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Our 2012 Xmas Card

2012 December Daily | 09 - 12



I have been trying to get back on that "running-bandwagon" that seemed to make a run for the hills the minute I landed in paradise. I've had 101 excuses to not run this day or next week or after Thanksgiving.. The heat gets to me more than I should let it.. but that's been my lingering excuse. But it's "winter" here on the islands, it's sort of cooler.. well still in the 80's but getting out there at 8am will make for a cooler run.


Who knew that I'd be struggling at 3 miles... knowing that once upon a time I actually did 13.1

But I can't complain about this view during my runs:

Later that night, hubby got some tickets to see the early screening of The Hobbit (check out that line below)


But before that, we decided to have dinner at one of my faves, Nico's Restarunt near the Harbor. Hubby loves their Fish & Chips and I love their Fish Tacos along with this, possibly the best Li Hing Margarita I've had!




Since we were out all night on Monday, Izzy was dying for some mommy & Izzy time.
So I let her help cook with me in the kitchen, she absolutely loves it :)


The end result is stuffed peppers...


I also made sure I jumped on the running bandwagon again.. this time I went for 4+ miles. But for him, 4 seems to be the limit on this warmer day. My fault for leaving a little later.


I just had to take a shot of our shadow on this cool Tuesday night. So nice to have the tradewinds back.



On 12.12.12 it seems like every photographer I new was on a shoot.
I had a family with a little girl who celebrated her 2nd birthday.


Right now it's 10:44 pm.
I'm as exhausted as ever...
The kids are getting ready for Winter Break. In fact, the teens finish school at 10am!  I know, what's the point of going to school? And all the kids are home with me for the next 2 1/2 weeks. It will be a nice break from all the driving around, the scheduling and routines. It will be nice to just hang out at the pool or the beach.

It seems like I was the only one who didn't take that snap shot of 12.12.12 at 12:12 


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