Saturday De'light.
2012 December Daily | 18 - 24

Christmas 2012.

T'was the night before Christmas and Mommy & Daddy stayed up way to late (4am) to be exact. Only to be woken up at 6am by an eager 9 year old. We tried to convince her to get back to bed for another hour or so, but that didn't work. She went in to wake up her big brother instead. So hovering over us in the wee hours of the morning are our kids (well just 2 of them, Ethan has been sick for a few days) both eager to open their gifts.



(cookies for Santa)

(Every year at midnight, the kids get to pick one gift to open. Some how this year, they convinced me that they could open one from the stocking too.)


So this year, I was so tired.. that I barely took pics of the kids opening up their gifts. This was my favorite of the bunch. Capturing Caelan opening up his gifts on Christmas morning while his girlfriend, Arzu was on the line watching it all. Their long distance relationship warms my heart. It gives a new meaning to "hope, faith, believe..." and against all odds. All of which, what it takes to keep these relationships going. But I love seeing his eyes light up when they talk or when he gets to share a special moment like this.

Christmas 2012 was indeed a blessed one. Although it seems like it came and went in the blink of an eye, my family and I are simply blessed to be surrounded with so much love, family, and fortunate for all the gifts under the tree.  I do find that as the kids get older, the magic of "believing" seems to fade but this year they were able to enjoy the season of "giving." Being surrounded by family and new friends, this was the first year we were out with the crowd last minute shopping for family and friends. I loved taking Caelan Christmas Shopping, he is such a giving and thoughtful person.

I spent Christmas morning sleeping in and watching tv. (I caught Sweet November on tv!)


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