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The problem with trying to keep a blog going is not so much content, cause there's enough going around to write about. But more so, in trying to keep the writing "alive" where it makes me want to settle in front of my computer and write to express myself.

I was teeter tottering with the idea of "why have a blog at all?" and then I go in to read past posts.. and realize exactly why I have one and why people should all have one, in one way or the other. Whether it's in a composition notebook next to your bedside or braving it enough to publish it on the web. At the end of the day, the words you leave behind are all yours. The thoughts expressed are genuine because they are all yours. And when you look back, a month from now or even a year, you will smile at your journey just to see how far you've come.

So Write To...

  • Express Yourself. Share the best of yourself, share your personal vision of the world, which is unique and seen through your eyes.
  • Entertain Yourself. Write to add some color, excitement, or meaning to your days. Think of writing as an adventure.
  • To Keep Yourself Company. I've learned that writing is like a conversation with a friend, or just with yourself. Or a way to interact with readers. 

Keyword in all is "yourself". The stories you write is a tale only you can tell.

I saw this on Pinterest and thought, "yes.. exactly!"


So grab a pen and paper or log into your blog account and type something... You can start with a simple "This is what I did today.." and see where that takes you. And 10 posts from now it will be like visiting an old friend, with a cup of coffee in one hand, some good music playing in the background (preferably Mumford & Sons) and enjoy the story in which we call, Life....





I've been feeling the same way- I've been really bad about blogging. Thnx for the inspiration!


Hmm? Maybe this is the post that gets me to open my account again. Cause to be honest I talk to myself most days so why not write it out I stead and maybe I won't seem so crazy :) I like the quote from Pinterest.

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