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I've been doing a lot of brainstorming on how I want to revamp my blog, maybe dress it up with a lot of bling by asking my co-worker, an amazing web designer, to get in there and make this blog shine (shine bright like a diamond). Sorry I had to... But as I looked back at previous post that seemd to have more "life" in them (probably dating back to when I first started in 2006) when I got a thrill from writing my thoughts down. Not that life was more exciting, but my love for writing was evident. Lately it seems like all I do is "recap" my days kind of like a robot. Not that it's bad, but it lacks "life" in them, what it it lacked is my "voice". I've never had a problem expressing myself, in fact, that's what gravitates me towards people is my "zest" for life and my open-mind and willingness to explore life and to share it with people. But for some reason or another, I feel that my zest for life has been sucked out of me.

Then I realized that changing the appearance of the blog won't make a difference, I need to get back to the beginning of it all. Just stick to the basics, and just tell the story of my life the way I see it, the way I'm living it, for me...  cause at the end of the day the stories told are about me and the life I lead with those I love.

I've been inspired by a new show called Touch we started watching, no Zombies, no serial killers, just a story about a boy who sees the world differntly and in turn opeing our (the viewers) eyes to a whole new light.

At the end of Season One, Episode 4, the monologue says:

Human beings are hard-wired with the impulse to share our ideas… and the desire to know we've been heard. It's all part of our need for community. That's why we're constantly sending out signals and signs. And why we look for them from other people. We're always waiting for messages. Hoping for connection. And if we haven't received a message, that doesn't always mean it hasn't been sent to us. Sometimes, it means we haven't listened hard enough.

In spite of all our communication technology, no invention is as effective as the sound of the human voice. When we hear the human voice, we instinctively want to listen, in the hopes of understanding it. Even when the speaker is searching for the right words to say. Even when all we hear is yelling, or crying or singing. That's because the human voice resonates differently from anything else in the world. That's why we can hear a singer's voice over the sound of a full orchestra. We will always hear that singer, no matter what else surrounds it.


Well said, don't you think?

The show talks a lot about The Red String of Fate...






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