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Luminesce, Sunrise & Sunset.

Izzy and I bike through this path every morning to get to her school and before trekking through those trees, I always slow down, and yell out to Izzy "Look at how pretty it is! See the way the light shines through those trees!" And like a typical soon to be 10 year old, she says "I know, I know..." as she pedals faster to get to the bridge.

I've been meaning to take my camera (aka iPhone) with me but always forget it with the rush of getting out the door, grabbing the dog, putting my helmet on, oh and grabbing some poop bags.. But this morning, I grabbed my phone and on my way back, I stopped to "see" and just take it all in. I love the way the sun shines through those trees in the mornings, even though I've seen this a thousand times it's still so majestic to me.



Imagine witnessing this beauty on your regular running route? You can't help but to hit pause on that Nike Running App, to capture this. As I ran my normal route through the harbor, I pass by other runners who are also embracing this beautiful sunset. I see families sitting along side the edge of the harbor and taking pics and enjoying the same view.


And one of my latest pins that is inspiring me at the moment:

2013 Project Life | Week 05, The First Half...

Photo 5
(The morning sky as I drop my boys to school).

So far the week is still a little slow...
I'm not sure if I'm still wallowing in the idea of resting to get better (aka being lazy) or I'm actually still recovering. So Kai and I have been snuggling quite a bit.. okay a lot!

Photo 1-2

Look how comfy he looks in the blanket I found at Target for $8! 


Photo 1-1
I turned around during our short car ride to get the boys Haircut at 808 Haircut by Rodel. (Yes, another Rodel... LOL we went to highschool together. It's so cool to run into my classmates and to see their families.) And I see my kids up to their shenanigans in our 15 minute car ride. That would be my 17 year old who has my almost 10 year old in a headlock! And he's off to college in a few months?  Always a kid at heart I guess :)

Photo 2-2
"Quite Fond of This Blonde".. Been loving the Blonde Roast from Starbucks lately. My french press is always ready to go.




Photo 4
4 Miles in the Rain... Something about running in the rain that is both exhilerating and childlike. I simply love it! All day I kept trying to amp myself up for a good run, but kept telling myself it would probably be another bad one, considering it has been 16 days since my last run. But even though the pace was slower, my legs hurt, I was sniffling.. I still enjoyed every bit of it, especially on mile 2, when it started to pour. Hubby went for a bike ride and caught me basking in the rain.


So far it's only half of the week... I've got a shoot scheduled for later on for a family I met in Alaska, she called and asked to meet up and I'm so excited to see her and her family!  It's so nice to get a call/email like that from my clients from AK :)

2013 Project Life | Week 03 & Week 04

So my Week 03 & 04 kind of intertwined with being in the Big Island. So I decided to go ahead and do them in one batch. I was eager to put it together, I'm still excited as ever about this project and I can't wait to add my photos in there.

Week 03.




Part of Week 03 was leaving for our trip to the Big Island.
For this part, I decided to only add a few photos, the ones I took from my iPhone. Izzy will be creating her own scrapbook album with the photos she took. They have a special digital photographer badge for completing this assignment.

Since I knew I had a little more photos than usual, I used (2) 6x12 inserts that had (3) 4x6 inserts for the extra photos.




The final days there flowed into the start of Week 4.

And upon returning and trying to get better, I didn't have a lot of photos or moments to share. Other than sitting on the sofa, recuperating. And on Saturday we celebrated my nieces' 10th birthday. Other than that, it was a pretty relaxed week(end).

Right now (Sunday night 10:15pm) it's been raining really hard with a flash flood watch for Oahu. We had a huge BBQ (as we always do on Sundays) with my in laws. I am so stuffed right now, I'm ready to pass out... I look forward to a new week, hoping to be a little more productive and hopefully I can kick this cold. (bleh).

As of Lately...

It's been looking like a lot of this going on...


I've just been relaxing and getting some much needed rest. I usually don't like to lay around the house, in fact, it's very unlike me to just sit there. But I can clearly see, it's what my body wants me to do. Every time I attempt to do anything, even if it's just to do household chores, I end up fatigued and in a horizontal position. Today (Thursday) I'm feeling a bit more upbeat, I got part of my voice back, and the coughing has slowed down. I'm hoping this is the last of this nasty cold.

It's Kelly.

