2013 Project Life | Week 06
Pow Wow Hawaii

He's Three!

IMG_9455 copy

My sweet four legged pup turned 3 on Friday!!!
I can't even explain how much joy this guy has brought to all of us!

I know I've boasted about him over and over again... But really, he is just like one of my kids and he's treated like one of them too, just a little more cuddlier.

We had family over the weekend and celebrated his 3rd Birthday.

I can't believe it's been 3 years, time does fly as with all of my kids and yet he continues to bring us all an immeasurable love with immense smiles and hugs from us and everyone he meets. Even though we have been through some changes in the past year, with moving to Hawaii, where it's extremely warm for him. We found our niche and we go out early every morning, 7:15am to be exact and in the later part of the afternoon. In between we both enjoy sitting out and sun bathing or a trip to the dog beach. Although there is no snow.. he does love the sand!

(Below) I found this on pinterest and bought some canvas' so Izzy can recreate this or make it her own with this quote.

Here's to many more years, my sweet boy.. Happy Birthday Kai.





happy birthday puppy lol


Happy birthday Kai! Clay says "woof, woof!" He misses their dog play dates!!!


Happy birthday golden boy! Yes, animals are great companions and the love they give... is priceless.

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