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Weekend Recap, The Week So Far...

TODAY looked a little something like this:01

Feeling a bit epic still (even at 11pm). I was getting ready to ditch the whole Half Marathon Idea because my training has not been consistent. (Been doing more lifting than anything, granted I've got more results that way) but I still have a love affair with running. It's always been a nice getaway for me and just a perfect way to teach myself discipline. Although today's run challenged me mentally more than anything it was definitely one of those days that it was a case of "Mind over Matter". Granted, I'm still not up to par and I'm still having my doubts about my upcoming race. I have not increased my mileage accordingly so my body is not adjusting as well. But those are simply excuses. I can do this, I just have to believe in myself.



Photo 2

Yup Mondays are for prepping. I always prep a pack of chicken to throw on salads or wraps for the week's lunch. I cooked a batch of "Pork Guisantes". Another helpful hint is, I've been slicing up my bananas and freezing them for my morning shakes with my Vegan Shake, Shakeology. And I eat oatmeal every.single.morning. So I always cook a batch to last for a few days and just reheat with some Almond milk, my favorite White Chocolate Peanut Butter by Peanut Butter and Co., bananas, and topped with granola. (YUM!)



This weekend we celebrated my hubby's 37th Birthday! I'm still amazed at how many birthdays we've shared together (mines next week). 



Photo 1-1

We literally rolled out of bed on Saturday and hit the beach for a few hours with the fam (minus one). Always a good time at the beach!


Photo 4

Photo 3

A holiday for my special fur-baby!  Who knew? I love that and I loved seeing all the four legged dogs on my Instagram Feed!  I'm still thinking of adopting Fur-Baby #2.

I'm looking forward to a long weekend!

Sweet Man.

Love dosen’t make the world go round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

 Photo 1

Hubby surprised me (yet again) by taking a few days off thru the weekend. Which is perfect because I have been sick in bed battling a cold and he has been home to help tend to the kids and chores. But today I'm feeling a lot better and we headed out to Kailua, my favorite spot/beach with Kai. The sun felt good after being cooped up in the house for a few days, it's just what I needed.



Kailua Beach is quite possibly my favorite spot to be. I love this side of the island, everything about it, from the beach with the softest sand agains these toes, the people, lots of dog-lovers  on this side of the island, the quiet life (away from the city), and the best Whole Foods in town. This would be the place, we would love to settle and finally call "home."


After a few days stuck in the house, I enjoyed laying out in the sun feeling the warmth against my face. I'm starting to feel like my old self again. We even hit the gym this evening, which felt so good to sweat and get my blood pumping.

Well Thank Goodness It's Aloha Friday!!! I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to catch this movie:

I have read all the books!!! I said I was gonna re-read them before the movie, but oh well! I can't wait to see how they bring this book to life :)

Spartan Race Hawaii 2013 | Recap

As I'm sitting here next to my stack of tissues, remnants of DayQuill, glass of water, and my bottle of Zicam.. it's hard to believe that I was this "warrior" just a few days ago:

Although I'm bogged down with a nasty cold... I'm still strong enough to smile whenever I past my Spartan Medal dangling in my computer room.

What can I say about my first ever Spartan experience?
"Confidence Builder"

Some adjectives that should describe ones way to live a life, right?

I'm so "proud" of myself, that I can't even deflate my head from the clouds that it's floating on right now. This race challenged every aspect of my life, not only physically, but mentally as well. To understand where I'm coming from, you need to understand where I've been.

(I've mentioned my lack of enthusiasm for anything that required much physical strength growing up). In fact, I was that "fat" kid that hurt to run because my T-Shirt was too tight and my inner thighs would rub together so bad that my shorts would bunch up that the kids would laugh at me every time I took a step. From early on, I detested the word "P.E." I did not join any sports, couldn't stand jumping jacks, picking up pineapples, or running. But a few years ago, I found running and the rest is history.

I joined this event thinking, well, at least I got the running part down. But little did I know, it was more obstacles (over 20 of them) than running. I'm not gonna lie, the night before, my nerves were at an all time high, I could not sleep, restless, worried that I would suck at every single obstacle. On the drive over, I was so quiet, expecting nothing but the worst. I imagined doing burpees the entire time. I didn't even think I would "try" to do the obstacles. But when that horn went off, I ran those fears to the ground or dirt or mud.

The Obstacles.

