I'm Still Here (with Eminem)
Meet Pua.


(yes bad photo... straight out of the iPhone, but love this girl)

Last week my daughter came home and told me her teacher told her that her journal entries were well written and when her teacher asked where she learned to write so vividly, she replied, "My mom, she likes to write a lot on her blog..." 

My heart just melted.

I've always loved to write. Wheter it's a bullet list, a dream sheet, or my life's stories. I enjoy expressing myself through words. As a young girl, I looked forward to diaries as chronicles of my life.  And in the coming age, this Typepad blog has been a part of my life for nearly 8 years. That's a lot of writing if you ask me.

But as of lately.. call it pure laziness or lack of effort. My blog days seem long gone. Many reasons why, "life" in general. But these days, my life in detail seems recorded on my Instagram feed or "tweeted" on my Twitter. With these short burst of cyber connections to the world on the information freeway called Social Media, it's hard to sit down and type a few sentences to save my life. But I miss it.. I miss "cyber-venting" or just "sharing" the latest in the Barut Household or what's on my mind. I look back on my writings and I literally astound myself of how much real and raw, emotions were put in writing some of these passages into this thing called life. Sure there were "filler" segments that seem to highlight the weekend. But with all the intention of expressing myself and staying connected.

I'm literally still amazed at how many people will say "Well you haven't blogged in a while.." Then I'm like "Wow, someone is still reading this?" But I want to resurface, and come up for air once again. My daughter has insipred me to "Keep Calm, and Keep Writing..."

And with school for me just around the corner, you can bet this laptop will be attached to me and I'll be trying to find ways to steer clear from the massive amounts of homework.. so I may need that gateway to free myself from the stress of school for sure.

Till then, I can safely say.. I will try to write more than a constructively written "tweet" of more than 140 characters (including spaces).  Twitter is a fun way to "talk to yourself" though. Although in my head I feel like I have 2.1 million followers, who laugh at the silly little tweets I "shout out". In reality.. I don't and I laugh "with myself." Still it's the amusement I get that matters.




Oh yes, I keep reading your blog and I get a big smile whenever I find you in my blogroll.

Your passion for writing and for life transend into this virtual world and that is why I so love your blog.

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