2013 Project Life | Week(s) 10 - 14

It's not a diet, It's Common Sense.



It makes perfect sense doesn't it?

More Fruits + Veggies = Healthy/Happy/Weight Loss

I was hesistant to share much of our new outlook on eating and lifestyle because I didn't want it to be just a phase or fad, or even a temporary fix. I wanted to make sure that I tried really hard to adjust to this change and as the weeks went by, I have to say my body took a while to adjust. Little things took it's toll while adjusting to such changes, for instance coffee was my number one form of substance to get me going in the morning, through afternoon, and even evening. Going without it was a big difficult in the beginning. But soon enough Green Tea replaced my cravings and it sufficed. I haven't had a craving for coffee yet, but when the time comes, moderation is the key. Again, nothing bad about coffee, just that I love my "sweets" to go with the coffee (brownies, apple turnovers, cheesecake.. ) I'm also staying away from white rice, pasta, breads.. That in itself has it's own challenges. I grew up as rice being a staple in my meals, so this was a tough departure. I associate many meals with rice, but last night we had Kalua Pork and intead of rice, I ate it on a bed of cabagges topped with lomi-lomi salmon (fresh tomato and salmon salad).

It's been several weeks since I've introduced my body (and hubby's too) to this change of habits. The kids try the variations of fruits and veggies that I make, but they are still eating what they consider the norm. They've got excellent metabolism and all are fairly active, they are not getting old like us. But they do "see" the subtle changes and they are interested, granted they may not order a "veggie burrito" at Whole Foods but they will try it at least.

I've noticed while eating more "raw" than processed foods, I feel more energetic. I am up and ready to go at 6 am as oppose to dragging my butt out of bed. My days seem to follow a routine and I've been eating at least 6 times throughout the day. I keep fruits & veggies handy so that I'm never to hungry to turn to other things. Again, it's all about prepping when you want to eat right. I do most of it the night before and dinner meals are always planned ahead of time so that I know what to expect througout the week.

I have to say so far it's been "fun" and exciting what I can incorporate in my foods and most of all shedding the weight is always a plus. The way I feel througout the day and how my body feels is all I need to keep me going. Reading up more and following people inspire me everyday.


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