2013 Project Life | Week 05, The First Half...
2013 Week 05

Luminesce, Sunrise & Sunset.

Izzy and I bike through this path every morning to get to her school and before trekking through those trees, I always slow down, and yell out to Izzy "Look at how pretty it is! See the way the light shines through those trees!" And like a typical soon to be 10 year old, she says "I know, I know..." as she pedals faster to get to the bridge.

I've been meaning to take my camera (aka iPhone) with me but always forget it with the rush of getting out the door, grabbing the dog, putting my helmet on, oh and grabbing some poop bags.. But this morning, I grabbed my phone and on my way back, I stopped to "see" and just take it all in. I love the way the sun shines through those trees in the mornings, even though I've seen this a thousand times it's still so majestic to me.



Imagine witnessing this beauty on your regular running route? You can't help but to hit pause on that Nike Running App, to capture this. As I ran my normal route through the harbor, I pass by other runners who are also embracing this beautiful sunset. I see families sitting along side the edge of the harbor and taking pics and enjoying the same view.


And one of my latest pins that is inspiring me at the moment:


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