So I love Pandora... as with any music enthusiast it's gotta be your top choice while your cooking or in the car. I think it's one of those amazing inventions like Instagram! Every now and then, I catch myself "loving" on an album and again, hitting in on repeat for days or even weeks.

Right now, it's Kelly Clarkson. She is one of those artists, where I think you cannot go wrong if you buy her whole album. But it did take me a while to purchase the whole album. Thanks to Pandora, I heard a few tracks that are not on the radio and said, "I need this album!"


Kelly will always make me dig deep to find my alter-ego, "The Singer, The Dancer, The Performer.. (in shining lights) Ro-na-lyn" But as with each new season of American Idol, I can hear Randy Jackson shaking his head, and saying, "That would be a "no". So, I'll just stick to the wife, mom of three, photographer route.

But when you're in the mood to sing it out... to "feel" your music, her latest album will do exactly that.

"Stronger" - my first single purchase from her album. Still brings me back to running through those tough hills in AK.

"Dark Side" - was my 2nd purchase (but didn't buy her album just yet).

"And remind me who I really am... Please remind me who I really am.."

The chorus itself wasn't the seller for me, it was just those 2 lines. For a while.. "lost" was a word that best described me. Living in a dark corner of my life, things all around me seemed irretrievable. I was trying to make sense of things, that weren't meant to make any at all. But through darkness, hubby constantly reminded me who I really am.

"Don't Be A Girl About It"  & "Einstein" - just some fun songs that make me chuckle.

I didn't get it the first time
Don't think I've been so blind
And I may not be Einstein but I know
Dumb plus dumb equals you

Along with Kelly, you'll find my secret stash of Taylor Swift. How could you not sing along to "I Knew You Were Trouble"... (trouble, trouble, trouble..)

And of course, Pink. Her latest "Try" is on repeat.

Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try, and try, and try

That song was played in one of the "Biggest Loser" episodes and it's my go to song, when I'm feeling tired and worn out during a run.

2013 Week 03 | Well, Half of it.


Week Three, was a little hectic.
AAt the end, I struggled to get over the flu (still am) all the meanwhile, hopping on that plane for Hilo. But the beginning part of the week was somewhat organized :)

Hubby was driving to the mall the last week (Izzy and I are headed to the Big Island for a few days with her Girl Scouts Troop) and I look over the dash board to see just a beautiful blue sky and perfect puffs of clouds. And I think, "It is so beautiful, just an ordinary day, nothing special, but absolutely beautiful!"

I like the idea of writing the "Week" on the photo. I'll just have to find the "one".. Hopefully I can keep this up and remember that this is an easy approach to journaling.


Tuesday January 15.
He detoured through traffic just so I could catch the sunset.

I'm still amazed at what you can capture with your iPhone. Looking at this picture I can already hear the gentle waves hitting ashore. Such solitude and tranquility found here.


(Okay so I love taking photos of my feet in all that white space).


A little "us-self-portrait" at the beach.


I'm still on my runner's high from my first 6 mile run that was a very invigorating run that left me wanting more and renewed my spirit and love for running. Although I haven't ran since then because I've been sick, but I'm excited to lace up my shoes as soon as I can gather up the energy to do so.

Along with the routine running, hubby and I have been hitting the gym as well.
IMG_4760 copy
IMG_4768 copy


For now I'm still recovering and enjoying some Pho
IMG_4799 copy



Going to the BIG Island, with my BIG Girl, and a BIG cold...


So the day was finally here, the lengthy hours of some well coordinated parents has made this Big Island Trip possible. Here we all are, one BIG group (over 50 of us) charged Honolulu Airport to take a brisk flight to the neighboring island, The Big Island. Here I sit amongst the most excited little girls all, as I would say, "with ants in their pants". Meanwhile.. those nasty flu-like symptoms that I've been battling with, are  getting the best of me.

Okay I'm not gonna go on and on about how "sick" I was, how "tired" I was, or how the tissue combined with Dayquill, Alka Setlzer night-time meds, Emergen C, and tons of Zicam became a permanent part of my routine. I'm just gonna mention it right here, in this little tiny paragraph.. on how I feel I should win that "mother of the year" award for trying my best to make sure my  kids and her troop had the best trip of their lives.  (Despite losing my voice, and had to whisper to Jenna to tell the other girls what to do the last two days, and the parents who thought that I just preferred not to talk).


