of the crowd just got to me and gave me a headache (hence my stop to Target for a bottle of water and a bottle of Excedrin Migraine).  I opted to wait for hubby to get home to stop by the mall instead.


We literally baked all night/morning. I think we went to bed at 2 am! 


I work in the heart of downtown surrounded by some of the best places to eat. Although I always find myself going back to my favorite place where I've been diggin their Crispy Noodles. It was pouring that day, but I sat outside anyway and did some people watching.


Doomsday 2012. Waking up to a hazy day but all smiles, knowing that the world did not end after all.

It was a Gingerbread kind of night.




We decided to catch the City Lights on the busiest day possible!  We need to get back, even though Christmas is done.




Just hanging outside with my girl(s) and my neice, Abby.

I still find it odd to be out in shorts and flip flops...


Movie night with the family.. and Kai is watching along with us.  Not your usual Christmas movie though, we decided to watch "Resident Evil, Retribuition." This family just has a thing for zombies.

My sons, GF always hanging out with us...



Baking, eating, baking, and eating again.. all night.


Christmas 2012.

T'was the night before Christmas and Mommy & Daddy stayed up way to late (4am) to be exact. Only to be woken up at 6am by an eager 9 year old. We tried to convince her to get back to bed for another hour or so, but that didn't work. She went in to wake up her big brother instead. So hovering over us in the wee hours of the morning are our kids (well just 2 of them, Ethan has been sick for a few days) both eager to open their gifts.



(cookies for Santa)

(Every year at midnight, the kids get to pick one gift to open. Some how this year, they convinced me that they could open one from the stocking too.)


So this year, I was so tired.. that I barely took pics of the kids opening up their gifts. This was my favorite of the bunch. Capturing Caelan opening up his gifts on Christmas morning while his girlfriend, Arzu was on the line watching it all. Their long distance relationship warms my heart. It gives a new meaning to "hope, faith, believe..." and against all odds. All of which, what it takes to keep these relationships going. But I love seeing his eyes light up when they talk or when he gets to share a special moment like this.

Christmas 2012 was indeed a blessed one. Although it seems like it came and went in the blink of an eye, my family and I are simply blessed to be surrounded with so much love, family, and fortunate for all the gifts under the tree.  I do find that as the kids get older, the magic of "believing" seems to fade but this year they were able to enjoy the season of "giving." Being surrounded by family and new friends, this was the first year we were out with the crowd last minute shopping for family and friends. I loved taking Caelan Christmas Shopping, he is such a giving and thoughtful person.

I spent Christmas morning sleeping in and watching tv. (I caught Sweet November on tv!)

Saturday De'light.


This time of year... I am a sucker for lights... I am completely enthralled by them. So, on Saturday we decided to visit the Honolulu Hale which showcases various Christmas Trees (with lights), the Shaka Mr. & Mrs. Claus (been there for as long as I can remember, childhood nostsalgia for sure), and not to mention more lights


Little did I know, everyone and their aunties & uncles would be here! In fact, I think every keiki was here checking out the lights! There was a lot of "excuse me" and tons of "Oh, I'm sorry!" right down to "Oh, you was taking pic-chas too?" (below, it was just one of the exhibits)

Oh and the never ending tourist buses that was on "tour" tonight! Gottal LOVE the toursist they love to wave to us local folks!

So we ended our tour a little earlier than planned, hoping to catch these light exhibits on another night, probably midnight! When I can actually take a photo of the entire display rather than having people's heads in there.


But I'm just glad I got some decent shots for my December Album!  I was hoping to get a jumpstart on that tonight.. but once again it's already 1am and I'm already sinking into lala-land!


Completely off the subject, but I visited my hairdresser the other day. She is helping me grow this hair out.. but I have to say, I am so in love with her hair... it's kind of like this (not the color though, but that's cool too). But that style of shaved on one side (Miley Cyrus did it too) is so intriguing to me! 


So I've been obsessing over it for a few days now...  I know my hubby can see my gears turning when I go on and on about her "cool" hair... and I am "this" close... from it! 


2012 December Daily | 13- 17

So it's been a busy week with the kids home. Busy in a sense that there is absolutely no routine, what so ever! We finally get out of bed when we finally wake up.  We go for bike rides instead of grocery shopping. There is something to be said about Christmas Breaks, lots of family time!

I have been keeping up with my December Daily and Project Life, cause along with not having to wake up early... we all stay up very late! (For instance, it's 1:23 am on a Saturday Morning, we are all wide awake!)


(Photo above) My FM station in my car hasn't been working in a while. So a while back I made a disc of 11 songs, mostly random but more of Pink's latest songs. And it is the only decent thing to listen to. So Izzy and I love, "Give Me A Reason" by Pink... and we totally sing to our hearts desire during our car rides.


Izzy LOVES to paint! In fact, she loves to do anything creative. So while we all do our own "thing" on a relaxed Saturday afternoon. She brings out her paint supplies and gets busy. I have her canvas painting all over the house. One of my faves is one she made for her teacher! But I didn't get a photo of it !


Every year, we've been creating our Ginger Bread Houses with a girlfriend of hers. This year, she got to do one with her cousin, Abby. I usually help assemble the houses, but this time the only thing I did was open the box. With tons of candy to spare, the girls quickly abandoned their half-decorated houses to play outside instead.