Those damn walls. I've read about them, I've seen the video recaps on these Spartan races, and I know for a fact, that a 5ft wall is a bit to high for me to "hop" over.


In this race, they staggered their walls starting from 4ft till the ultimate 8ft.


But every competitor that day, had one thing in common, and that was to see that everyone accomplished their obstacle. There were so many "helpful" people, the spirit of "Aloha" was definitely apparent.

You can bet they were not gonna keep you dry. We dredged through a lot that day.10

There was a lot of running, lots of uphills and downhills.





We got into this muddy pitt early on in th race. That way we would conviently be drenched in mud while running through the course.


Not my favorite obstacle, but you gotta admit, this was kind of fun to get, literally down and dirty. You had to stay low or else that barbwire will get you. This was the first barbwire course, the second one was much harder and much lower. 

This side wall climbing thingy.. was the first obstacle that I "fell" off. I was doing well, hanging on and moving through, but realized that I started too quickly following the other competitor to closely so when she stalled, it stopped my rhythym, and I fell. Then it was off to do my 30 burpees!

But this obstacle, The Monkey Bars.



I honestly didn't think I could do it. I could never do one before (not in elementary school, middle school, or any school..) But the adrenaline kicked in, and I did it! I'm still so proud of myself on that one. Glad to capture the last bit of it on video.

In between running. There was the sandbag carry, the tire pull, the cement blocks... all of which I didn't really have a video or pic of. I can't wait to see the official Spartan photos! But the one photo or vid that we didn't have that I wish we did was the slippery wall. The GoPro died just as it was my turn.

(So I nabbed a photo online):
This course created a mini debate in my head for the next 10 minutes. I saw Erick get in line for it, but Rudy stepped aside to do burpees cause his leg cramped real bad on that rope climb that a bunch of guys had to carry him out. So I knew he wasn't going to do this challenge. But as I stood in line, debating wheter I should just go ahead and start on my 30 burpees, I watched the people before me climb over. Some with ease, some slipping away barely hanging on. Then the guy behind me was telling his wife, to wrap the rope around her wrist and use her upper body strength to get her up. I thought, that's what I'll do. So as I looked over at my brother who made it over he kept yelling "I got you Ronalyn!" It was finally my turn. I wrapped that muddy rope over my wrist. I hoisted myself up, at an angle and pulled. I pulled as if my life depended on it. I felt like I was getting closer to Erick, then I felt like I was slipping so I pulled harder till he grabbed my arms and pulled me over! I can't even begin to tell you the feeling of accomplishment I had. I was so proud of myself, I didn't care that there was dry mud in my eyes. I was a freakin warrior that day!

The one obstacle that I did not do was the rope climb... We were in line for it when Rudy had a really bad leg cramp that a bunch of nice guys helped me carry him out. But my brother in law did it and he kicked ass doing so.

We got a lot of goPro footage that day, some were just covered in mud so you could barely see anything :) Hoping to make a cool video of it. Still waiitng on the official Spartan Photos... Till then, you can bet I'll be wearing my medal to the grocery store, to put gas, or even for a walk with Kai. I am not taking that thing off, I deserved it :)



So Far...

... So Good.

Photo 1

The kids are back in full force, the hubby started work this week, and I... I am finding my groove back. Although I love the spontaneity days of summer, I also crave routine. Although the kids are out of this house, I manage to keep myself busy. Ergo, the stereo typical stay at home mom who just bakes and watches soap opera all day. (I wish!) Nope, my days usually consist of a bullet formed list and just being on my feet. Managing a house of 3 busy kids and a hubby who has long hours at work is no simple task. There are days I'm overwhelmed by the various roles I've assumed, the care-taker, the chef, the cleaning lady, (it doesn't help when I'm a stickler for keeping the house tidy, which would explain why I vacuum twice a day.. everyday), the errand-runner, the dog-walker, the volunteer-mom, oh and taxi-driver. Since I gave my son my car, I've been either dropping hubby to work daily or riding the bike to get to where I need to be.

But I try to always make time for my workouts, especially when this weekend will be my first ever Spartan Race. My stomach is still in knots thinking about it, but all I can do is try. Like I've said before, "If your dreams don't scare you, it's not big enough." I'm always looking for ways to challenge myself physically and mentally. Staying fit has become such an important facet of our lives that I thrive on a good workout. I'm no where near where I want to be, but I'm getting there.