The girls stayed in their cabin, some parents stayed right next door, while the rest (like my sis & bro) stayed in our own cabin. (Below, Izzy making her bed and her helping her bunkmate to set their bed up).






Our Saturday was jam-packed with activities from the moment the girls woke up at 6am!



A quick pic before letting her go with her Troop Van and her Troop Leader.
The parents decided to let the kids and parents mingle by not having their child in the same van or same group during the trip. At first, I was a bit sad and worried that she wouldn't be right by side the entire time. But I really enjoyed being a Troop Leader for new girls and hanging out with new faces.

First stop was the Pacific Tsunami Museum, which I think was one of Izzy's favorite. She was very excited to see this exhibit. She has been learning about Tsunamis for a while in class and they had mentioned Big Island in many of their lessons.



A quick stop to the Farmer's Market.





Lunch here:





Seeing how Macadamia Nuts are made...


I laugh every time I see the parents take the group shots... IMG_4855

Hiking to Thurston's Lava Tube.






Since Izzy and I were in different groups, she took her own photographs (which I'm really excited to scrapbook, because for this trip, she was in charge of photographing her own images) Below are my images from my iPhone. (I did not pack any cameras but my iPhone, I know... I know... but I have to say once again, the iPhone is so dependable!)







Here are some of Izzy's Images (hey cute photography name if you ask me, Izzy's Images, that just hit me).



*THIS, THIS... took my breath away after she showed it to me! She said "Mom! Mom! Look at this picture, I got the light coming thru the trees!"

I admit, I teared up a little there.. such a proud "mommy" moment! Not so much that she probably likes to take pictures cause mommy takes pictures, but more so because she took the time to look for the "light", she took the time to "compose" her shot, and she "stopped" and looked around and notice "beauty" all around her...

So yes, this photo will be enlarged, with her signature next to it, hung on my wall... for me to gaze upon for the years to come.


Ohia trees with Lehua blossoms were growing all over the lava.

The indigenous Hawaiian Ohia Tree is the first form of life to grow directly out of the hardened black lava. Its beautiful red flowers are called Lehua, which means "Flower sacred to the Gods" in the Hawaiian language. The red Lehua flower is the official flower of the Big Island of Hawaii. The Ohia Tree is vital to Hawaii's natural ecosystem. It provides an essential food source for native birds and bugs.

The Lehua is also known as Pele’s Flower. In Hawaiian mythology, Ohia and Lehua were two lovers. The Volcano Goddess Pele desired Ohia. But Ohia only had eyes for Lehua. His rejection made Pele so furious that she turned him into a tree. Lehua was devastated by losing her lover. Out of pity, the gods turned her into a flower which they placed on Ohia's tree. Hawaiians believe that it rains when a Lehua flower is picked from the Ohia tree, signifying the tears of these eternal lovers.


And more fun shots of us on our trip with my neice, bro & sis :) We are Rebels Without a Cause :)


Stopping by the Steam Vents.



That was ONE day... I bet your exhausted just looking at the photos :)


Sunday January 20, 2013




Peeking over at the Rainbow Falls.




Crawling thru Kaumana Caves.


A visit to Panaewa Rainforest and Zoo.

IMG_5405 copy

IMG_5423 copy

This is right outside our cabins..


The girls had free time.

IMG_4911 copy

IMG_4914 copy


Later that night we returned to the Jaggar Museum to view the Halema`uma`u crater. The view was spectacular. In fact, in this photo I see a profile of a face that is laying down with her nose up in the air? Can you see it? It could just be Pele, the Goddess of Fire saying Hello :)



Monday January 21, 2013

On the last day, we relaxed a little bit. The only outing we did (which I have no photos of was to visit the Big Island Candy store. The girls did visit a few Rangers to get their Ranger Badges.

  IMG_4926 copy

IMG_4933 copy

To sum it up, this trip was an amazing experience for all girls. I am so proud to be a part of this Girl Scout Troop. Isabel came into this already well knitted troop that started when they were in Kindergarten without a sense of what it was all about. I think this trip taught her more than I could ever teach her. It taught her to be independent, how to work with others, planning, budgeting, being a part of a group, and most importantly life lessons about people and experiencing new adventures that she would've otherwise not known, if not for Troop 443 and a very rewarding trip.


