2012 December Daily | 18 - 24
Happy New Year! (2 Days later...)

Moon Glow.

The moon took my breath away tonight, at first glimpse the moon was backlit with the twilight of the night. (Photo does not do it justice, but I wanted to capture something...)


I have always been mesmerized by the moon. As a child, while on car rides in my dad's forest green Chevy Nova, I'd look up at the moon and used to wonder why the moon was following me. So when I do catch it on a clear night like tonight, I can't help but to stop and think of all the fond memories that put a smile on my face. And in this life of mine, I have been so blessed by so many warm memories filled with amazing people who continue to touch my life...



Izzy was so excited to take her new scooter out for a spin. I told her it was getting dark, but she didn't care. She was out there going up and down the street..


Today I've been thinking a lot about my word for the year... Ali Edwards does it every where, and there were a few years I found a word and allowed that word to resonate around my life. Then there are years I didn't even bother. But now with this Project Life that was simple to keep up with, I've found a new way to document my year and I want to hold on to a word that will carry  me through the year. 

I've been fiddling with a few.. But I may have to find a time where I can really think about what I want to focus on this year..


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