I finally graduated to using the bench press. I remember when I first tried to lift the 45lb bar itself and I could not even budge the damn thing.

But no matter how much time I put at the gym, it's what I do in the kitchen that matters most. I try to plan my meals weekly and most importantly I eat 6 times a day.

On the home front
Photo 3

I've been looking for another 4-legged pup to bring home. We've been to the Humane Society several times and looked for lab breeders, but no luck so far. We're gonna keep searching till I find another little guy to join our family. I'm very excited and anxious for another one, I just know that although he is quite possibly the most spoiled lab ever, I know he would like another dog in the house as well.


A Week With Him...


The kids have been in school for a full week now.
There is somewhat of a routine going on.
My oldest has enrolled in college classes.
... and the hubby is ready to get back to work after a week off.

I'm so glad he decided to take this past week off from work. Adjusting back to the normal routine on my own would've been rough, I reckon some yelling would've been involved because I'm not quite the best person to be around early in the morning. But once I get back into a regime, (haven't been doing a good job because we've been staying up pretty late) I should be okay. This past week has been next to perfect, I wish he could be off everyday!


My week with him was spent under the hot sun and my toes in the sand. We have turned quite into the beach bums. We'd take Kai on some of our excursions, some not. Then there were days we'd go right after we pick up the kids from school. One day it was pouring rain and we still ended up at the beach!







Now it's back to the real world, the world where we have to get back to work. We'll be up at the break of dawn, meal prep for the week, get high on those endorphins, and prep for this weeks Spartan Race!!!

The Day She Met Strawburry17

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.43.12 PM

So my girl loves getting on YouTube and watching various "Vlogs" (video blogs) about all things anime, anything creative (artsy-fartsy), and her favorite game, Minecraft. Strawburry17 was just one of the many innovative gals she has been following for a while. She was also in Season 22 of The Amazing Race where they made it to the final two. So when we heard she was going to Hawaii, we got into full-force-stalker-mode to find out what island. I logged back into my Twitter account (which has been dormant for over 4 years) so I could "follow" her. We found out she was on Oahu and that she was indeed doing a "meet-up".  The look on her face when we told her we would take her, was beyond priceless.


I decided to bring the Polaroid camera (which is big here on the island, they have a really cool shop in town, devoted to all things film, and here Film is Not Dead at all... I can't wait to get some more film cams!).


She was so excited for her autographed Polaroid, that we had take a picture of the picture that they signed.


Meghan was such a sweetheart to Izzy, she called her over to sit and have a chat with her. It meant so much to my girl, she was on cloud 9. She told her she wanted to "play" with her on Minecraft one day and add her to her "twitter". I told her that I had the "twitter" account instead and an hour after we left she "followed" me on twitter and "thanked us" for coming.


Today meant a lot to my girl. I remember her trying to get me to watch some of her vLogs and after being persistent, I took a peek and soon enough became quite a fan of her myself. (Not to mention, Whole Foods is her favorite place to be and she drinks some Vega One like me). But I think more than anything, it meant a lot to her that I was involved in what she liked.

More to come on some thoughts on my little girl "growing-up." For now, we are all on cloud 9 alongside her.

Endless Summer

Summer is never really over here on the islands.. Although school started this week, we made the most of our "summer" days, even though we know, when the weekend hits, it's summer all over again.

The kids and I have really enjoyed every last bit of their break from school.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.53.36 PM

It was relaxing kind of summer filled with sand & sun.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.05.51 PM


Although I Instagram religiously.. I barely find the time to get on the computer to do much blogging. What can I say? At the end of the day, opening up the laptop is the last thing I want to do. I'm even 11 weeks behind on my Project Life (gasp). But I've been keeping the photos in order along with journaling so when life gets back to normal (when kids are officially back in school) I will be getting back on the scrapbook bandwagon. I'm quite excited to record all these fun pics over the summer.

We've been loving our new Go Pro Camera that makes these beach adventures even more fun :) We had a life proof for hubby's camera but after a while, water started to get in and well, he's rolling with a Samsung S4 now.

With this new camera as an early birthday gift for both hubby and I (well that's how we justify spending so much for these gadgets) we have been to the beach for 5 days in a row so far :) Hubby took the week off after his 15 day/12-15 hour work streak with no days off to rest and relax with me :)

So bear with me and all my underwater photos to come.