2013 Week 02 | Layout & Recap


So I'm scrapbooking faster than I can blog. That's a good sign, I guess. But it lacks journaling. I get it, I'm on fire, so excited, but I need to slow it down and remember the stories of the photos. 





Some highlights of last week:

Watching Izzy and her friends "ride" home from school. She now rides her bike to and from school, with the occasional scooter ride in between.

Last week, hubby got home a little early and I we both "scooter" rode our way to meet Izzy at school. I'm on the handy dandy electric scooter.."It's Electric" yes that song was stuck in my head the entire ride. Have you ever ridden one? These suckers are fast!!!

Playing out with the family, even the boys came outside to till the sun went down to ride around the block, play fetch with Kai, and just hang outside.


I titled this one on my layout, "Hello Monday". Cause no matter how crazy the day is.. he always puts a smile on my face.


On one of my runs in the morning, I looked out into the harbor to see this ship coming in and happened to bring out my phone as a plane flew over. Perfect timing.


I looked in my rear view mirror to see these two sitting patiently while we wait for the boys to finish school. I get a chuckle every time I see this, cause he loves his sissy so much!


On an evening drive to a photo shoot, I look out the passenger window and "snap" capture a beautiful silhouette against this golden sunset.


Hubby picked me up from the shoot in the Porsche with the top down, driving through the streets of Waikiki.


And a little self portrait.. I documented on PL that I'm finally feeling good about my workouts. They have become consistent and almost a part of my routine. There are a few days I have to fight with myself to get going. But for the most part, I'm finally enjoying the "pain".  I always say when it comes to the point where you "crave" the pain, the sweat" and the pain (I know, I said that twice, because getting back, hurts...) then you've definetly over that slump.

College Bound...

College for my guy is just around the corner...



We spent a good portion of our Saturday visiting the Kaneohe Campus of Hawaii Pacific University. This is one of the schools he's applied to... and quite honestly I think this one really stuck to him.

As I sat in the classroom with the other parents, my mind drifted away... wondering where did time go? One minute I'm sobbing because it's his first day of Kindergarten, to helping him straighten his bow for a dance, and now this.. I can't take it. It's still all too surreal for me. 

I'm secretly excited that he may stay nearby when he goes off to college. One of the things I knew he wanted to do was travel and experience the world through different countries around the world. HPU was one of the universities that offered so many programs to travel abroad. Not only that, it is a private college (means more bang for our buck) but the student - teacher ratios are small.

As I stood back and watched him take part in this orientation, he was wide-eyed and ready. And my heart sank a little, knowing how far he's come and how far he'll go. There comes this point in every mother of a little boy's life, when you have to step back and watch your little boy.. fly. This was just one of them.

When Caelan was little, I always referred to him as the little boy with an old soul... I've written about this before (mostly on his birthdays)  because it's a time to reflect, but he really is. He just has a peculiar way of thinking, acting and reacting, of caring, and expressing himself.

The one thing I do know for sure is that he was meant to "fly". I think at an early age you can tell which of your children will be the most independent, the comedian, the entertainer, the sporty one, or the quiet one. Caelan was definitely more of a leader and a "go-getter". When he sets his mind to something, you can bet he goes after it. He really lives up to the meaning of his name, "Strong Warrior."

So as we venture into the uncertainty, we can only watch from a far (and help pay for his college tuition) and wish him the best as he soars through this thing called life.


Never.. have I been more excited to get this "party" starated...
This year I did my cover page much like Cathy Z's Titlte Page.. she was ever so kind to share it with us mortals as a free download.


Last year I kept my first page blank, because it is just one page... but the idea was to gather some of my best memories in photos for the first page.. But it is still blank. This year, I don't want to see "blank" and I want to print photos right away!!!

My title page contains, some of the first photos of the new year.

The top right is my favorite from the collage of photos, the look on my kid's faces is priceless and it's so them right now. I absolutely love the bracelet from my sister in law, the words hit home for me. And I also added my word for the year, "Renew".. more on this soon.


2013 PL WEEK 01.


I love that collage of photos on the left page at the top, it is SO my kids.. if you look closely you'll catch a "middle finger" being thrown up :)  Gotta love his 17 year old angst.


As of late, Project Life has just become a part of my weekned. I no longer stress to try and get a few pages done.. cause once I got to peddling, it was a part of the norm for me.. kind like taking the dog for a walk or making dinner.. It's become a routine.

Now back to Week 2. BRB :)