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Week Six, came and sped on by....
I don't know what it is, but I've been slacking in the blogging area. What can I say, as a fellow blogger of over six years, there are days... when you just don't feel like getting in front of the computer to recap your day or to just write. By 8pm this house is ready to call it quits and hit those lights off, everyone just seems to always be on the go. The kids with their after school activities, getting out there to push for a late afternoon work out (it's simply to hot during the day to do so).

But week six did not go by unnoticed.

Last night (Saturday night) Izzy and I have discovered the joy in water colors! And we have had so much fun creating inserts for my Project Life, okay I had a say in the size and orientation the cards should be (3x4's or 4x3's  right fellow Project Lifers :)

So below are just some of the many inserts that are getting ready to be placed in my albums.


(Below) you can see I figured out how to print on one of Izzy's painting for me. Unfortunately I cut them all to size already and as you know, that size is not easy to stuff in your ink jet printer. LUCKILY, Paislee Press had a tid bit on her blog about trying to print this size HERE. So I added a quote I found via Pinterest. (Thinking adding Pins from Pinterest maybe a part of my weekly "must-have".)  I can't wait to add more, there's just enough space in a 2 page layout :)



A closer look at some of my pages.
Now I'm actually not so thrilled about my pages, I feel like I'm lacking creativity, but again it's hard to get so creative when I'd rather stick photos in the pocket than add some cute little flower, ribbon, or arrow.. And as of late, I've had more photos than journaling. Which is a good approach, the photos pretty much tell you how my week is going.

Here Izzy had a sleep over on Friday Night with her friend and we took them out for some late night dining. They goofed off as I snapped photos of them. I love how a simple black and white collage was enough to show for her night out.IMG_9428


(Below) Titled, Photobombed. Hilarious!  I used one of the water colorings I made. I've also been into writing captions on my photos instead of trying to squeeze them in around the photo or using an extra slot for it.





(Below) We visited an office store and I found a pen that was photo safe and had a nice thin tip... hence, my over-writing on each photo... I'm kind of wishing I didn't write all over this photo, but oh well.. It was a caption that I used for my Instagram Photo with my 4-legged pup... who celebrated his 3rd Birthday with us. What better way to spend it than a day at the Harbor enjoying a long walk. I sat on the edge of the harbor and I saw our silhouettes in the water and "snapped".



There was so many more photos I wanted to add to this week.. but I've learned to cut them down a bit. I wanted to save a few for some serious journaling. Most of which are about my children. One of which was Caelan and his friends, it just warms my heart to see him out there taking on this world, fearlessly.. like he has always been. I fell in love with a photo of Izzy being carried by her dad. But just before that she refused to hold my hand. LOL! It's simply watching "daddy's girl's" evolve as the years past. More to document about that.. soon :) For now, good night, we are all "Zombied Out!"


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