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2013 Project Life | Week 09

2013 Project Life | Week 09 In Photos.

I actually got to finish Week 09 (will blog tomorrow) over the weekend while Izzy was a sleep over and hubby and I had some quiet time to relax and watch "Touch" while I scrapbook. Love weekends like that, just relaxing and getting creative.

I found some simple photo templates via Cathy Z on this post HERE to showcase the days I got without blogging and I have several photos I want to share. Frame12Layered

  • (top) Early morning bike ride to school at 6:45 am with Izzy because to get to her Track Team practice.
  • (Top left) Izzy and I in the car saying she's gonna pop some tags with the $20 in her pocket.
  • (Top Right) BBQ'ing some chicken wings for my love while listening to Mumford & Sons, Perfect Evening.
  • (Bottom Left) Quite possibly the best Chicken Pot Pie I've had from Sweet Revenge Honolulu.
  • (Bottom Right) Our morning routine, 3 mile walk along the harbor.





  •  (Top Left) Door to Door selling Girl Scout Cookies. We didn't do a whole lot of presale, I decided to order 150 boxes and determined to sell all of them. Izzy and her daddy has been hard at work going out every afternoon selling the cookies. On this day, I decided to go out with Izzy and try my best to sell as well. I love this way of selling cookies!
  • (Top Right) Kim Chee Fried Rice. So good!
  • (Middle Left) My niece, Audrey and Kai.
  • (Middle Right) While at the park with Audrey, I looked up and snapped. Thought it was pretty cool.
  • (Bottom Left & Right) This weekend we sat outside Safeway to sell cookies with her troop.


The weekend always seems to fly. One by one, my children are catching the cold/flu. My middle guy has been home from school for the past 3 days and is still on the mend. Tonight (Sunday) I noticed Izzy felt a little warm... So cross my fingers while I inhale some Zicam this goes away soon.


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