And.. what a difference some rain does for the soul. I simply LOVE it.  It has been a lot cooler, although my kids seem to regress. It's winter time here on the islands and although Christmas is just around the corner, it still really doesn't feel like the Holidays for us still.

There is a lot more to my December Daily.. but like many, I thought the world was gonna end today, and I figured I'd spend it hugging my family then organizing my blog thoughts.  :) LOL!

Polaroid Kinda' Weekend.


I let the girls play with the Instax 210 (thanks to Paula) they loved it and used an entire roll in a nick of time :) It will make for a great scrapbook page! Can't wait! I think it will be fun for Izzy to design the pages.

We are on our Winter Break and it's always a good time with the kids. I look forward to a break from the usual routine. Don't have anything big planned, just a lot of time with the neices and my family. I have yet to start on Isabel's Christmas list!

Shooting Awesomeness.

Shot some awesome people who just emanated sheer awesomeness today...

Yes, "awesome" seems to be my word today...


As we parked the car, walking to our next shoot. I looked over at my husband and said, I've never shot in flip flops before! I've never shot at this beach before! And I don't know who these people are! He looked over and said, "well, there's a first for everything..." Well, that's just "awesome" I said, with a hint of sarcasm.."


What is it about stepping outside of your comfort zone that makes me want to run the other way and steer clear of any sign of being uneasy? No matter how many times I've done this, it always feels like the first time. I guess in a way that's good.. The fact that I'm nervous but willing to overcome that shows signs of strength and perservance, all good traits in growing. The fact that I never feel like I know it all and can do it all, keeps me on the edge and willing to learn as I go. And that pretty much is the basis of this journey, you learn, you experience, you grow, you achieve, you believe, you strive, you live your passion, and most of all spending my days simply doing what I love..


They thought it would be funny to sport some turtle necks in 80 degrees...
(although the clouds began to set in, ugh.. all about timing here in Hawaii)



Most of these photos are straight out of the camera, RAW thrown into JPEG mode real quick so I could have some sneak peeks up for them tonight. Here in Hawaii I am in constant battle with the sun. Hence my favorite new app and worth all $8.99 of it, The Sun Seeker App.


This app can predict the sun’s position in the sky at various times today, tomorrow, or any day of the year. Correction: it doesn’t just predict, it shows you where the sun will be, using the iPhone’s camera as you point it at the sky... Only one word to describe this app.. AWESOME!

Some behind the scenes shots, thanks to my hubby who spared watching his football game to hang out with me, his crazed photographer wifey.(Thanks Love, you are never to far, I can always count on you).






At A Loss For Words...

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 11.58.33 PM

Much like the nation, I was stricken with disbelief to hear such tragedy... I'm literally at a lost for words and hurt for all involved. How do you even begin to verbalize your thoughts?  I can't.

All I know is when the unspeakable happens.. we are always left with the very question, "why." And many times, we will never know why or what ever reason they have to explain his actions, that emptiness will always linger in our hearts. But we've got to believe that despite all the "ugly" in this world, beauty is not far behind. So as we hug our children even tighter, maybe stick around for a lingering good night kiss... There is always good to be found in this world.


(Found this page off Cathy Z's blog, I will be adding this to my Project Life as well)

Our 2012 Xmas Card


Template Paislee Press
Printed WHCC on Pearl Paper (wish you could see how pretty that shimmer looks)

This year we just couldn't get our act together and as I saw everyone else making their cards I was still looking for outfits. So I saw this idea on Paislee Press and thought "hmmm".

I used mostly Instagram photos which I thought was cool considering that's where 90% of my photos come from... And I just loved the way it turned out! 


2012 December Daily | 09 - 12



I have been trying to get back on that "running-bandwagon" that seemed to make a run for the hills the minute I landed in paradise. I've had 101 excuses to not run this day or next week or after Thanksgiving.. The heat gets to me more than I should let it.. but that's been my lingering excuse. But it's "winter" here on the islands, it's sort of cooler.. well still in the 80's but getting out there at 8am will make for a cooler run.


Who knew that I'd be struggling at 3 miles... knowing that once upon a time I actually did 13.1

But I can't complain about this view during my runs:

Later that night, hubby got some tickets to see the early screening of The Hobbit (check out that line below)


But before that, we decided to have dinner at one of my faves, Nico's Restarunt near the Harbor. Hubby loves their Fish & Chips and I love their Fish Tacos along with this, possibly the best Li Hing Margarita I've had!




Since we were out all night on Monday, Izzy was dying for some mommy & Izzy time.
So I let her help cook with me in the kitchen, she absolutely loves it :)


The end result is stuffed peppers...


I also made sure I jumped on the running bandwagon again.. this time I went for 4+ miles. But for him, 4 seems to be the limit on this warmer day. My fault for leaving a little later.


I just had to take a shot of our shadow on this cool Tuesday night. So nice to have the tradewinds back.



On 12.12.12 it seems like every photographer I new was on a shoot.
I had a family with a little girl who celebrated her 2nd birthday.


Right now it's 10:44 pm.
I'm as exhausted as ever...
The kids are getting ready for Winter Break. In fact, the teens finish school at 10am!  I know, what's the point of going to school? And all the kids are home with me for the next 2 1/2 weeks. It will be a nice break from all the driving around, the scheduling and routines. It will be nice to just hang out at the pool or the beach.

It seems like I was the only one who didn't take that snap shot of 12.12.12 at 12:12