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The Day She Met Strawburry17

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So my girl loves getting on YouTube and watching various "Vlogs" (video blogs) about all things anime, anything creative (artsy-fartsy), and her favorite game, Minecraft. Strawburry17 was just one of the many innovative gals she has been following for a while. She was also in Season 22 of The Amazing Race where they made it to the final two. So when we heard she was going to Hawaii, we got into full-force-stalker-mode to find out what island. I logged back into my Twitter account (which has been dormant for over 4 years) so I could "follow" her. We found out she was on Oahu and that she was indeed doing a "meet-up".  The look on her face when we told her we would take her, was beyond priceless.


I decided to bring the Polaroid camera (which is big here on the island, they have a really cool shop in town, devoted to all things film, and here Film is Not Dead at all... I can't wait to get some more film cams!).


She was so excited for her autographed Polaroid, that we had take a picture of the picture that they signed.


Meghan was such a sweetheart to Izzy, she called her over to sit and have a chat with her. It meant so much to my girl, she was on cloud 9. She told her she wanted to "play" with her on Minecraft one day and add her to her "twitter". I told her that I had the "twitter" account instead and an hour after we left she "followed" me on twitter and "thanked us" for coming.


Today meant a lot to my girl. I remember her trying to get me to watch some of her vLogs and after being persistent, I took a peek and soon enough became quite a fan of her myself. (Not to mention, Whole Foods is her favorite place to be and she drinks some Vega One like me). But I think more than anything, it meant a lot to her that I was involved in what she liked.

More to come on some thoughts on my little girl "growing-up." For now, we are all on cloud 9 alongside her.


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